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  2. COVID 19

    If the contest funds the marching band, then you change the marching band for the season. Programs will be smart as to how to navigate. Not all doom and gloom.
  3. COVID 19

    As a show host and competing band, I can speak to this topic. It is irresponsible for bands to compete this season. Illinois band programs will do what they need to make a meaningful experience for their students given the current circumstances. That is what we are doing at VJA. My suggestion here, to everyone, is to wait for information to come from the hosts where you will be able to read the logic in our thinking and emphasis on the primary thinking of keeping people safe this season. Please be on the look out soon for OFFICIAL information to come from a grouping of show hosts regarding our plans for this fall. Thanks for your patience and stay safe.
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  5. COVID 19

    So....after this news of no competitions here in the Chicago area. I would have to assume that we will see this in all of Illinois. Do bands go to other states or just BOA? What does everyone think this means for Illinois bands??
  6. COVID 19

    That's disappointing for the kids especially the seniors. This is not a surprise though but I was kind of hoping they would at least be able to pull off some kind of virtual competitions where you record your show and send it in to be judged if that is even possible at all.
  7. COVID 19

  8. COVID 19

    Wow! I think this might be the end to the Season....We are not the only state taking these actions. I feel like BOA is going to have to make up there minds soon..
  9. COVID 19

    Unconfirmed and trying to get more info: ALL Chicago area shows are cancelled.
  10. COVID 19

  11. COVID 19

    Does anyone have a link that they can provide for the cancellation of ISU? It looks like it is still up on the school’s website, and while registration seems to be closed, they have a link to all of the participating bands (with a wait list): https://finearts.illinoisstate.edu/band-day/
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  13. COVID 19

    I am pretty sure we are about ready to hear more Illinois schools not competing competitively this year.
  14. COVID 19

    I've heard through the grapevine that all shows at state schools (U of I, ISU, EIU, SIU, WIU, NIU) are cancelled.
  15. COVID 19

    They just keep on coming! I don't want to saw it but I have a feeling this season is in real Jeopardy
  16. COVID 19

    Pontiac has cancelled their show
  17. COVID 19

    @Dan Balash do you think we should start a running list of shows that are canceled?
  18. COVID 19

    It could, but then you'd have to take into consideration winer guard/winds/percussion, spring sports, senioritis, AP exams, and notoriously iffy Midwest weather.
  19. COVID 19

    Murphysboro Drums at Appletime 9/19 is cancelled.
  20. COVID 19

    The MSBA show in Naperville on 9/12 is cancelled.
  21. COVID 19

    This is very realistic and common sense. With U of I, ISU and EIU cancelled, and Illinois not allowing gatherings of more than 50 until a vaccine, how can anyone expect there to be any competitions in Illinois this fall? I'll say NO. I don't know the guidelines in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio or Missouri, but is it realistic that any Illinois band can SAFELY learn & rehearse some type of competitive show (yes, I know BOA has shortened the minimum show time) and then SAFELY make LONGER bus trips to other states (and surely, overnight lodging is off the table) for competitions? I have a really hard time seeing this. While we all love the marching arts, we're seeing directors placing safety as the #1 priority, and that's the way it should be. IMO, the most realistic for this year: learn your music and guard work virtually (wind players could learn choreography as well), get together in safe groups to rehears as possible, and hopefully put together a standstill concert with guard performance for safe-sized audiences - maybe multiple performances to accommodate any who wants to see a performance. The only thing I've heard about the possibility of safe "drill", and I think it was from the U of Michigan director, was always keeping the winds at 4 step intervals (not sure about percussion). This might be something to try if directors really want to get freshman marching & playing experience. One other crazy thought: I know a high school year has a template and timeline for Fall, Winter and Spring, but could marching band be shifted to the Spring? Just a thought.
  22. COVID 19

    Update from Waterloo:
  23. COVID 19

    Thanks for Sharing Dan. I think this is just the start. I would guess that most small comps are going to start to rethink. I feel like I am saying rethinking alot lol.
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  25. COVID 19

    EIU has cancelled.
  26. COVID 19

    Since ISU is canceled...does anyone thing that some bands might just on the BOA Super Regional St.Louis train....since its OCT 16th and 17th??
  27. COVID 19

    Another thing you have to consider is that band is a scheduled class in most schools...does not having a season or at least participating in the art now interfere with school scheduling and will class sizes swell in some larger schools when 150+ students have to be distributed to new classes in the case they simply cannot have marching band?
  28. COVID 19

    I would have to think that most bands will starting looking into if its worth it to Start the season.
  29. COVID 19

    If bands do cancel their competitions (and they will), this is going to hurt budgets like no other. I wish I could find the article when Lake Park had to cancel the Joust in 2008 when it rained buckets. It was an exorbitant amount of money that they lost.
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