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  3. Normal Marching Invitational results

    10.12.19 Normal TABS FINAL ALL.pdf

    7 Finalists from 1-4A (Class champions + the next 3 highest scores regardless of class) 7 Finalists from 5A-6A (Class champions + next 5 highest scores regardless of class) At least this is how it's been done in recent history.
  5. Does anyone know the final results of the normal marching invitational along with the points? thanks.

    how do they decide who goes to finals? I know it is who is in first place but what about the other bands in finals that did not get first?

    CLASS 2A Morton Providence Catholic Metamora CLASS 1A Illinois Valley Central Eureka University CLASS 4A John Hersey Romeoville Rock Island CLASS 3A Marian Catholic Galesburg Bloomington CLASS 1A-4A Finalist Morton Illinois Valley Central John Hersey Marian Catholic Romeoville Galesburg Bloomington CLASS 6A Lincoln-Way Lockport Township Warren Township CLASS 5A Prospect Victor J. Andrew Plainfield North CLASS 5A-6A Finalist Lincoln-Way Prospect Lockport Township Warren Township Victor J. Andrew Plainfield North Downers Grove South FINALS Lincoln-Way Lockport Township Warren Township Prospect Marian Catholic Victor J Andrew Downers Grove South Romeoville Morton Galesburg John Hersey Plainfield North Bloomington Illinois Valley Central
  8. McKendree Preview of Champions- Oct 12th

    Results 1A 1. Murphysboro 56.70 (Visual, General Effect, Percussion) 2. Centralia 53.10 (Music, Color Guard) 3. Orchard Farm, MO 45.85 4. Richwoods 39.70 2A 1. Effingham 51.525 (Visual, General Effect) 2. Carbondale 51.45 (Music, Percussion, Color Guard) 3. Northwest, MO 48.65 4. Richland County 48.275 3A 1. Highland 52.5125 (All Captions) 2. Civic Memorial 49.025 4A 1. Collinsville 61.075 (All Captions) 2. Mehlville, MO 57.775 3. Seckman, MO 56.275 SS Grand Champion: Murphysboro LS Grand Champion: Collinsville Overall Grand Champion: Collinsville The Recap is on the Greater St. Louis Marching Facebook Page
  9. BOA Regionals 10-12

    West Texas Regional Finals Results 87.100 – Vista Ridge HS, TX 84.075 – Timber Creek HS, TX 83.200 – James Martin HS, TX 82.650 – Summit HS, TX 81.850 – Clovis HS, NM 81.300 – Wylie East HS, TX 78.800 – Del Rio HS, TX 78.200 – Mansfield HS, TX 78.200 – Granbury HS, TX 77.500 – Permian HS, TX Outstanding Music Performance – Vista Ridge HS, TX Outstanding Visual Performance – Vista Ridge HS, TX Outstanding General Effect – Vista Ridge HS, TX
  10. BOA Regionals 10-12

    Orlando Regional Finals Results 86.700 – Broken Arrow H.S., OK 85.750 – Tarpon Springs H.S., FL 82.050 – Wando H.S., SC 80.700 – Park Vista H.S., FL 79.150 – Stoneman Douglas H.S., FL 76.250 – Timber Creek H.S., FL 75.800 – University H.S., FL 73.450 – Windermere H.S., FL 73.350 – Brownsburg H.S., IN 71.150 – A.D. Nease H.S., FL Outstanding Music Performance – Tarpon Springs H.S., FL & Broken Arrow H.S., OK Outstanding Visual Performance – Broken Arrow H.S., OK Outstanding General Effect – Broken Arrow H.S., OK
  11. BOA Regionals 10-12

    Johnson City TN Finals Results 88.800 – Lafayette H.S., KY 88.750 – Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN 86.400 – Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA 83.100 – Green Hope H.S., NC 82.900 – Cleveland H.S., NC 81.350 – Mooresville H.S., NC 81.300 – Bassett H.S., VA 78.650 – Estill County H.S., KY 78.000 – White Knoll H.S., SC 75.200 – Ardrey Kell H.S., NC Outstanding Music Performance – Lafayette H.S., KY Outstanding Visual Performance – Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN Outstanding General Effect – Lafayette H.S., KY & Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN
  12. Metamora Invitational

    Metamora Marching Band Invitational Class 5A Results: Newton Community High School: Best Percussion, Best Auxiliary, Best Winds, and First Place as well as Grand Champions
  13. LincolnWay invitational Predictions

    3A 1. Marian Catholic (Visual, GE) 2. Lockport Township (Music, Percussion, Auxiliary) 3. Plainfield North
  14. LincolnWay invitational Predictions

    1A/2A results 1A 1. Providence Catholic (Music, Visual, GE) 2. WWS (Perc, Aux) 3. Glenbrook North 2A 1. Lemont (Visual, GE) 2. Batavia (Music, Perc, Aux) 3. Lasalle Peru
  15. Last week
  16. Updated Normal MB Invitational prediction (With OFFICIAL schedule)

    Class 1A: Providence Catholic is just a well rounded program. Capable of upsetting bands one even two classes higher than them, I expect them to win class 1A solidly on Saturday. Class 2A: St. Joseph-Ogden is my guess. I don’t know much about the bands in this class but I know I’ve seen St. Joseph-Ogden do pretty good from time to time. Watch Coal City as another contender. Class 3A: Pekin Community is my pick. They are solid. I think it will be very close between them and PBL but I see Pekin coming out on top at the end of it. Class 4A: Dunlap is my pick. East Peoria and IVC next in line respectively. Class 5A: I expect Galesburg to win by quite a bit here. Looks like they probably wanted to balance classes as typically we would have Galesburg up in 6A. Nonetheless they’re my pick for 5A Class 6A: Morton will probably win. Mahomet-Seymour upset Washington at EIU but that goes without saying when you’re up against Morton as opposed to Washington. Grand Champion: Morton. Is it impossible for Galesburg to pull it off? No. But Morton is just at that level where you expect a win from them. Even up against Illinois powerhouses like Galesburg and Mahoney-Seymour, Morton still ranks superior when it comes down to the numbers.
  17. Class 1A1:15 PM: Providence Catholic 1:30 PM: Mt. Carmel 1:45 PM: Hoopeston Area Class 2A2:00 PM: Coal City 2:15 PM: BreakClass 1A2:30 PM: ROWVA Class 2A2:45 PM: St. Joseph-Ogden 3:00 PM: Tolono Unity3:15 PM: Farmington 3:30 PM: Ridgeview 4:00 PM: BreakClass 3A4:15 PM: Pekin Community 4:30 PM: Danville 4:45 PM: Morris CommunityClass 4A5:00 PM: Dunlap 5:15 PM: BreakClass 4A5:30 PM: East Peoria 5:45 PM: Pontiac Township 6:00 PM: Illinois Valley Central Class 3A6:15 PM: Paxton-Buckley-Loda 6:30 PM: AwardsClass 5A7:15 PM: Champaign Centennial 7:30 PM: Prairie Central 7:45 PM: Galesburg 8:00 PM: Monticello 8:15 PM: BreakClass 6A8:30 PM: Plainfield South 8:45 PM: Mahomet-Seymour 9:00 PM: Morton
  18. Normal Marching Band Invitational Schedule for Fest. Page

    Schedule and Classifications: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CfWgPHzs4FEv6cZfbDYmGvTIm0sEmlt6/view?usp=drivesdk
  19. BOA St. Louis

    I see Granite City is in this competition. Though they’ll need a really good run if they want to come close to finals.
  20. Normal Marching Band Invitational Schedule for Fest. Page

    Bumping this so the mods get it on the festival page and so everyone can see the schedule.
  21. BOA St. Louis

    Here is what I am thinking for Finals 1. Broken Arrow, OK2. Blue Springs, MO 3. LD Bell, TX 4. Jenks, OK 5. Coppel, TX6. Franklin, TN 7. O'Fallon Township, IL8. Haltom, TX9. Bixby, OK10. Union, OK 11. Rosemount, MN12. Bentonville, AR13. Lincoln, SD14. Air Academy, CO
  22. LincolnWay invitational Predictions

    Hello everyone! Here are my Thoughts!! 1A: Herscher 2A: Batavia 3A: Lockport Grand Champion: Lockport 1A is going to be close between Herscher and Providence but I really do feel that Herscher is going to pull this one out. 3A is going to be such a fun one to watch!! Nothing like watching two amazing bands fight for the top spot . Marian with such a great history but coming off a so so season and looking to make some moves this year. Lockport is an up and coming band over the last couple of years making there mark. I feel that Lockport has what is takes to pull head of Marian right before ISU. Good luck to all of the bands this weekend!!
  23. Traditional Uniforms VS Costumes

    I am growing to like the costume approach and incorporating changes or use of contrasting colors on front/back or left/right side as visual elements. Everything can be overdone but when done well I think it adds to a show.
  24. BOA St. Louis

    First BOA show for a couple of these schools, yeah? (or at least first in a while)
  25. BOA St. Louis

    Friday 10:30 Francis Howell Central H.S., MO 10:45 Parkway Central H.S., MO 11:00 McCracken County H.S., KY 11:15 Collinsville H.S., IL 11:30 Bentonville H.S., AR 11:45 Fort Zumwalt West H.S., MO 12:00 Bellevue West H.S., NE 12:15 Alton H.S., IL 12:30 Break Judge Panel 1 01:00 Oakville H.S., MO 01:15 David H. Hickman H.S., MO 01:30 Liberty H.S., CO 01:45 East Peoria Community H.S., IL 02:00 Washington H.S., MO 02:15 Triad H.S., IL 02:30 Hernando H.S., MS 02:45 Providence Catholic H.S., IL 03:00 Granite City H.S., IL 03:15 Highland H.S., IL 03:30 Monticello H.S., IL 03:45 Normal H.S., IL 04:00 Wentzville Holt H.S., MO 04:15 Break Judge Panel 2 04:30 Francis Howell H.S., MO 04:45 Marquette H.S., MO 05:00 Francis Howell North H.S., MO 05:15 Timberland H.S., MO 05:30 Mascoutah H.S., IL 05:45 O'Fallon Township H.S., IL 06:00 Rockwood Summit H.S., MO 06:15 Northwest H.S., MO 06:30 Fort Zumwalt North H.S., MO 06:45 Break Judge Panel 1 07:30 Lafayette H.S., MO 07:45 Belleville East H.S., IL 08:00 Lindbergh H.S., MO 08:15 Grain Valley H.S., MO 08:30 Air Academy H.S., CO 08:45 Kickapoo H.S., MO 09:00 Union H.S., OK 09:15 Bellevue East H.S., NE 09:30 Blue Springs H.S., MO Saturday Prelims Schedule Judge Panel 2 07:15 Dixie Heights H.S., KY 07:30 Nixa H.S., MO 07:45 Camdenton H.S., MO 08:00 Washington H.S., OK 08:15 Bartlesville H.S., OK 08:30 Coppell H.S., TX 08:45 Hollister H.S., MO 09:00 Neosho H.S., MO 09:15 Bixby H.S., OK 09:30 Break Judge Panel 1 09:45 Lake Travis H.S., TX 10:00 L.D. Bell H.S., TX 10:15 Haltom H.S., TX 10:30 Rosemount H.S., MN 10:45 Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX 11:00 Bentonville West H.S., AR 11:15 Millard North H.S., NE 11:30 Carroll H.S., TX 11:45 Mahomet-Seymour H.S., IL 12:00 Jenks H.S., OK 12:15 Lincoln H.S., SD 12:30 Siegel H.S., TN 12:45 Break Judge Panel 2 01:15 Willard H.S., MO 01:30 Trinity H.S., TX 01:45 Choctaw H.S., OK 02:00 Union City H.S., TN 02:15 Cedar Rapids Prairie H.S., IA 02:30 Jefferson City H.S., MO 02:45 DeSoto Central H.S., MS 03:00 Franklin H.S., TN 03:15 Broken Arrow H.S., OK 03:45 Prelims Awards Ceremony
  26. LincolnWay invitational Predictions

    1A Providence Catholic - the just outscored all 1A and 2A bands at the Romeoville show, but there will be some good competition against them. 2A Batavia but they may have some good competition from Lemont. 3A Not sure: Lockport has been doing very well but Joliet West has been doing well also.
  27. LincolnWay invitational Predictions

    1A. Providence Catholic 2A. Batavia 3A. Tough call here. If Lockport performs their entire show and Marian Catholic does not, I will pick Lockport. Otherwise, I predict Marian Catholic.
  28. Tabulation was done by a third party company and the judging panel was in place before the new director was hired. David Boggs ran a great show at McKendree (with smooth logistics and strong judging panels). I fully expect the show to run smoother, have better number management, and no tabulation errors in the future.
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