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  2. Bands to watch in 2019

    My analysis of the top nine bands from ISU last year. I do not know a lot about the remaining bands. Lincoln Way – The band to beat, and probably will remain so. They have the largest band and the largest pool of students from their schools. O’Fallon Township – Very nice show the past couple of years, but the question is whether they can repeat. It will be interesting to see what their show will be this year. While not at ISU in 2019, they are going to several BOA competitions where other Illinois bands are performing. Marian Catholic – Best band musically. Always has great shows, but the show theme last year was not as powerful as past shows. I expect better this year. Lockport Township – Excellent visual performances. Excellent soloist performances. Watching their YouTube video of their 2018 Grand Nationals performance provides an overall perspective you do not see at local competitions. Lockport has always placed a very close second to Lincoln Way in the ISU 6A field, so this a band to watch in the future. Prospect – Their show is always well executed. One of the bands you don't want to miss performing. Always a very good band and will remain within the top five. Lake Park – Very nice show and well executed. I believe band size has limited them the recent past. Morton – Excellent all-around band. Finished 29th at 2018 Grand Nationals. They do not have the appearance of a small school band, and appear to be a very dedicated group. I expect Morton to remain the top 2A band for several years. Downers Grove South – An excellent show in 2018. I expect they will build from this show in 2019. Another band you want to watch. Bloomington – A band with very good potential. My belief is their show needs to be more artistic.
  3. Bands to watch in 2019

    For down South, I expect most trends to stay about the same. I think O'Fallon will drop a little bit (but still be very good) after losing a very good class of 2019. Granite City are choosing to go to BOA St. Louis for the 1st time , as are a number of smaller bands (Highland,Triad, Mascoutah). Belleville East will be pretty similarly competitive to where they have for the past few years. I'm looking for Belleville West to continue to grow, as well as Collinsville. They have a new assistant director, and while very young, they are considerably larger than they have been, and their show looks to be their best in several years, if it's potential can be realized. Alton is a group I don't know too much about, I will expect them to be at a similar level to last season.
  4. Bands to watch in 2019

    Morton will be fun to watch, I always love thee shows and have much respect for the dedication of their students. Washington will fit in there as well but I like to take it year by year on them. Rock Island isn’t one of the greatest and that goes for right next door in Moline too. Limestone and Galesburg sorta both have an Andy Empey effect so I am really excited to see that ‘rivalry’ if you will. Bloomington is another one I take year by year but typically they are doing well. East Peoria and IVC are two really good small schools to watch. Granite City has decided not to return to U of I I believe after two years of winning, but wherever they are they will be good as well. And Normal didn’t blow me away last year, but I’m sure they’ll be decent as well.
  5. Bands to watch in 2019

    Morton and Washington both will do well again, Limestone kids are awesome, I didn't like Rock Island's show last year but maybe they are still a great band, and Granite City (unless you consider that southern illinois) does a great job picking a show and they'll do great again. I don't know much else about central bands
  6. Bands to watch in 2019

    What do you think about the central IL bands? (Morton, Washington, Limestone, Dunlap, Galesburg, Rock Island, etc.)
  7. Bands to watch in 2019

    Can't really make any good predictions until first week or so of the season. The Lancer Joust is a good prediction of the season for Northern bands, Washington's competition for Central and Southern bands.Watch for Downers Grove South, Warren Township, Plainfield North, and Lockport (I have a good feeling about them this year).
  8. Bands to watch in 2019

    I don't think there will be much difference from the past couple of years. O'Fallon not being at ISU will affect boasting rights in the state, but O'Fallon will be at BOA competitions with other Illinois bands.
  9. Bands to watch in 2019

    I’m interested in the opinion of those of you who use this forum frequently...who are some marching bands to watch in 2019. Whose gonna be good? Whose a force to recon with?
  10. I would really appreciate the name of a few community marching bands in the U.S. so I can dicuss the flip folders in a community band environment.Thank you in advanceJeff HaleDrum MajorUnley marching BandAdelaideAustralia
  11. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    I was told by a friend up in Galesburg that their show is... ” “Along Came A Spider” Selections: Bruckners Symphony 8 “finale” Aha! Imogen Heap Bodecia by Enya Firebird Suite Finale”
  12. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    Eureka- "Dystopia" Music based on "1984" (don't know anything more than that)
  13. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    Warren Township- "Winter is Coming" (not Game of Thrones) Mvt 1: Hazy Days of Winter Mvt 2: Black Clouds Mvt 3: Moonlight Sonata
  14. 2019 Bolingbrook High School

    Bolingbrook High School is looking for a marching percussion instructor for the 2019-202 marching band season. Drumline and Pit rehearsals have already begun. Responsibilities will include running battery rehearsals for the summer, and full percussion rehearsals after camp. Interested parties should email Bob Hanerhoff, Director of Bands, at hanerhoffrw@vvsd.org. twice a week rehearsals throughout the summer 2 week band camp starting July 22 M, T, Th throughout the season Most Saturdays
  15. Flip Folders

    You can use rubber bands to wrap around the folder and keep it from flapping
  16. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    Collinsville- "One Step Closer" Nearer, My God, to Thee- Sarah Flower Adams Angels In The Architecture- Frank Ticheli Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin Original Music by Lewis Norfleet
  17. Flip Folders

    Hello from Australia, Our band is considering the "Flip Folders" as per Musiciansfriend site. -Grover-Trophy 10 Window Flip Folio Folder. I would love to hear any feedback from bands that have or currently use the flip folder for their music on the march. We are undecided due to movement on the lyre and also the pages "flapping" once flipped over. Any comments would be appreciated. cheers Jeff Unley Concert band Adelaide Australia
  18. High Schools are starting to go on summer break, so that means most bands will be learning what their show is soon, or have already. Please post your show (or one you know of) below.
  19. Another VERY VERY early prediction (ISU)

    This is correct, ISU has used this since switching from the class winners + remaining top 10 that weren't already included. They also switched from an all day judges panel that switches captions for finals to one set for 1A-4A and one set for 5A-6A/Finals.
  20. Congrats Evanston High School for winning 4A honor band at SuperState 2019!
  21. Another VERY VERY early prediction (ISU)

    The next highest scores in any given class, so the next highest scores in ALL preliminary performances is how I understand it to be. I may be wrong but I believe that’s how it goes.
  22. Another VERY VERY early prediction (ISU)

    This may not be quite right (but I'm not certain). The band who wins first place in each class automatically qualifies finals. But then it gets a little complicated. For Class 1A to 4A, the next three highest scores qualifies for finals, so a total of seven from 1A to 4A. For Class 5A and 6A, the next five highest scores (after the two first place bands) for those two classes qualifies for finals, so a total of 14.
  23. I wanted to insert my opinion on the other Illinois "State" competition, which is at Illinois State University. Again I will emphasize, as I did in my U of I prediction these are early and will change as the season evolves. I will predict the places in performance order, remember those who win first place in EACH class will automatically win a finals spot and then the next 8 with the highest scores in any given class will qualify for finals. I will not predict scores rather predict what bands have the strength (judged by past history) to qualify for finals and in what order they will finish. CONFIRMED ISU BAND LIST: https://finearts.illinoisstate.edu/band-day/ISMBC 2019 Participating Bands.pdf Preliminary Competition Class 2A Morton Limestone Community Metamora Class 1A Illinois Valley Central University Eureka Class 4A John Hersey Batavia Rock Island Class 3A Marian Catholic Galesburg Bloomington Class 6A Lincoln-Way Lockport Township Warren Township Class 5A Prospect Victor J Andrew HD Jacobs Finals Competition Lincoln-Way HS Marian Catholic HS Lockport Township HS Warren Township HS Lake Park HS Prospect HS John Hersey HS Downers Grove South HS Victor J Andrew HS Morton HS Galesburg HS Batavia HS Plainfield North HS Illinois Valley Central HS GRAND CHAMPION LINCOLN-WAY HS Disclaimer; I will update this again about 2-3 weeks into marching season and then again a week out from the invitational itself.
  24. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    You also put Bloomington in third in 3A and Galesburg in 2nd then put Bloomington in finals over Galesburg.
  25. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    Another bit of info regarding Warren, they're making some major changes to their program this year by extending the amount of rehearsal time they have per week. They also have a non-competitive marching band that will now perform at some football games alone as they train more rigorously for the competitive band. The head BD is retiring in the next few years, so they are preparing for the long haul.
  26. Paxton-Buckley-Loda High school is looking to hire 1 Marching Band Percussion Tech and 1 Color Guard Tech for the 2019 Marching Season. Camp dates are Monday thru Friday July 22 – Aug 2. Camp runs 0800 – 1600 and is on site at the High School in Paxton, IL. We are right off I57 and from Champaign you are looking at a 30 minute commute. Normal compensation is $1,000 for the two weeks. If the candidates are willing to work other mini-camp dates, that will be negotiated. Marching Percussion Tech would be responsible for teaching fundamental technique, develop warm-us, teach the music, and pass a background check. Color Guard Tech would be responsible for teaching fundamental technique, write and teach guard-work based on the 2019 show, and pass a background check. Interested parties, please contact by email for more information. Timothy Hess Director of Bands PBL High School trumpeter@pblpanthers.org
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