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  3. Metro-East Marching Classic (September 7th)

    My predictions 1A 1. Murphysboro (One of the best programs in the Deep South, should win pretty comfortably) 2. Mater Dei (Traditionally solid program, curious to see their margin to Murphy) 3. Effingham (Should be the most competitive race, Nashville and SCW could make a run) 2A 1. Hillsboro (They've won several SS GC's over the past few years, Triad could make a run, however.) 2. Triad (Always a solid medium-sized program) 3. Highland/Mascoutah (Very evenly matched programs, I could see either placing 3rd) SS GC: Hillsboro 3A 1. Ft. Zumwalt North (BOA Super Regional Finalists, they should be comfortable winners) 2. Oakville (Very solid program, don't come to many IL competitions) 3. Granite City (Based on previous years, with the delayed start to their year dut to flooding rehearsals may have been canceled, could see the lower groups make a push if so) 4A 1. Belleville East (Top 10 program in the state, IMO. Don't know what their show is, but I'm expecting a solid performance from them.) 2. Lindbergh (Another good St. Louis group) 3. Francis Howell (Ditto. Maybe Edwardsville could make a run, but I doubt it.) Best In Show Percussion: Ft. Zumwalt South (Their drumline has been phenomenal over the past few years.) Overall GC: Ft. Zumwalt North
  4. Washington Marching Panther Prediction

    This competition is a very important competition to decide which bands will be elite in Central Illinois. And the upper classes of this competition will be that of the most competitive on September 7th. Class 1A 1. Dwight Township 2. Farmington Central 3. RPS 205 *Class 1a is interesting, I’ve actually never heard of RPS 205, but I do know Dwight Township is a pretty good 1a school and they’re my pick for first, followed by farmington and RPS. Class 2A 1. Olympia 2. Wateska Community 3. St. Joseph-Ogden *Three solid 2A schools. If I’m not mistaken I’ve seen all of these folks in first place in their class at some point or another. Class 3A 1. Tri-Valley 2. Sherrard 3. ElPaso-Gridley *Easy love for First here in Tru-Valley, good middle competition school. Sherrard followed by El Paso for two and three respectively. Class 4A 1. Illinois Valley Central 2. Eureka 3. Metamora *Awesome Class, good bands, will be one of the most competitive classes. IVC, always great and Eureka will be a toss up, my pick though is IVC followed by Eureka followed by Metamora. Class 5A 1. Dunlap 2. Pekin Community 3. LaSalle-Peru Township * Dunlap will win this class. As for two and three it could go either way, and I don’t know these bands as well. My pick is Pekin followed by LaSalle-Peru for two and three. Class 6A 1. Limestone Community 2. East Peoria Community 3. Champaign Central *Limestone will be a band that is likely to or will get INCREDIBLY close to placing on the day. They’re my pick in 6A. East Peoria, Champaign Central are two solid programs. They’re my picks for two and three in this class. Class 7A 1. Morton 2. Galesburg 3. Normal *This is a fun class folks. I highly encourage everyone to stick around for this one. Morton is a well established program with great students and dedication, I have them winning the class. In second I have Galesburg who, undoubtedly, will be good this year which is obvious to anyone who saw them last year. Normal in a incredibly close third. All together I expect this to be close all the way down. GRAND CHAMPION: Morton (This Grand Champions status could certainly be challenged by an excellent performance from Galesburg or Normal. All in all 7A is my pick for grand champ, whoever wins it.)
  5. 2019 Pontiac Indian Showdown Saturday, September 21, 2019 Class School Perform A El Paso 5:00 A Olympia 5:15 A Herscher 5:30 A Watseka 5:45 BREAK 6:00 AA Peoria 6:15 AA Prairie Central 6:30 AA U High 6:45 BREAK 7:00 AAA East Peoria 7:15 AAA Oswego East 7:30 AAA Washington 7:45 EXH Pontiac 8:00 AWARDS 8:15 2019 Schedule.docx
  6. Washington Panther Invitational Saturday, September 7, 2019 RPS 205 1A 1:00 Dwight Township High School 1A 1:14 Farmington Central H. S. 1A 1:28 St. Joseph-Ogden High School 2A 1:42 Olympia High School 2A 1:56 Watseka Community High School 2A 2:10 Break 2:24 Kewanee High School 3A 2:34 El Paso Gridley High School 3A 2:48 Sherrard High School 3A 3:02 Tri-Valley High School 3A 3:16 Illinois Valley Central High School 4A 3:30 Metamora Township High School 4A 3:44 Pontiac Township High School 4A 3:58 Eureka High School 4A 4:12 Awards 4:30 Canton High School 5A 6:00 LaSalle-Peru Township High School 5A 6:14 Pekin Community High School 5A 6:28 Dunlap High School 5A 6:42 Champaign Central High School 6A 6:56 United Township High School 6A 7:10 East Peoria Community High School 6A 7:24 Limestone Community High School 6A 7:38 Break 7:52 Galesburg High School 7A 8:02 Normal High School 7A 8:16 Morton High School 7A 8:30 Washington Community High School EXH 8:44 Awards 9:00 2019 Invitational Times Updated v 2.0 - Sheet1.pdf
  7. Lake Park Lancer Joust Prediction

    It will be a toss-up between Prospect and Lockport Township. Lockport performs a partial show at Lake Park. Greendale always has a solid performance. Also, Andrew has performed well at this competition in the past. I would place them higher.
  8. Lake Park Lancer Joust Prediction

    Lake Park is a good early competition to see what maybe we can expect from Chicagoland Bands this season. This competition is a preliminary and final competition. Preliminary Class 1A 1. H.D Jacobs 2. William Howard Taft 3. Providence Catholic Class 2A 1. Victor J Andrew 2. Wheeling 3. Naperville Central Class 3A 1. Lockport Township 2. Downers Grove South 3. Huntley Class 4A 1. Prospect 2. Greendale, WI 3. Plainfield North Finals 1. Lockport Township 2. Prospect 3. Greendale, WI 4. Downers Grove South 5. Plainfield North 6. Victor J Andrew 7. Huntley 8. Naperville Central 9. HD Jacobs 10. Wheeling What do you all think?
  9. Washington/Lake Park Competitions

    Anyone have the schedule for Washington or Lake Park?
  10. Competitions for 2019

    Pretty competitive Competition! Excited to see the outcome.
  11. Classic in O'Fallon. A 1:00 St. Charles West, MO 1:13 Breese Central 1:26 Murphysboro 1:39 Civic Memorial 1:52 Effingham 2:05 Nashville 2:18 Mater Dei 2A 2:40 St. Charles, MO 2:53 Hillsboro, MO 3:06 Mascoutah 3:19 Highland 3:32 Triad 3:45 O'Fallon (Exh.) 4:10 Awards 3A 6:30 Oakville, MO 6:43 Collinsville 6:56 Ft. Zumwalt South, MO 7:09 Francis Howell North, MO 7:22 Ft. Zumwalt North, MO 7:35 Granite City 4A 7:55 Francis Howell, MO 8:08 Francis Howell Central, MO 8:21 Lindbergh, MO 8:34 Edwardsville 8:47 Belleville East 9:00 O'Fallon (Exh.) 9:20 Awards.
  12. Competitions for 2019

    Here is the schedule for the Metro-East Marching Classic in O'Fallon. A 1:00 St. Charles West, MO 1:13 Breese Central 1:26 Murphysboro 1:39 Civic Memorial 1:52 Effingham 2:05 Nashville 2:18 Mater Dei 2A 2:40 St. Charles, MO 2:53 Hillsboro, MO 3:06 Mascoutah 3:19 Highland 3:32 Triad 3:45 O'Fallon (Exh.) 4:10 Awards 3A 6:30 Oakville, MO 6:43 Collinsville 6:56 Ft. Zumwalt South, MO 7:09 Francis Howell North, MO 7:22 Ft. Zumwalt North, MO 7:35 Granite City 4A 7:55 Francis Howell, MO 8:08 Francis Howell Central, MO 8:21 Lindbergh, MO 8:34 Edwardsville 8:47 Belleville East 9:00 O'Fallon (Exh.) 9:20 Awards.
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  14. New Directors and Staffing Moves for 19-20

    This will be Chris Jenkins' (the head BD) last season at Warren Township I believe. I don't thing anything has changed at Grayslake Central or North.
  15. Competitions for 2019

    When is it that the first competition (this year September 7th) typically release a schedule or list of confirmed bands?
  16. New Directors and Staffing Moves for 19-20

    Ryan Stack is out at Collinsville, he has been replaced by Nickolas Arnold. Most of their other staff remains the same
  17. New Directors and Staffing Moves for 19-20

    I have some connections in Galesburg and it looks like they have some staff that worked with Andy Empey in Limestone as well as some staff from Galesburg High School and maybe Normal if I heard that correctly.
  18. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    From the looks of it on Newton's facebook page where they are to order T's and Sweatshirts their show will be "Bloom" not sure the version or arrangement or ir it's a custom show
  19. What schools have new directors and what staff have made moves to new schools over the summer?
  20. Taft High school is in need of instructors for the color guard and battery for our upcoming band camp and our 2019 season. Band camp is 2 weeks starting on August 12th 10:00 - 4:00 and we rehearse Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30 - 5:30. I would be willing to have people come in for part of the season if need be, but consistency would be ideal. If you are interested please send an email to kjharriman@cps.edu
  21. Bands to watch in 2019

    My analysis of the top nine bands from ISU last year. I do not know a lot about the remaining bands. Lincoln Way – The band to beat, and probably will remain so. They have the largest band and the largest pool of students from their schools. O’Fallon Township – Very nice show the past couple of years, but the question is whether they can repeat. It will be interesting to see what their show will be this year. While not at ISU in 2019, they are going to several BOA competitions where other Illinois bands are performing. Marian Catholic – Best band musically. Always has great shows, but the show theme last year was not as powerful as past shows. I expect better this year. Lockport Township – Excellent visual performances. Excellent soloist performances. Watching their YouTube video of their 2018 Grand Nationals performance provides an overall perspective you do not see at local competitions. Lockport has always placed a very close second to Lincoln Way in the ISU 6A field, so this a band to watch in the future. Prospect – Their show is always well executed. One of the bands you don't want to miss performing. Always a very good band and will remain within the top five. Lake Park – Very nice show and well executed. I believe band size has limited them the recent past. Morton – Excellent all-around band. Finished 29th at 2018 Grand Nationals. They do not have the appearance of a small school band, and appear to be a very dedicated group. I expect Morton to remain the top 2A band for several years. Downers Grove South – An excellent show in 2018. I expect they will build from this show in 2019. Another band you want to watch. Bloomington – A band with very good potential. My belief is their show needs to be more artistic.
  22. Bands to watch in 2019

    For down South, I expect most trends to stay about the same. I think O'Fallon will drop a little bit (but still be very good) after losing a very good class of 2019. Granite City are choosing to go to BOA St. Louis for the 1st time , as are a number of smaller bands (Highland,Triad, Mascoutah). Belleville East will be pretty similarly competitive to where they have for the past few years. I'm looking for Belleville West to continue to grow, as well as Collinsville. They have a new assistant director, and while very young, they are considerably larger than they have been, and their show looks to be their best in several years, if it's potential can be realized. Alton is a group I don't know too much about, I will expect them to be at a similar level to last season.
  23. Bands to watch in 2019

    Morton will be fun to watch, I always love thee shows and have much respect for the dedication of their students. Washington will fit in there as well but I like to take it year by year on them. Rock Island isn’t one of the greatest and that goes for right next door in Moline too. Limestone and Galesburg sorta both have an Andy Empey effect so I am really excited to see that ‘rivalry’ if you will. Bloomington is another one I take year by year but typically they are doing well. East Peoria and IVC are two really good small schools to watch. Granite City has decided not to return to U of I I believe after two years of winning, but wherever they are they will be good as well. And Normal didn’t blow me away last year, but I’m sure they’ll be decent as well.
  24. Bands to watch in 2019

    Morton and Washington both will do well again, Limestone kids are awesome, I didn't like Rock Island's show last year but maybe they are still a great band, and Granite City (unless you consider that southern illinois) does a great job picking a show and they'll do great again. I don't know much else about central bands
  25. Bands to watch in 2019

    What do you think about the central IL bands? (Morton, Washington, Limestone, Dunlap, Galesburg, Rock Island, etc.)
  26. Bands to watch in 2019

    Can't really make any good predictions until first week or so of the season. The Lancer Joust is a good prediction of the season for Northern bands, Washington's competition for Central and Southern bands.Watch for Downers Grove South, Warren Township, Plainfield North, and Lockport (I have a good feeling about them this year).
  27. Bands to watch in 2019

    I don't think there will be much difference from the past couple of years. O'Fallon not being at ISU will affect boasting rights in the state, but O'Fallon will be at BOA competitions with other Illinois bands.
  28. Bands to watch in 2019

    I’m interested in the opinion of those of you who use this forum frequently...who are some marching bands to watch in 2019. Whose gonna be good? Whose a force to recon with?
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