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  1. Audio Question

    Our band just received a small ($500) grant specifically for funding some sort of power supply for our audio system that we use for our front ensemble and soloists. Anyone here have prior experience purchasing and/or using either a small generator or other power supply? I've seen several different ideas online, but not sure which is the best way to go. We have a fairly basic system with 2 sets of sub/main speakers, one digital mixer, 2 amplifiers, keyboard, laptop and several wireless mics. Any recommendation or contacts that might be able to help are greatly appreciated!
  2. COVID 19

    Pontiac has cancelled their show
  3. U of I Results

    U of I Results for 1a-3a attached. All bands performed in the Irwin Indoor Facility. I believe all marched and played. U of I TABS 1A-3A FINAL.pdf

    Updated schedule. If you find the warm up and performance schedule on the IMBC website it is correct. The other schedule posted on the page is incorrect. Richmond Burton is moved to 3A Pontiac moved to 2A Mater Del moved to 1A
  5. Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational

    1A: 53.80 Heritage (Music) 52.95 Bement (Aux, GE, Visual) 49.05 Oblong 46.25 Okaw Valley (Perc 2A: 59.65 Sangamon Valley (Aux, GE, Music, Visual) 59.10 Casey-Westfield 54.95 Arcola 54.15 Blue Ridge 53.70 LeRoy (Perc) 3A: 65.50 Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond (GE, Music) 65.40 Watseka (Perc, Visual) 60.00 Maroa-Forsyth (Aux) 55.20 Lawrenceville 4A: 80.05 Newton (Aux, Perc, GE, Music, Visual) 74.10 Robinson 72.90 Salem 67.05 Carterville 64.70 Pinckneyville 5A: 81.30 Lincoln (Aux, GE, Music, Visual) 77.80 Centralia (Perc) 77.30 Waterloo 74.20 Taylorville 72.00 Charleston 6A: 88.60 Washington (Perc, Aux, GE, Music) 84.00 Belleville West (Visual) 81.90 Urbana 79.45 Champaign Centennial 66.85 MacArthur 1A-3A GC - ALAH 4A-6A GC - Washington 2019 Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational Recap.pdf
  6. Downers Grove Results

    From the Downers Grove Music Bowl website: Class A - Prelim Results 1. Lakes (Music, GE, Visual, Perc, Aux) 2. William Howard Taft 3. Brother Rice Mother McAuley Class AA - Prelim Results 1. Lake Park (Music, Visual) 2. Naperville Central (GE, Perc, Aux) 3. Eureka Class AAA - Prelim Results 1. Greendale (GE, Aux) 2. Munster (Visual) 3. Romeoville (perc) Music = Wheaton North/Oswego (tie) Finals - Finals Results 1. Munster (Music, Visual) 2. Greendale (GE) 3. Romeoville 4. Oswego 5. Bloomington 6. Naperville Central 7. Lake Park 8. Rock Island 9. Wheaton North 10. Lakes Grand Champion - Munster
  7. Effingham - October 19

    Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational Saturday, October 19, 2019 1A 12:00 pm Oblong 1A 12:15 pm Okaw Valley 1A 12:30 pm Bement 1A 12:45 pm Heritage 4A 1:15 pm Salem 2A 1:30 pm Blue Ridge 2A 1:45 pm Leroy 2A 2:00 pm Sangamon Valley 2A 2:15 pm Arcola 2A 2:30 pm Casey Westfield 3A 3:00 pm Maroa-Forsyth 3A 3:15 pm Lawrenceville 3A 3:30 pm Watseka 3A 3:45 pm Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond 1A-3A Awards - 4:15 pm 4A 4:45 pm Robinson 4A 5:00 pm Pinckneyville 4A 5:15 pm Carterville 4A 5:30 pm Newton 5A 6:00 pm Charleston 5A 6:15 pm Waterloo 5A 6:30 pm Centralia 5A 6:45 pm Lincoln 5A 7:00 pm Taylorville 6A 7:15 pm MacArthur 6A 7:30 pm Urbana 6A 7:45 pm Champaign C. 6A 8:00 pm Belleville West 6A 8:15 pm Washington EXH 8:45 pm Effingham 4A-6A Awards
  8. EIU Panther Marching Band Festival - Oct 5

    10.5.19 EIU TABS FINAL.pdf
  9. EIU Panther Marching Band Festival - Oct 5

    From EIU's information packet sent to directors: Classification is based on a hybrid system which varies from year to year depending on the natural breaks that occur when band and school enrollments are listed smallest to largest. IHSA School Sizes are used to divide ensembles into Small (1-650) and Large (651+). Ensembles are then divided by band size. SMALL DIVISION 1A: 1-55 in ensemble / 1-300 school enrollment 1B: 1-50 in ensemble / 301-551 school enrollment 2A: 51+ in ensemble / 400-650 school enrollment 3A: 50-80 in ensemble / 651-780 school enrollment LARGE DIVISION 4A: 50-100 in ensemble / 781-899 school enrollment 5A: 100+ in ensemble / 900-1,500 school enrollment 6A: 100+ in ensemble / 1,501+ school enrollment Performance order was decided by the date the registration fee was received at EIUl as of Aug.26. There have been some exceptions made for extenuating circumstances.
  10. Danville Viking Invitational

    Hoping someone can add these scores to the festival results page......
  11. Danville Viking Invitational

    Class 1A 53.10 Heritage (Visual, Perc) 50.85 Sullivan (Music, Guard, DM) 43.8 Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin Class 2A 66.80 Watseka (Visual, Guard) 62.85 Mt. Carmel 61.10 Unity (Perc, Music) 59.25 Charleston 58.15 Hoopeston (DM) 50.10 Rantoul Class 3A 78.25 Champaign Central (Music, Visual, Perc, Guard) 71.75 Urbana (DM) GC - Champaign Central VITabulation2019FinalCaptions.pdf VITabulation2019Final.pdf
  12. Danville Viking Invitational

    Both are marching this year. It might be homecoming weekend for them. Not sure.
  13. Danville Viking Invitational Saturday, September 28, 2019 3:45 A Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin 4:00 A Sullivan 4:15 A Heritage 4:45 AAA Urbana 5:00 AAA Champaign Central 5:45 AA Rantoul 6:00 AA Charleston 6:15 AA Unity 6:30 AA Watseka 6:45 AA Hoopeston 7:00 AA Mt. Carmel 7:15 EXH Danville 7:30 Awards
  14. Contest Broadcast

    Pontiac Indian Showdown this Saturday will be streamed here: https://www.highschoolzoom.com/events/15th-annual-indian-showdown Competition begins at 5:00pm