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  2. BOA Grand National Championships — Nov. 12–14, 2020

    I'm interested as well. Illinois representation in 2019 at BOA Grand nats was very small.
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  5. Lockport is attending. Lockport already has their 2020 schedule on their marching band website. HornRank has similar thread showing IL bands already committed.
  6. BOA Grand National Championships — Nov. 12–14, 2020

    I don't know if Lincoln way will go. I know in the past the school Dist is really hard on them for taking the Kids out of class, Also they will be doing Macy's. I do expect to see Marian and Lockport maybe even Morton ?
  7. BOA Grand National Championships — Nov. 12–14, 2020

    id probably expect lincoln way, marian, and lockport to go. theyre heavy hitters and probably want to show that
  8. Grand National Championships — Nov. 12–14, 2020 Thought this would be a fun topic/ tracker to see who is going and who is Rumored to go ??
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    Really don't know a lot about single A bands, but Illinois Valley Central has had a strong program lately. Providence Catholic (though probably not a single A band), had an outstanding year for 2019.

    Hopefully this will generate some discussion... Overall, I think 2019 was positive for Illinois marching bands. This can be justified by the Indianapolis Super Regional results. Illinois was represented by three bands in the top seven in Finals and had five bands in the top 20. Without searching through archives, this may be the best overall finish by Illinois bands at the Indianapolis Super Regional. As I previously stated, Indy Super Regional results from 2019 should help recruitment for the top bands below. I provided my outlook and questions for my top 10 bands. Since I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, I see the Chicago area bands more than bands from downstate Illinois. I also provided my 2019 comments (for comparison) when the same question was asked a year ago. 1. Lincoln Way – (2019) The band to beat, and probably will remain so. They have the largest band and the largest pool of students from their schools. 2020 – Very nice show for 2019 that was well executed with the two-color uniforms and props. Really came on strong at the end of the season. Always has a nice show. Strong color guard. Overall, I have the same expectations for Lincoln-Way in 2020. 2. O’Fallon Township – (2019) Very nice show the past couple of years, but the question is whether they can repeat. It will be interesting to see what their show will be this year. While not at ISU in 2019, they are going to several BOA competitions where other Illinois bands are performing. 2020 – Like Lincoln-Way, always has an excellent show. We can expect O’Fallon to be strong again in 2020. I do not know much about the school to provide details for a 2020 forecast. Unfortunately, ISU and the St. Louis Super Regional are the same weekend again in 2020, so we may not see O’Fallon at ISU for a second year in a row. 3. Lockport Township – (2019) Excellent visual performances. Excellent soloist performances. Watching their YouTube video of their 2018 Grand Nationals performance provides an overall perspective you do not see at local competitions. Lockport has always placed a very close second to Lincoln Way in the ISU 6A field, so this a band to watch in the future. 2020 - Again, the visual aspect of their 2019 show was extremely strong, and the addition of the drumline (albeit small) accented their overall performance. Very nice woodwind movements. Lockport is probably the best in the state at integrating the color guard into their show. Lockport made Finals for the first time ever at Indianapolis Super Regionals, so students must be excited about this accomplishment and should carry over into 2020. I expect 2020 to be another highly successful year for this school. 4. Marian Catholic – (2019) Best band musically. Always has great shows, but the show theme last year [2018] was not as powerful as past shows. I expect better this year. 2020 – I thought the execution of their show was better in 2019 than 2018, but I think the quality of their competition is also getting better. Just missed finals at Indy Super Regional and Grand Nationals, it will be interesting to see how Marian Catholic responds for 2020. 5. Prospect – (2019) Their show is always well executed. One of the bands you don't want to miss performing. Always a very good band and will remain within the top five. 2020- The 2019 statements remain true. They do not perform an overly complex show, but their execution is always among the best. Finished 17th at Indy Super Regional and will remain within the top five within the state. 6. Downers Grove South – (2019) An excellent show in 2018. I expect they will build from this show in 2019. Another band you want to watch. 2020 – This band may have experienced some growing pains in 2019, and appeared they finally got everything together at the University of Illinois Championships. I still believe this is a band to watch. 7. Morton – (2019) Excellent all-around band. Finished 29th at 2018 Grand Nationals. They do not have the appearance of a small school band and appear to be a very dedicated group. I expect Morton to remain the top 2A band for several years. 2020 – Still the best band in the ISU 2A Field. I expect them to remain very successful. I still consider them a enthusiastic group. 8. John Hersey – (no 2019 prediction) – Started slow in 2019 but came back strong later in the season. Like Prospect, another band that executes their program very well. 9. Victor J. Andrew – (no 2019 prediction) – Andrew had a very good season for 2019. Their show was always a crowd favorite. Will their success continue into 2020? 10. Romeoville – (no 2019 prediction) – A school that had a very successful season for 2019. Romeoville made finals for the first time at ISU. The excitement was very evident in the both the crowd and in the band at ISU. A cleaner and more polished performance will improve their overall placement.

    top 5: O'Fallon, Lincoln way, Lockport, Marian, Victor J

    Top 5: The Usual suspects- Lincoln-Way, O'Fallon, Marian Catholic, Lockport Township, Prospect Next 5: Downer's Grove South, John Hersey, Morton, Warren Township, (Tie) Plainfield North and Viccy J

    What are peoples opinions on the best smaller bands like 1a bands?

    Anyone else? I was going to wait a few months before posting something similar to the previous post, ( hoping to hear some pre-season status), but I will post something with me guessing on expectations for 2020.

    Top 5 bands Lincoln-Way (Consistently blows me away with the uniqueness and drive of their program) O' Fallon Township (Has represented Illinois very well in BOA, and has historically had very effective shows) Lockport Township (Great band with great musicianship and musical talent) Prospect (Historically good. Has great shows with interesting topics.) Granite City (Not talked about much but and excellent band program with fantastic work ethic and drive year after year) Next 5 Marian Catholic (Not a fan of the programs they select nor how they conduct their seasons, but respect their staff and students "lets do better next time" mentality) Romeoville (Rising star apparently, great this year, probably next year as well) Normal (I thought their 2019 show was very cool, everyone new some of their musical selections) Bloomington (They're great visually and have such a consistent program to work with) Galesburg (Only on a two year streak but certainly a music and music effect powerhouse to watch in the future)

    Hey Hey! Here is my take of the Top 10! TOP 5 1) Lincoln-Way 2) O'Fallon Township 3) Lockport Township 4) Marian Catholic 5) Prospect Next 5 6) Downers Grove South 7) John Hersey 8) Victor J. Andrew 9) Morton 10) Illinois Valley Central Would love to see some ILL Bands attend Grand Nationals this year! I know there are some fun rumors out there and BOA Indy is going to be EPIC this year will the possible Line up!. Exciting stuff to some next season.

    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing! I think Indy will help a lot of the top bands next year for recruitment! LW and Lockport really need to keep there numbers up if they want to keep competing at higher level. Also I know there are some rumors about lots of ILL bands going to Grand nationals next year..

    Top 5 are easy to pick (alphabetical order) Lincoln-Way Lockport Township Marian Catholic O'Fallon Township Prospect My opinion, next five (alphabetical order) Downers Grove South John Hersey Morton Romeoville Victor J. Andrew I will update the list in a few months, with more details. I believe the results from the Indianapolis Super Regional last October will help recruitment for Lincoln-Way, Lockport Township, and O'Fallon Township for 2020.

    I wanted to have some off season fun! We all know Hornranks top 32. I wanted to see what everyone's top 10 bands in the state.. We could also use this as prediction for next season. This is Hornranks end of year ranking. ( Pulled only IL bands) 18.Lincoln-Way H.S., IL (18)26. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL (24)Next 10, Lockport Township (IL), Marian Catholic (IL), What are your top 10 Illinois bands.??
  21. Surplus stuff for sale

    The Newton Marching Eagles are selling surplus color guard uniforms and flags. There is a facebook page with everything available. There will soon be our flower props from this year for sale. We will post there when we are ready to sell. The link to the page is below. If that doesn't work, search for Newton Marching Eagles Surplus. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/groups/440823536583632/
  22. Winter winds opportunity

    I am writing this as an invite to share with any interested students that I will be directing a winter winds group under the pioneer organization with the goal of competing in class A at WGI this winter. We will be holding rehearsals in Des Plaines and would love to get some of the area talent involved in this group. If you have any questions feel free to email me at kjharriman@cps.edu
  23. • Awesome Original Second Time Arounders Marching Band, St. Petersburg, Florida• Blue Springs High School Golden Regiment, Blue Springs, Missouri• Catalina Foothills High School Falcon Band, Tucson, Arizona• Franklin Regional High School Panther Band, Murrysville, Pennsylvania• Macy's Great American Marching Band, USA• Madison Central High School Band, Richmond, Kentucky• Martin Luther King, Jr. High School "Kings of Halftime," Lithonia, Georgia• Morgan State University Magnificent Marching Machine, Baltimore, Maryland• NYPD Marching Band, New York• Ronald Reagan High School Marching Band, San Antonio, Texas• Western Carolina University Pride of the Mountains Marching Band, Cullowhee, North Carolina
  24. IHSA Football playoffs

    1. Happy Thanksgiving all!! 2. Saturday is the IHSA football finals, so have fun and good luck to Lincoln Way (East) and Warren Township in 8A. Also good luck Mt. Carmel, Nazareth Academy, Prarie Ridge, East St. Louis, St.Rita, Rochester, Richmond-Burton, Murphysboro, Byron, Williamsville, Newman Central, Nashville, Lena-Winslow, and Central A & M.
  25. Normal Marching Band Invitational 2020

    The Normal Marching Band is proud to announce its 2020 Invitational, to be held on Saturday, October 3 at Illinois Wesleyan University's Tucci Stadium in Bloomington. For additional information, visit www.normalmb.org/invitational or click here to register. We hope to see your group at the 2020 Normal Marching Band Invitational!
  26. U of I Results

    did anyone else have scratched out music scores? i think the judge forgot his eraser, or just changed his mind about three times.
  27. Grand National Discussion

    This was a tough year for anyone that went with the TX bands there and the IN powerhouses. I had to check and double check about Broken Arrow, Tarpon Springs, Wando, Blue Springs, Castle and I'm sure I'm leaving someone out. It just felt like a lot of really good ones were missing.
  28. Grand National Discussion

    In hindsight, I wonder if Lincoln-Way, O'Fallon Township, or Lockport Township could of made Finals if they had attended. Lincoln-Way I believe so, The other two would have been bubble bands.
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