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  2. Gateway Marching Classic Discussion

    After a year hiatus, the Collinsville competition is back on the schedule. 4:45 National Anthem (Collinsville Middle School) 1A 5:00 Civic Memorial 5:15 Mater Dei 5:30 Centralia BREAK 2A 6:00 Mehlville, MO 6:15 Alton 6:30 Triad 6:45 Mascoutah BREAK 7:30 Collinsville (Exh.) AWARDS 8:00
  3. Contest Broadcast

    The last few years banddirector.com/ has had a live feed of the U of I contest. I see this year the U of I and many other contest aren't on their calendar. Does anyone know if U of I will be broadcast anywhere else
  4. Can't wait for Wisc-Eau Claire, I know a couple guys who march with 'em
  5. I will expect Lake Park to take the A/AA competition. Alan B. Shepard and Elk Grove will be a fairly distant 2nd and 3rd, although I am very curious to see the margin between them. In the 3A competition, I will take Prospect with Warren Township in 2nd. I will take Fremd in 3rd. Also, props to Wheeling for getting Wisc-Eau Claire to come down. Seeing them live at BOA St. Louis last season was quite fun.
  6. Drums at Appletime

    Results 1A 1. Centralia (Music, Perc) 2. Anna-Jonesboro (DM) 3. Pinckneyville 4. Kelly (Visual, Aux) 2A 1. St. Charles West (Music, Aux, Percussion, DM) 2. Potosi (Visual) 3. Carterville 3A 1. McCracken County (Visual) 2. Waterloo (Percussion, DM) 3. Wentzville Liberty (Aux) 4. Cape Central (Music) 5. Belleville West Tony Stevens Award (Best Soloist)- McCracken County Flute Grand Champion: McCracken County
  7. Updated ISU Band Championship Predictions (2 week update)

    What about Downers Grove South? They have performed well so far.
  8. As week 2 wraps up, here's an early look at the schedule for Wheeling Predictions are welcome, though the competition is smaller than last year for some reason.
  9. Beautiful write up, and I agree with these picks on a whole
  10. Providence Catholic Marching Invitational Schedule

    Peeps were doubting Romeoville.
  11. Last week
  12. Predictions for each class will be top 3 placements, then an explanation for placement reasoning. Finals will be the order of placements in finals then an explanation of those placements. Order of performance for the 2019 ISU Marching Band Championships is 2A-1A-4A-3A-6A-5A. Class 2A Morton Metamora Canton Morton is the clear choice to win this class. Their program is good as shown in Washington so far this season. Metamora also a well put together program scoring 3rd in their class at Washington and 2nd at Morton invitational. Canton had a strong showing at Washington scoring 5 points behind Dunlap for 2nd in their class. As these programs continue to clean and develop, I expect the class to shake out something like this. Class 1A Illinois Valley Central Eureka University Here it is hard to put IVC anywhere other than first. They are a good clean small school band. Eureka and University in the second and third position. They are also good small school bands and could be very competitive with each other as well as with IVC. Class 4A John Hersey Elk Grove Batavia Not much of a jumping point in this class. So my prediction is John Hersey in first, good band program, clean programs. Followed by Elk Grove who is reasonably good for the class and Batavia. 2nd and 3rd could get flipped as more season develops. Class 3A Marian Catholic Galesburg Bloomington Marian Catholic is very good as usual. I pick them for first as most would. Followed by Galesburg who has a decent showing at Washington scoring just about 4 to 5 points behind powerhouses Morton and Normal, as they clean they will be a threat. Bloomington who could have done better at Morton got 3rd behind Washington Community and Collinsville. They will continue to clean and we will see how things shake out as season progresses. Class 6A Lincoln-Way Lockport Township Warren Township This is the biggest class in competition and also one of the most competitive. Lincoln-Way, the reigning champions, will be the first place winners most likely. Lockport will give them a run for their money but second is a good spot for them compared to Lincoln-Way. Warren Township will be good and I expect them to score well against their competitive. Class 5A Prospect Victor J Andrew Plainfield North Prospect is an easy pick for first place in this class. A great band with good students, staff, and program. Victor J Andrew will be behind them and I expect them to be up their, most likely between second and third place. Plainfield North will also be good. Expect them between second and third place in class 5A. FINALS Lincoln-Way Lockport Township Marian Catholic Warren Township Prospect Lake Park John Hersey Victor J Andrew Galesburg Morton Plainfield North Bloomington Elk Grove Illinois Valley Central Here I put Lincoln-Way in first because I think they will be the best here, they always have a well put together show. Lockport I put in second place, they have a very good and clean program and they always score well in finals here. Marian Catholic, they well be stuck in third, they will be good but it will be hard to beat Lincoln-Way and Lockport. Warren Township is good, but I think it will be hard for them to defeat Marian Catholic for the third place spot. Prospect will place in their range of expectation, reasonably good, but not necessarily placing in finals. Lake Park is iffy, they may or may not make it to finals and if they do I am not even sure if this is a good placement for them. Next is John Hersey, they are always good and I expect them to be good yet again. Victor J Andrew tends to not be as top tier as usual, I still have them in finals eighth place. In ninth place is Galesburg, a program in the process of rebuilding and doing a good job of it, I expect them to be good here. Morton I have under Galesburg but it will depend upon which band gets the most repetition and cleaning done prior to this competition, itll be close here. Plainfield North in eleventh place, usually good, but I don't expect them to keep up with Morton and Galesburg calibers this year, particularly in Music Performance and General Effect. Bloominton I also don't expect to keep up with Galesburg and Morton or most of their pack late in the season for that matter. Elk Grove and IVC are thirteenth and fourteenth.

    Because going on at 10am is a lot more fun than going on at 7am, so they're spreading around the fun (and the misery). I imagine they're starting to do like U of I and rotating the class orders each year.
  14. Recap from the day. http://recaps.competitionsuite.com/0da52c14-f8de-465e-9e33-d5f8242aa9e9.htm

    Just wondered if anyone knows why class 2A is going first and 1A second at ISU
  16. Morton Marching Invitational

    Results 1A 1. Dwight 56.10 (GE, Aux) 2. Lincoln 54.80 (Music,Visual,Percussion,Winds) 3. ROWVA 49.80 4. Rockford 45.60 2A 1. Dunlap 70.15 (Music, Visual, GE, Aux, Percussion, Winds) 2. Metamora 65.25 3. St. Joseph-Ogden 64.40 4. Farmington 62.90 5. Mt. Zion 62.50 6. Coal City 58.70 3A 1. Limestone 72.60 (Music, GE, Aux, Percussion) 2. Eureka 72.20 (Visual) 3. Illinois Valley Central 71.25 4. University 69.50 (Winds) 5. United Township 69.35 6. East Peoria 68.65 7. Macomb 67.90 4A 1. Washington 77.75 (GE, Percussion) 2. Collinsville 77.45 (Aux, Music) 3. Bloomington 75.90 (Visual, Winds) T4. Davenport Central 74.00 T4. Rock Island 74.00
  17. 09.14.19 ProvCath TABS FINAL.pdf
  18. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    Does anyone know why class 2a is going before 1 a?
  19. Contest Broadcast

    If you see at anytime that any contest is going to be broadcast whether on YouTube or other sites please post on here. Thanks
  20. Morton Marching Invitational

    1A: Dwight had a good first show last week against similar bands. They're mybpick 2A: Dunlap will run away with this class. Metamora and Farmington following suit. 3A: I think it will be tight. u-High, Limestone, and UT rounding out top 3. Hot take: scores will be within 2 points total. 4A: have only seen Washington of this group. I'm going to guess Bloomington, RI, then Washington.
  21. Providence Catholic Marching Invitational Schedule

    I agree with these picks.
  22. Good early competition with about a third of the field participating in a competition last week. We will see if feedback from last week helps these bands this week. My picks: 1A - Lakes Community 2A - Naperville Central 3A - The easy pick is Lincoln-Way, but Lockport Township, Downers Grove South, and Greendale performed twice at Lake Park last week. This will be Lincoln-Way's first competition. I agree with BAND - Lincoln-Way as first pick, but no one should be surprised if Lockport Township wins. First place thru fifth place could be a tight grouping.
  23. 1A) Lakes Community has been developing over the last few years and looks to win this class. Always nice to see Central Illinois groups such as Herscher come up and compete in the Chicagoland area. Some fun bands to watch here. 2A) I think Naperville Central and Huntly will be close and be in the top two spots. I'll go with Huntly if I had to choose 3A) Lincoln Way is a pretty natural pick here, but Lockport won't be far behind. There are probably 4 bands that could place 3rd.
  24. Providence Catholic Marching Invitational Schedule

    1A)Could be close, but I think Eisenhower will take this class. They have been improving for the last few years. 2A) Interesting that they did not reclassify based on registration to have more equal size classes, but regardless Waubonsie. 3A) My pick here is Joliet West
  25. Drums at Appletime

    Here is the schedule for the Murphysboro Competition 1A 4:30 Anna-Jonesboro 4:45 Kelly, MO 5:00 Centralia 5:15 Pinckneyville Break 2A 5:45 Carterville 6:00 Potosi, MO 6:15 St. Charles West, MO Break 3A 6:45 McCracken County, KY 7:00 Belleville West 7:15 Wentzville Liberty, MO 7:30 Waterloo 7:45 Murphysboro (Exh.) 8:00 Awards
  26. Traditional Uniforms VS Costumes

    Traditional uniform, with shako and plume. To me this adds to the visual presentation.
  27. Providence Catholic Marching Invitational Schedule

    Hello Here are my Predictions. 1A: Sandwich 2A: Waubonsie Valley 3A: Wheaton North Grand Champ Wheaton North
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