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  2. COVID 19

    Smaller bands (i.e <100 members) will have a easier time resuming marching band normalcy than bigger bands. Bands though, are constantly adjusting their "normalcy" for the success of their programs though, it should work out.
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  4. COVID 19

    The NHFS has released their guidelines for a return to high school marching band. https://www.nfhs.org/media/3812329/2020-nfhs-guidance-for-returning-to-high-school-marching-band-activities.pdf
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  6. COVID 19

    I agree. This may hurt local competitions. But live streaming both of our state competitions and BOA events could be very interesting if is considered. People would still pay for the live streams.
  7. COVID 19

    This is going to be interesting. If they are able to have a marching season are they going to be allowed to have fans in the seats? If there are no fans I doubt a lot of schools that host these competitions will still have them because the fans and concessions are where they make their money. Let's hope for the best and that things are allowed to continue especially for the upcoming Seniors and what would be their last marching season.
  8. BOA Indianapolis Super Regional

    Just checked HornRank. 13 Illinois bands are currently planning on attending.
  9. ISU Classes

    I just reviewed the 2019 ISU schedule which is still posted under 2019 Festivals. The only thing that appears to be different is ISU is going to have the 1A/2A, 3A/4A. and 5A/6A bands play together as a groups. I see this as a good change.
  10. ISU Classes

    From what I know, this is just a new thing that they are trying. I dont think it is related to COVID-19 or anything. I remember them announcing it prior to everything being cancelled and stuff
  11. ISU Classes

    ISU has arranged the bands this year in dyads (pairs) of classes. This means (1A+2A) (3A+4A) (5A+6A) all grouped into 3 “sessions.” Is this due to COVID-19 concerns to try to prevent very large audiences? Is this something they’ve done in the past?
  12. Don't know if you'll see this but I just wanted to add that this aged well.
  13. COVID 19

    I think its going to be very interesting with Bands possible starting camp later in the season then normal. more time to work on music but less time to clean drill.
  14. COVID 19

    Hopefully it doesn't affect the season; I was expecting this to be an exciting season! My guess June band camps will be cancelled, but hopefully the main camps in July and August can be completed.
  15. Top Illinois Marching Band Finals Results/Overall Recap

    Thanks for all the work you put into this!
  16. COVID 19

    Probably. Hopefully not enough to cancel all activities and festivals but guidelines will likely be in place in the event nothing is cancelled.
  17. COVID 19

    Hello, Hope everyone is staying safe!! I wanted to see if anyone thinks that COVID 19 will effect this marching season?
  18. Top Illinois Marching Band Finals Results/Overall Recap

    I just finished the list this morning! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ooX2mdaB3st61EUKuaTGoh8L05lgv2fUdH8JcfKWRTU/edit?usp=sharing
  19. Top Illinois Marching Band Finals Results/Overall Recap

    How is the list going?

    It’s that time again! That time for stupid early marching band predictions! A couple things I noticed... *O’Fallon is attending U of I again!! Cannot wait to see them! *Mundelein has never attended a U of I Competition in IL marchings recorded history, HUGE Illini welcome to them, they’ve got a tough class! This will definitely be more of an analysis than prediction so bear with me! Class A 1. Mater Dei won this class last year, They were pretty decisive too that I know of. 2. Watseka got second and I would expect bonless this year. They’re always notable in Class A. 3. Newton is a pretty big band for Class A, sometimes sheer numbers can push a band over. They could win this class for sure. Class AA 1. Monticello is a great band. Another one that is pretty big for their class. I expect them to win this class. 2. University is my pick for second. Kinda a AA band by default but they always do well in their classes so. 3. Kewanee or Sherrard here in third. Both are capable of it but either way I’m sure they’ll be third and fourth. Class AAA 1. Mahomet-Seymour, speaking of bands that a pretty big for their class. Here’s a hulk. They’re awesome. Last year wasn’t their best year but an off year never got a band down. Look at Marian Catholic. 2. Illinois Valley Central second place here. I think the top two spots are solid regardless. 3. Probably East Peoria. They’re pretty far above the rest of the bands. Though Champaign Centralnisnt what I would call “bad” by any means. Class AAAA 1. Romeoville, I think their program is incredible. And it continues to build. Expect to see them win but not without a fight from second. 2. Galesburg, reigning Class 4A champions, they’ll be excellent. According to HornRank they’re attending BOA along side Romeoville this season. 3. Washington Community, I was looking forward to seeing them duke it out with Galesburg and Bloomington last year, but they didn’t attend due to the weather. They’ll be pretty solid, but due to Galesburg and Romeovilles musical talent, I have them in third. Class AAAAA 1. O’Fallon Township. 2. Belleville East, excuse my French but this is a damn good class and I can’t wait to see it! Belleville East is fantastic! 3. Edwardsville, kinda gives me Belleville East vibes. They’ll be close. Class AAAAAA 1. Normal will be at the top here again. They’re pretty good but since the consolidation it’s been difficult for them to do well in big classes at comps such as ISU, here it’s a different story. 2. Oak Park/River Forest, they’re good and I think they’re good enough to be runners up to Normal. 3. Minooka, it’s really hard to predict them until the season starts but they usually do well here. No grand Champion predictions though I’m sure you can speculate. I will post ISU predictions when classes are specified. next U of I prediction will be the first/second week of the season! Comment feedback and opinions!!!
  21. ISU

    It looks like a lot of the classes will be the exact same. Give or take a few bands.
  22. ISU

    List is now posted under Festivals. Good line-up, and as expected, O’Fallon is not attending (opts to go to St. Louis Super Regional). Edited to add - I noticed Lake Park is not attending.
  23. Top Illinois Marching Band Finals Results/Overall Recap

    I apologize I have been very busy and conpiling it has been time consuming.
  24. ISU

    Yes at 6AM. I’m sure it filled up in about 30 or so minutes though.
  25. Top Illinois Marching Band Finals Results/Overall Recap

    When is the remainder of the list going to be posted?
  26. ISU

    Was ISU accepting applications April 1st?
  27. ISU

    When does the confirmed ISU participants document usually come out?
  28. Your Top Illinois Marching Bands for the Year 2019 are; 10. Romeoville High School Marching Band 9. Downers Grove South high School Marching Band 8. Plainfield North High School Marching Band 7. Victor J Andrew High School Marching Band 6. Morton High School Marching Band 5. Prospect High School Marching Band 4. Marian Catholic High School Marching Band And your top 3 Illinois Marching Bands... 3. Lockport Township High School Marching Band 2. O'Fallon Township High School Marching Band 1. Lincoln-Way High School Marching Band I am working on compiling all results and those will be posted soon. But congratulations to all of the voted Best Illinois Marching Bands!
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