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  2. Change in Morton

    This is beyond unfortunate. Unless the teacher's union can step in and moderate the situation, I fear you are correct.
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  4. Change in Morton

    I will just post the most current article, but there is likely a director change for Morton.
  5. I have been going through Youtube to find what I can on there since BOA hasn't answered me yet on the bands that were in finals in MBA 75 through 85
  6. 1981 Summer MBA Newton 5th in finals
  7. There were a few years that MBA had a Summer contest and a Fall contest
  8. 79 was Newtons first year at MBA and received 16th place that year with their Crown Imperial show
  9. Monticello class A defending champs.
  10. They received 4th in Open class in 79 at Whitewater MBA Crystal Lake Heraldry Guard
  11. I've written BOA since they are the organization that was formed from Marching Bands of America to find out the finalist and winners from 1975 to the 80's when BOA was organized. Hopefully I'll have it soon as then I can post the Illinois bands from that era
  12. 2019 Competition Dates

    I can confirm that the Gateway Marching Classic will be happening in 2019. The 5th edition of the competition will be held on the 28th of September at Kahok Stadium.
  13. East Richland High School Marching Bands of America They were a finalist when Dave Morrison, (former Prospect Director) was there
  14. The 14th Annual Morton High School Marching Invitational On Saturday September 14, 2019 In Morton, Illinois! The Morton High School Marching Invitational is a field show competition utilizing a BOA-style judging format. A top-tier judging panel from DCI, BOA, and top high school and college programs makes this competition an excellent early season event for your band. A new stadium and turf field was completed in 2015. The facilities are amazing - we hope you will join us! An enrollment form is available here: https://goo.gl/forms/ag6IkRb9e3VeWT9o1 if you wish to secure a spot at this time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions via the information listed below. We hope to see you there! Confirmed judges include: Andy Cook - 2016, 2017, 2018 National Champion Carmel High School, IN Kyle Young - 2016, 2017, 2018 National Champion Carmel High School, IN Mike Bolla - Center Grove High School, IN Jeff Fiedler - Santa Clara Vanguard Scott Seal - The Cavaliers Pete Weber - Visual Designer - Santa Clara Vanguard David Morrison - Prospect HS (retired) Ryan Miller - RLM Productions, Legends Sincerely, Jeff Neavor Director of Bands Morton High School Band (309)284-6145 jeff.neavor@mcusd709.org Mitch Jones Assistant Director (309) 284-6045 mitchell.jones@mcusd709.org
  15. Taft high school in Chicago is looking to fill the position of guard instructor for the winter and next years marching season. for the winter season, rehearsals are currently scheduled for Thursday nights from 6:00-8:00. If interested, please send a letter of interest to kjharriman@cps.edu
  16. BOA 2018-19

    I moved the Bands that have placed in Finals at MBA or BOA to a separate thread
  17. Newton 1980-81 5th 1983-84 6th Marching Bands of America
  18. I started a new topic on the Illinois bands that have Placed in BOA or MBA (the predecessor to BOA) over the years and their place in finals. When you post a band please list the year and placement
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