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  2. Results for October 14th, 2017

    With all the indoor/cancelled performances, the whole climate change thing is really starting to drag on my marching band time man.
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  4. BOA Super Regionals (St Louis/Indy)

    STL 1. Broken Arrow 2. Blue Springs 3. O'Fallon 4. Owasso 5. Cypress Falls 6. Prospect 7. Grain Valley 8. Bentonville 9. Morton 10. Westwood TX 11. Camdenton 12. Jenks 13. Zumwalt North 14. Bixby
  5. SIU schedule

    Anyone have a schedule for SIU this weekend?
  6. BOA Super Regionals (St Louis/Indy)

    And here are my predictions for Indy: Carmel Avon Homestead Union Castle Center Grove Marian Catholic Lawrence Township Rosemount Centerville Fishers Columbus North Eden Prarie Lockport Township Bands that could make finals include: Penn Lincoln Way Lakota East Blue Springs South Ben Davis Victor J Andrews Greenwood Wish I could put Marian higher but after seeing them last week, they are not there yet ... but they will be by November. There are few Illinois bands that could make an impact in Indy.
  7. BOA Super Regionals (St Louis/Indy)

    Lets have a little fun with this. Here are my predictions for STL: Broken Arrow Blue Springs Cypress Falls O'Fallon Owasso Westwood Grain Valley Jenks Bentonville Bixby Prospect Camdenton Morton Fort Zumwalt North Bands that could make finals include: Mustang Anderson Blue Valley West Liberty Lincoln Belleville East Paragould Probably won't be a great showing for Illinois bands in finals but hoping that O'Fallon surprises us and does better than predicted.
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  9. Results for October 14th, 2017

    I really enjoyed Lincoln-Way's show. I doubt it will make BOA Indianapolis Finals, but should be close!
  10. BOA Super Regionals (St Louis/Indy)

    I do. My paper said Marian my fingers typed Marion. Sorry
  11. U of I

    Fantastic. Can't wait!!!
  12. BOA Super Regionals (St Louis/Indy)

    There is no Marion Catholic. You mean Marian Catholic?
  13. 27 Illinois Bands will be participating in BOA Super Regionals this weekend including 12 of the 14 finalists from ISU. 11 Bands will be in Indy including ISU finalists Marian Catholic Lincoln Way Community Lockport Township Limestone Community Victor J Andrew Normal West Other bands in Indy include: Tri-Valley Naperville Central Mahomet-Seymour Rock Island Huntley 16 Bands will be in St Louis including ISU finalists O'Fallon Morton Bloomington Prospect Plainfield North Lake Park Other bands in St Louis include: Alton Batavia Monticello Collinsville Belleville East Normal Community Danville Herscher East Peoria Community Naperville North
  14. U of I

    U of I will have a live broadcast by banddirector.com: http://www.banddirector.com/article/pg-live-broadcast/2016-viewers-choice-marching-festival--downriver-fanfare?productguide=535
  15. Results for October 14th, 2017

    Effingham Marching Red Regiment Invitational Results in 3A:Newton, Outstanding Percussion, Auxiliary, Music, Visual, General Effect, and First Place in Class 3A Grand Champion of 3A and 4A
  16. Results for October 14th, 2017

    ISU Scores: 1A: 68.70 Eureka(Visual, GE) 66.80 Illinois Valley Central 66.15 Macomb(Music) 62.25 University 60.20 Herscher(Crowd Appeal) 51.25 Olympia 2A: 82.35 Morton (Music, VIsual, GE) 77.50 Limestone Community 69.80 Dunlap 66.45 LaSalle-Peru(Crowd Appeal) 64.90 Metamora 62.70 Providence Catholic 49.65 Marengo 3A: 85.20 Marian Catholic(Music, Visual, GE) 77.50 Bloomington(Crowd Appeal) 71.30 Rock Island 64.55 Lemont 60.20 Lakes Community 54.45 Danville 4A: 78.55 John Hersey (Music, GE) 74.40 Normal West (Visual) 70.15 Batavia 70.05 Romeoville(Crowd Appeal) 61.25 Alan B. Shepard 61.10 Thornton Fractional South 56.15 Brother Rice/Mother McAuley 55.15 Argo 5A: 83.65 O'Fallon Township(Visual, GE, Crowd Appeal) 78.40 Victor J. Andrew 77.00 Prospect (Music) 73.15 Plainfield North 71.05 Normal Community 70.80 Edwardsville 65.15 Wheaton North 6A: 80.60 Lincoln-Way (GE) 80.20 Lockport Township(Music, Visual, Crowd Appeal) 73.15 Lake Park 67.60 Joliet West 66.65 Naperville Central 66.15 Huntley 53.30 Rockford ISU1A-4A2017.xlsx ISU 5A-6A.pdf
  17. Results for October 14th, 2017

    There has been a rain delay for the past hour and they just announced that finals has been cancelled.
  18. Results for October 14th, 2017

    Finals performance schedule: 7:30 Limestone 7:44 Eureka 7:58 Normal West 8:12 Bloomington 8:26 Plainfield North 8:40 Prospect 8:54 Lake Park 9:08 BREAK 9:22 John Hersey 9:36 Lockport 9:50 O'Fallon 10:04 Morton 10:18 Marian Catholic 10:32 Lincoln-Way 10:55 Victor J Andrew
  19. ISU

    Go O'Fallon
  20. ISU 1A: 1. Eureka (GE, Visual) 2. IVC 3. Macomb (Music) Herscher (Crowd Appeal) 2A: 1. Morton (Music, GE, Visual) 2. Limestone 3. Dunlap LaSalle-Peru (Crowd Appeal) 3A: 1. Marian Catholic (Music, GE, Visual) 2. Bloomington (Crowd Appeal) 3. Rock Island 4A: 1. John Hersey (Music, GE) 2. Normal West (Visual) 3. Batavia Romeoville (Crowd Appeal) 5A: 1. O'Fallon (Crowd Appeal, GE, Visual) 2. Victor J Andrew 3. Prospect (Music) 6A: 1. Lincoln-Way (GE) 2. Lockport (Crowd Appeal, Music, Visual) 3. Lake Park Finalists: Eureka, Morton, Marian Catholic, John Hersey, Bloomington, Normal West, Limestone, O'Fallon, Lincoln-Way, Lake Park, Lockport, Plainfield North, Victor J Andrew, Prospect
  21. ISU

    http://ilmarching.com/?p=1404 Yes it will
  22. ISU

    Does anyone know if ISU will be live streamed this weekend?
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  24. DM as soloist?

    If you are talking Band Of America then
  25. Results for the weekend of October 7th

    Robert Morris: 1A: 79.35 Dwight D. Eisenhower (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Color Guard, DM) 63.45 Bloom Township 2A: 78.20 Rolling Meadows (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Color Guard, DM) 70.00 Buffalo Grove 69.25 Evergreen Park 67.80 Crete-Monee 66.80 Rochelle Township 3A: 88.25 Greendale, WI (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Color Guard) 79.80 Mundelein(DM) 71.85 Antioch ROBERT MORRIS 2017 RECAP SHEET.pdf
  26. Results for the weekend of October 7th

    Marengo: Parade: 1A: 24.50 Genoa-Kingston(Visual, Music) 18.60 North Boone 2A: 24.60 Marmion-Rosary (Music) 23.60 Sandwich(Visual) 3A: 26.30 Evanston(Music, Visual) Field: 1A: 60.40 Genoa-Kingston(Brass, Woodwind, Marching, Auxiliary, Percussion) 57.60 Dwight Township (DM) 37.55 North Boone 2A: 73.30 Evergreen Park (Brass, Woodwind, Marching) 71.75 Sandwich(Auxiliary, Percussion, DM) 54.00 Marmion-Rosary 3A: 77.15 Evanston(Brass, Woodwind, Marching) 74.65 Prairie Ridge(Percussion, Auxiliary) 70.55 Grayslake Central (DM) 69.10 Sycamore Recap Sheet 17 - Scores.pdf
  27. Results for the weekend of October 7th

    Romeoville: 1A: 71.58 Dwight D. Eisenhower (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Auxiliary) 65.25 Streator Township 60.17 Bloom Township 2A: 69.92 A.A. Stagg(Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Auxiliary) 64.67 Waukegan 63.92 Brother Rice/Mother McAuley 3A: 84.50 Plainfield North (Music, GE, Percussion) 80.67 Bolingbrook 78.00 Minooka Community(Auxiliary) 77.17 Oswego 73.33 Oswego East 70.83 East Aurora 65.83 Reavis The 3A portion of the competition was indoors.
  28. Results for the weekend of October 7th

    Newton: 1A: 449.50 Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond (Music) 416.00 Casey-Westfield(Percussion) 392.50 Oblong (DM, Color Guard) 348.00 Lawrenceville 346.00 Bement 2A: 494.50 Mt. Carmel(DM) 455.00 Tolono Unity(Music) 405.50 Maroa-Forsyth 400.00 Robinson(Percussion, Auxiliary) 370.00 Vandalia 3A: 455.50 Richland County (Music) 447.00 Paris Cooperative(Auxiliary) 421.00 Effingham(DM, Percussion) 4A: 452.00 Champaign Centennial (Music) 447.00 Belleville West (DM, Percussion, Auxiliary) Miss D Crowd Appeal Award: Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond Band Classic 2017.tabulation.captions.2.pdf Band Classic 2017.tabulation.captions.pdf
  29. DM as soloist?

    Our entire second tune this year features our DM on a tenor sax solo. There are no restrictions and it seems to have gone over well with the judges....... However, she is not playing from the podium - she comes down and plays the solo on the field.
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