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  2. COVID 19

    This is the first virtual video I’ve seen from a band in Illinois. I hope to see more like this. I am not sure if Galesburg’s Show plans but this is a pretty cool and reassuring thing to see!
  3. COVID 19

    Received word yesterday that Metro East Marching Classic will be moving to a virtual format. Anyone interested in participating and for more information, please contact, Melissa Gustafson-Hinds, OTHS gustafson-hindsm@oths.us
  4. COVID 19

    It will be interesting to see, in Feb. 30s would be warm and there's a possibility of snow. Spring time in this area could be hit or miss. Plus, it's a little more difficult than just gutting it out for one night. You also need time to practice and prepare something even if it is a very simple show. I suppose they could just stand around an play some pep tunes. I heard some bands (especially those in some rural areas) were still working on some kind of show and looking at doing some kind of virtual competitions. Anyone else hear this and if so how would this even work? EDIT: I was searching around a little bit and I found this offering from USBands. It seems like a pretty decent alternative for groups that are still trying to put a show on the field. https://yea.org/news/new-virtual-performance-option-announced
  5. COVID 19

    I don’t know about that...I went to U of I in 2018 and watched bands perform in 30-35 mph winds and temperatures in the 30s at night.
  6. COVID 19

    I saw today that Lincoln Way was still having band camp.
  7. COVID 19

    IHSA officially moves Football and other high risk fall sports from Feb - May. and spring sports are moved from May - Jun. Lol no way are bands are getting out there to play at football games in Feb.
  8. COVID 19

    I think Morton is
  9. COVID 19

    What bands are still putting something on the Field?
  10. COVID 19

    All I see is a list of Saturday conflicts...sigh...
  11. COVID 19

    Think about Spring 2021 before adding the possibility of football/marching band, just to name a few: Basketball Baseball/Softball Track AP examinations/College visits for juniors Spring musicals Spring concert season (Super State, National Concert Band Festival, etc.) Winter Guard/Percussion/Winds (maybe WGI will have a 2021 season?) Drum Corps (who knows if there will be a 2021 season? I can't see touring being the same after the pandemic).
  12. COVID 19

    Yeah my band is planning on doing concert band outside to substitute marching band. They do sell covers for each instrument to reduce the chance of covid passing through the air which is what our band is planning on making.
  13. COVID 19

    If IHSA doubles up and puts as much as possible in the spring...it'll be hard to even have S&E and Org contests without extreme conflicts. I can't imagine the scheduling headaches of this...
  14. COVID 19

    True, but I doubt there is going to even be WGI this year. Concert band may even be gone too because once you get kids playing instruments inside that is a whole new ballgame. There is a study going on right now on musical instruments and the initial findings don't spell good news for band kids https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/it-safe-strike-band-time-coronavirus
  15. COVID 19

    It would be pretty hard to run a marching band during the spring because of WGI and other activities that the students within the marching band may have during the spring time.
  16. COVID 19

    I read today that IHSA has a proposal to move the fall sports to spring of 2021. I'm not a director so I don't know how feasible that would be to move some kind of abbreviated marching season to then too but maybe it's worth at least having a conversation about it.
  17. COVID 19

    Not many Western/Central Illinois bands have went public with their plans yet. I checked Morton, Washington, Limestone, Geneseo, Rock Island, Dunlap, IVC and Galesburg, of those 8 band websites only three provide even somewhat of a plan forward. Others may be keeping it private, have not decided yet, or have simply cancelled overall. Here were my findings on the three schools with updates... Dunlap; Camp dates appear to still be normal with the only stipulations being that guidelines will have to be followed by participants. The website also mentioned that the Sheas will be on vacation and further information will be released when they return. Illinois Valley Central; They appear to have a more well rounded plan forward Pre-camp days here have been changed to July 27-31 for only 3 hours (6 PM-9 PM) Band Camp days August 1-5 at the same times as pre camp They mention that they will be following IHSA return to play guidelines with temp checks, symptom questions, and face mask usage Galesburg Their website included little detail however it did include this Their 1st week of band camp will be July 27, 29, and 31st and will occur in sections with various staff members Their 2nd week will follow the same plan but will be August 3, 5, and 7th Sectional rehearsals will continue along the band camp schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays As far as all three of those, I don't see anything regarding show, music, drill, or any logistics.
  18. COVID 19

    BOA finally officially cancelled the season.
  19. COVID 19

    Literally everything and everyone has cancelled save for BOA (except Carmel sent in an email that they are indeed done), Michigan and Texas, with a few random shows here and there. Texas just announced that bands can't learn their competitive show before September 7th and state championships by Christmas.
  20. COVID 19

    I found guidance: https://www.nfhs.org/media/3812337/2020-nfhs-guidance-for-returning-to-high-school-marching-band-activities.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1-d9ZDD0R5METT7GiGUX8021XRAh-iJWdsY-1Py34TQNiSMS23Fv6hDaw "...Students should be spaced at a minimum of 3 step intervals (22.5” per step) for all drill and on field formations."
  21. COVID 19

    Well..... Indiana is cancelling their season, it's over! BOA will announce soon, my guess!
  22. COVID 19

    It's sadly looking like the end of competitive marching band for this year. At least in Illinois.
  23. COVID 19

    Rose Parade has been cancelled..... wow
  24. COVID 19

    Hello, So took at look at some bands Calendars to see if any of them have updated anything. I have not confirmed any of this information just doing a google search. Interested to see if anyone has more information. I still see football games, but I am hearing that high school football in the Chicago area is possibly not going to happen this year. Lockport. Mandatory Competitions (All Day) September 12th – Lake Park Lancer Joust (Cancelled) September 19th - Victor J. Andrew Invitational (Cancelled) October 3rd & 4th - BOA Northern Iowa, Iowa (Cancelled) October 10th – Lincoln-Way Invitational (Cancelled) October 17th – Illinois State University Marching Band Championships (Cancelled) October 23rd & 24th - BOA Indianapolis Regional, Indiana (Cancelled) November 12th-14th - BOA Grand Nationals, Indiana (Cancelled) Lincoln Way I still see practice times but it looks like all competitions have been removed. O'Fallon I see nothing on the calendar Marian Catholic Could not find anything Lake Park Still see competitions and practices Lemont Still see competitions and practices Morton Still see competitions and practices Normal Community Still see competitions and practices Prospect Still see competitions and practices
  25. COVID 19

    For anyone involved in trying to design "safe" drill for bands this Fall, I'm torn between using a minimum of 3 step intervals (5.6 feet) or 4 step intervals (7.5 feet) in the winds. What are other bands doing, especially larger bands (100+ winds), where a minimum 4 step interval presents some challenges?
  26. Show Titles and Music Fall 20 Season

    I sure missed the thread on Covid and what contest were being cancelled. I wish I had seen it before I started this thread. I am still curious as to what each high school was going to do this year.
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