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  2. 2024 Schedule

    Victor J. Andrew: September 21 Edwardsville: September 21 DeKalb's website is saying their competition as well as NIU's are September 28th.
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  4. 2024 Schedule

    ISU indeed confirmed for October 19th. Registration opens March 1st.
  5. 2024 Schedule

    Prospect: September 28th
  6. End of Season Ranking

    I have finished my ranking of all Illinois bands based strictly on score only. In this file, there is a new ranking for ever week, using the band's latest score (yellow = won their class, blue = won grand champion, red = did not compete/using last week's score). For ISMBC projection: yellow = win class, blue = grand champ, orange = finalist Additionally, I added a ranking using each bands' best score at any BOA event and another ranking adding ISMBC. In the perc tab, I do the same thing for percussion awards along with a list of all undefeated drumlines and grand champs. I always highlight for winning the class even if the band lost to an out of state band (this list is for Illinois). I know there are mistakes in here. This isn't each to do for 200 bands. REMINDER: this is purely score-based and just for fun. By no means do I intend to put anyone down. I enjoyed making this and plan on doing so again next year (might add CG as well). Top 10 by Latest Score: O'Fallon 90.075 Morton 86.300 Washington 84.900 Mahomet-Seymour 84.500 Prospect 84.500 Mascoutah 83.300 Marian Catholic 83.000 VJA 82.525 Plainfield North 82.075 Granite City 81.650 Top 10 Using Best BOA Score O'Fallon 90.075 Morton 86.300 Marian Catholic 83.000 Lockport 82.250 VJA 81.250 Lincoln-Way 80.900 Edwardsville 77.450 Huntley 77.200 Lake Park 76.550 Galesburg 75.000 Top 10 Using Best BOA/ISMBC Score O'Fallon 90.075 Morton 86.650 Prospect 84.500 Normal 83.075 Marian Catholic 83.000 VJA 82.525 Lockport 82.250 Plainfield North 82.075 Lincoln-Way 80.900 John Hersey 80.600 Top 10 Drum Scores Morton 93.00 Sandwich 93.00 Lockport 91.00 Oswego 91.00 Romeoville 91.00 Effingham 90.00 Quincy 89.50 Lincoln-Way 89.00 VJA 88.00 Paris 87.00 Special Shoutout to the 5 drumlines that went undefeated as grand champions: Lincoln-Way Morton O'Fallon Plainfield North Quincy Illinois High School Bands 2023.xlsx
  7. Favorite IL band google form!

    So, as we all know the 2023 season came to a close and I wanna see people’s opinions on there favorite show this year! I will put together the most voted bands in each question and share the responses! NOTE!!!: This is just for FUN! Please don’t take this as putting down other bands or making them feel “bad” or not good!! Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewYku1mfpZOTxrgIDVC6LmDqUwrFe3MfhtgCEBPT9rBrzXjQ/viewform?usp=pp_url
  8. BOA Grand Nationals

    Congrats to Morton! Great finish! Kiski Area is a good program and to be competing directly with them for a title (and doing well) is amazing. Marian was SCREWED by their prelims placement. .5 points and they would have received the better time slot and likely the scores would have followed suit. I have zero faith in BOA judging to be able to not punish certain programs that perform at different times of the day.... ..... Marian was .4 or so from 22nd.. but not making that cutoff was critical in making sure they (and any other band in the same position) could not compete for a class title. It was over before it started, evidenced by their plunge. If the early block did not solely feature NEXT 8 competitors, guarantee they would have been in the mid 80s. For finalists, the Top 6/Bottom 6 approach meant that this was two competitions... and it was super evident in the scoring cutoff. Sad, sad, sad. Sad commentary on the BOA model.
  9. BOA Grand Nationals

    Scores: Prelims Morton: 86.30 (17th) Marian Catholic: 83.00 (26th) Collinsville: 74.65 (46th) Tri-Valley: 55.10 (90th) Semifinals Morton: 86.00 (18th) Marian Catholic: 78.70 (30th) https://marching.musicforall.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2023/11/2023-BOA-Grand-Nationals-Prelims-Recap.pdf https://marching.musicforall.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2023/11/2023-BOA-Semifinals-Recap.pdf https://marching.musicforall.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2023/11/2023-BOA-Finals-Recap.pdf
  10. 2024 Schedule

    They (ISU) mentioned October 19th as the tentative date.
  11. BOA Grand Nationals

    Semifinals results: Class A: 1) Bourbon County, KY 2) Marian Catholic, IL 3) Estill County, KY Music: Bourbon County, KY Visual: Bourbon County, KY GE: Bourbon County, KY Class AA: 1) Kiski Area, PA 2) Morton, IL 3) Lake Hamilton, AR Music: Kiski Area, PA Visual: Kiski Area, PA GE: Kiski Area, PA Class AAA: 1) Blue Springs, MO 2) Homestead, IN 3) Walled Lake, MI Music: Blue Springs, MO Visual: Blue Springs, MO GE: Blue Springs, MO Class AAAA: 1) Carmel, IN 2) Avon, IN 3) The Woodlands, TX Music: Hebron, TX Visual: Avon, IN GE: Carmel, IN Finalists: Fishers, IN Hebron, TX Blue Springs, MO Avon, IN Round Rock, TX The Woodlands, TX Brownsburg, IN Pearland, TX William Mason, OH Bentonville, AR Keller, TX Carmel, IN
  12. BOA Grand Nationals

    It is time for Prospect to return to Grand Nationals after 23 years. :) I'd love to see Hersey dip their toes in as well. Take the regional out of Whitewater, move it to NIU, and I think it would draw a good array of bands from the surrounding states.
  13. 2024 Schedule

    According to their schedule, they're also away October 19th.
  14. 2024 Schedule

    This is an off day for ISU Football so I believe ISMBC ‘24 will be Oct 26. (Just my opinion)
  15. 2024 Schedule

    Confirmed dates for 2024: September 7: September 14: September 21: VJA September 28: DeKalb NIU Prospect October 5: October 12: Metamora October 19: Illinois State Marching Band Championships (ISU) October 26: Illinois Marching Band Championships (U of I) November 2: November 14-16: Grand Nationals Notes: October 19-26 are open for Illinois State. ISU likely to be one of these two. None of the other state schools have much of a schedule set yet for 2024. Indiana semi-state set for October 26, State Finals set for November 9. It was originally set for November 2, but Taylor Swift came in and swooped that weekend out at LOS. St. Louis/Indianapolis Super Regionals likely to be 10/19 and 10/26. No rumblings yet if there will be another "midwestern" regional.
  16. BOA Grand Nationals

    Congrats to Marian and Morton for making semi's. Looks like Marian will kick things off at 7:15, they drew #4. Guess i better not refill my wine glass if i have to get up that early.
  17. BOA Grand Nationals

    Grand Nationals Semifinalists: Round Rock, TX Bentonville, AR Carmel, IN Carroll, IN Morton Nation Ford, SC Bartlett, TN Lawrence Township, IN Beechwood, KY Lake Hamilton, AR Hebron, TX The Woodlands, TX James Bowie, TX William Mason, OH Claudia Taylor Johnson, TX Dripping Springs, TX Fishers, IN Dartmouth, MA Homestead, IN Arlington, TN Walled Lake, MI Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, MI Avon, IN Estill County, KY Kiski Area, PA Miamisburg, OH Centerville, OH Pearland, TX Keller, TX Blue Springs, MO Marian Catholic Bourbon County, KY Brownsburg, IN
  18. BOA Grand Nationals

    I knew they had a magnet program for music, but I guess I didn't think about how densely populated that area is. Yeah...that's definitely a loophole in the enrollment thing.
  19. BOA Grand Nationals

    Tarpon Springs pulls performers from 41 different schools. CRAZY what that can do
  20. BOA Grand Nationals

    My guesses are Edwardsville Granite City There have been some rumors going around that Romeoville will not attend ISMBC 2024 and instead BOA Indianapolis Super Regional 2024. Who knows maybe even Grand Nat’s…?
  21. 2023 Schedule

    What a fantastic season! I wanted to come out here to express some of my thoughts this season. There were so many amazing programs that displayed their talents and abilities from across the state. - Space was the top theme this year! ( Was that discussed in a mega band directors group chat LOL. Does anyone have a sneak peak at the 2024 "it" theme...) - Programs making their competitive debut and bands returning to competitive status! ( Hope to see more in the future start competing *cough* programs up North *cough* ) - Thank you to Dan and company for providing us this website to share all the love of band and music education. ( Remember to be nice to one another! We all love band! ) Hope everyone uses the down time to relax, enjoy the holidays, and practice their instruments . See y'all in a few months! Anyone have a 2024 preview? JK.... I mean ;)
  22. BOA Grand Nationals

    Best of luck to the five bands representing the state of IL! - Collinsville HS - Morton HS - Marian Catholic - Tri-Valley HS - Taft HS All five schools display different strengths and styles of the marching arts. Cheers to a great 2023 season! Fingers crossed for more IL bands taking the trip to Grand Nationals. (Word on the streets two SW suburban bands are planning their first Grand Nats trip in the near future... let the guessing games begin )
  23. BOA Grand Nationals

    in my opinion Tarpon shouldn't even count as 2A They don't draw from the same size of talent pool or funding that other 2A programs do.
  24. BOA Grand Nationals

    Tarpon Springs would win the eagle if they attended this year, Morton needs to come away as class champion this year
  25. BOA Grand Nationals

    I didn't realized Tarpon Springs wasn't attending this year. I would love to see this outcome.
  26. BOA Grand Nationals

    Panel 1 1. Blue Springs 2. William Mason 3. Pearland 4. Keller 5. Bentonville 6. Round Rock 7. Dripping Springs 8. James Bowie 9. Morton 10. T.L. Hanna 11. Walled Lake Panel 2 1. Hebron 2. Carmel 3. Avon 4. The Woodlands 5. Brownsburg 6. Fishers 7. Claudia Taylor Johnson 8. Carroll 9. Homestead 10. Rockford 11. Center Grove Next 8 Bartlett, TN Centerville, OH Dartmouth, MA Kiski Area, PA Lake Hamilton, AR Miamisburg, OH Nation Ford, SC Plymouth-Canton E.P., MI Finals 1. Hebron, TX 2. Avon, IN 3. Carmel, IN 4. The Woodlands, TX 5. Blue Springs, MO 6. William Mason, OH 7. Pearland, TX 8. Brownsburg, IN 9. Round Rock, TX 10. Keller, TX 11. Bentonville, AR 12. Claudia Taylor Johnson, TX Music: Carmel, IN Visual: Avon, IN GE: Hebron, TX Class Predictions 1A: Marian Catholic, IL (2. Bourbon County, KY / 3. Archbishop Alter, OH) 2A: Morton, IL (2. Kiski Area, PA / 3. Dartmouth, MA) 3A: Blue Springs, MO (2. Homestead, IN / 3. Rockford, MI) 4A: Hebron, TX (2. Avon, IN / 3. Carmel, IN)
  27. BOA Grand Nationals

    How do you think this weekend is going to play itself out here??
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