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  2. Community + West = awesome

    This is good news. I'm intrigued to see this. 6A at ISU and 4A at BOA events. It'll open up a new finalist spot at ISU as well for 1A-4A, and make 5A-6A just that more difficult.
  3. Community + West = awesome

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  5. Hello! My name is Todd Schultz and I am in my first year at De La Salle Institute in Chicago. It is a Catholic school in Chicago's Bronzeville area. I am working on my goals for the program, which include bringing back a color guard program, and developing a competitive marching program. Down the road, I am looking to start a fall competitive program, a WGI Winds program, a fall color guard, and winter guard, and a winter drumline. At this point, the band has not competed on the field for many years. I am looking to assemble a staff for next year that includes a percussion instructor, a color guard instructor, and 2 field/music instructors. If you are an individual that is looking to work with a great group of students, and building a program from the ground up, please reach out to me at schultzt@dls.org. Thanks! Todd
  6. Band Directors - The judging panel has been confirmed for the 13th Annual Morton Marching Invitational on Saturday September 15, 2018. Enroll now at: https://goo.gl/forms/oY3RM7y766UjeS2w1 A top-tier judging panel from DCI, BOA, and top high school and college programs makes this competition an excellent early season event for your band. A new stadium and turf field was completed in 2015. The facilities are amazing - we hope you will join us! Confirmed judges include: Andy Cook - 2017 National Champion Carmel High School, IN Kyle Young - 2017 National Champion Carmel High School, IN Scott Seal - The Cavaliers Mike Bolla - Center Grove High School, IN Jeff Fiedler - Santa Clara Vanguard Pete Weber - Visual Designer - Santa Clara Vanguard Kevin Lepper - Vandercook College of Music David Morrison - Prospect HS (retired) Ryan Miller - RLM Productions, Legends
  7. BOA Grand Nats

    Interested in which group didn't belong in your humble opinion?
  8. BOA Grand Nats

    Watching that final, it was pretty apparent there was a band that didn't belong in that group. The fact that Homestead was outside looking in was wrong. That said, easily the best semi-finals I've ever seen, and O'Fallon was outstanding. I hope they continue to improve, cause they would have been just as exciting to watch in that finals as others, if not more than at least one group.
  9. BOA Grand Nats

    Semi Results 12th - Roundrock - 89.8 13th - Homestead - 89.5 14th - O'Fallon - 89.05 15th - Owasso - 88.05
  10. BOA Grand Nats

    Congrats to Marian Catholic on another wonderful year.
  11. BOA Grand Nats

    1. 97.500 Carmel H.S., IN2. 96.925 Broken Arrow H.S., OK3. 96.475 Avon H.S., IN4. 95.700 Marcus H.S., TX5. 95.625 Flower Mound H.S., TX6. 92.725 Dobyns Bennett H.S., TN7. 91.825 The Woodlands H.S., TX8. 91.200 Castle H.S., IN9. 91.175 Blue Springs H.S., MO10. 91.025 Union H.S., OK11. 89.800 Marian Catholic H.S., IL12. 89.625 Round Rock H.S., TXMusic: Broken Arrow H.S., OK and Carmel H.S., IN (tie)Visual: Carmel H.S., INGeneral Effect: Carmel H.S., INEspirit de Corps: Miliani H.S., HITournament of Roses Invitation: Flower Mound H.S., TX
  12. BOA Grand Nats

    Good luck to Marian and congrats to O'Fallon on a great year.
  13. BOA Grand Nats

    Finals Schedule 7:45 p.m. - Class Champion Exhibition: Adair County H.S., KY 8:00 p.m. - Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN 8:15 p.m. - Marian Catholic H.S., IL 8:30 p.m. - Union H.S., OK 8:45 p.m. - Round Rock H.S., TX 9:00 p.m. - Blue Springs H.S., MO 9:15 p.m. - Castle H.S., IN 9:30 p.m. - The Woodlands H.S., TX 9:45 p.m. - Carmel H.S., IN 10:00 p.m. - Broken Arrow H.S., OK 10:15 p.m. - Flower Mound H.S., TX 10:30 p.m. - Marcus H.S., TX 10:45 p.m. - Avon H.S., IN Prelims Results Class A 1st - Adair County H.S., KY 2nd - Norton H.S., OH 3rd - Beechwood H.S., KY Outstanding Music Performance - Adair County H.S., KY Outstanding Visual Performance - Norton H.S., OH & Adair County H.S., KY Outstanding General Effect - Adair County H.S., KY Class AA 1st - Marian Catholic H.S., IL 2nd - North Hardin H.S., KY 3rd - Bassett H.S., VA Outstanding Music Performance - Marian Catholic H.S., IL Outstanding Visual Performance - Marian Catholic H.S., IL Outstanding General Effect - Marian Catholic H.S., IL Class AAA 1st - Castle H.S., IN 2nd - Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN 3rd - Fort Mill H.S., SC Outstanding Music Performance - Castle H.S., IN Outstanding Visual Performance - Castle H.S., IN Outstanding General Effect - Castle H.S., IN Class AAAA 1st - Carmel H.S., IN 2nd - Broken Arrow H.S., OK 3rd - Avon H.S., IN Outstanding Music Performance - Broken Arrow H.S., OK Outstanding Visual Performance - Carmel H.S., IN Outstanding General Effect - Carmel H.S., IN
  14. BOA Grand Nats

    6:30 AM – Adair County H.S., KY 6:45 AM – Jenison H.S., MI 7:00 AM – DeSoto Central H.S., MS 7:15 AM – Central Hardin H.S., KY 7:30 AM – Norton H.S., OH 7:45 AM – Beechwood H.S., KY 8:00 AM – Archbishop Alter H.S., OH 8:15 AM – Franklin H.S., TN 8:30 AM – Prosper H.S., TX 8:45 AM – James F. Byrnes H.S., SC 9:00 AM – Bassett H.S., VA 9:15 AM – Union H.S., OK BREAK 10:00 AM – Broken Arrow H.S., OK 10:15 AM – Marian Catholic H.S., IL 10:30 AM – The Woodlands H.S., TX 10:45 AM – Owasso H.S., OK 11:00 AM – Round Rock H.S., TX 11:15 AM – Marcus H.S., TX 11:30 AM – Avon H.S., IN 11:45 AM – Castle H.S., IN 12:00 PM – O'Fallon Township H.S., IL 12:15 PM – Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, MI 12:30 PM – Blue Springs H.S., MO 12:45 PM – Center Grove H.S., IN BREAK 1:30 PM – Carmel H.S., IN 1:45 PM – Centerville H.S., OH 2:00 PM – Flower Mound H.S., TX 2:15 PM – North Hardin H.S., KY 2:30 PM – Homestead H.S., IN 2:45 PM – Walton H.S., GA 3:00 PM – Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN 3:15 PM – Winston Churchill H.S., TX 3:30 PM – Lawrence Township, IN 3:45 PM – William Mason H.S., OH 4:00 PM – Fort Mill H.S., SC 4:15 PM – Fishers H.S., IN 4:30 PM – Mililani H.S., HI 4:45 PM – Exhibition: Miami University
  15. BOA Grand Nats

    Go O'Fallon
  16. BOA Grand Nats

    Marian Catholic plays at 10:15 tomorrow. O'Fallon Township plays at 12:00. Good luck to both bands. Hopefully both can make it to finals.
  17. BOA Grand Nats

    Claudia Taylor Johnson , Hebron and Vandergrift HS"S came in ahead of Avon IN at the San Antonio Regional this weekend. That kind of suprised me, Flower Mound was further down in the scores
  18. BOA Grand Nats

    Those are Indiana times.
  19. BOA Grand Nats

    4 Illinois bands will make the trip to Indy this year: O'Fallon will play at 5:15pm on Thursday. On Friday Lake Part will play at 12:30 pm, Marian Catholic at 2:45pm, and Metamora Township at 7:00pm. O'Fallon and Marian Catholic should easily make Semifinals. O'Fallon plays during a very strong Thursday group which includes Broken Arrow, Carmel, Avon, Castle, Marcus Texas and others. Just making the top 11 that day will be a feat. I think O'Fallon pulls it off and finishes 7th on Thursday. Friday is an easier day and Marian Catholic should have no problems and finish in the top 4. I will give you my 4,5,6 (4 fighting for eagle, 5 easily in finals and 6 fighting for last 3 spots.) 4 - Carmel, Avon, Broken Arrow and Flower Mound. 5 - Marian Catholic, Blue Springs, The Woodlands, Castle, Marcus. 6 - O'Fallon, Union, Homestead, William Mason, Round Rock H.S., TX and Dobyns-Bennett H.S.
  20. Results 10-28

    Recaps for Belleville East are attached. BEMI_Recap_2017_Finals.pdf BEMI_Recap_2017_Prelims.pdf
  21. Results 10-28

    Finals Scores from Belleville East All captions: Edwardsville 9th Mater Dei 65.20 8th Mascoutah 68.90 7th Highland 70.725 6th Waterloo 74.15 5th Alton 74.725 4th Murphysboro 75.675 3rd Collinsville 76.075 2nd Limestone Community 79.325 1st Edwardsville 84.85
  22. Results 10-28

    Belleville East Scores Anyone?
  23. Results 10-28

    Oblong Results are in from Oblong! Newton High1st in color guard, 1st in percussion, 2nd in drum major, 1st in class 4a, and Grand Champions!!
  24. Results 10-28

    Results from 10-28
  25. Results for October 21st, 2017

    BOA Indianapolis: A: 75.450 Lewis Cass, IN (Music, Visual, GE) 71.400 Edgewood, IN 66.350 Paoli, IN 66.350 Springs Valley, IN 66.225 Forest Park, IN 65.875 Concordia Lutheran, IN 64.100 Norwell, IN 56.450 Orleans, IN 55.650 Clinton-Massie, OH 51.700 Tri-Valley AA: 85.325 Marian Catholic(Music, Visual, GE ) 81.300 Greenwood Community, IN 75.550 Beech Grove, IN 74.250 Limestone Community 72.450 F.J. Reitz, IN 72.075 NorthWood, IN 71.800 Choctaw, OK 71.050 Munster, IN 69.775 Campbell County, KY 69.775 Mahomet-Seymour 69.075 Pendleton Heights, IN 66.900 Rock Island 64.200 Leo, IN 62.850 Elkhart Central, IN 62.100 Loveland, OH 60.550 Harrison, IN 58.600 East Central, IN 55.000 Owen Valley, IN 53.650 Conner, KY AAA: 86.900 Castle, IN (Music, Visual, GE) 84.425 Rosemount, MN 81.400 Blue Springs South, MO 81.050 Columbus North, IN 79.875 Kettering Fairmont, OH 75.600 Floyd Central, IN 73.950 Western, IN 73.725 Decatur Central, IN 73.550 Plainfield, IN 72.875 Pickerington North, OH 72.375 Victor J. Andrew 71.250 Ravenwood, TN 71.175 Central Crossing, OH 69.450 Roosevelt, SD 69.025 Normal West 65.575 George Rogers Clark, KY 65.000 Jeffersonville, IN 64.925 Northmont, OH 60.225 Terre Haute South Vigo, IN 55.500 Terre Haute North Vigo, IN AAAA: 89.650 Avon, IN (Music, GE) 89.550 Carmel, IN (Visual) 86.550 Homestead, IN 85.300 Union, OK 84.950 Centerville, OH 83.650 Lawrence Township, IN 83.600 Center Grove, IN 83.250 Fishers, IN 82.350 Lincoln-Way 81.650 Lakota East, OH 81.275 Lockport Township 79.300 Ben Davis, IN 78.900 Eden Prairie, MN 78.750 Penn, IN 78.600 Brownsburg, IN 77.800 Franklin Central, IN 73.200 Hamilton Southeastern, IN 66.400 Naperville Central 61.400 Huntley Finals: 90.800 Carmel, IN (Visual, GE) 90.550 Avon, IN (Music) 88.375 Castle, IN 87.025 Union, OK 86.250 Homestead, IN 85.950 Marian Catholic 84.850 Centerville, OH 83.425 Center Grove, IN 82.000 Rosemount, MN 81.400 Lakota East, OH 81.050 Lawrence Township, IN 80.700 Fishers, IN 79.975 Blue Springs South, MO 78.950 Lincoln-Way 2017_INDY_Finals_Recap.pdf 2017_INDY_Prelims_Recap.pdf
  26. Results for October 21st, 2017

    BOA St. Louis Prelims: A: 70.500 Collinsville, OK (Music, Visual, GE) 62.900 Hollister, MO 58.950 Monticello 56.450 Potosi, MO 54.550 Herscher 43.175 Laquey, MO AA: 83.350 Grain Valley, MO (Music, Visual, GE) 77.500 Morton 77.275 Camdenton, MO 77.100 Rockwood Summit, MO 76.950 Blue Valley West, KS 75.850 Ft. Zumwalt North, MO 72.325 Marshall, MN 71.000 Bloomington 69.275 Paragould, AR 67.450 Oakville, MO 64.175 Willard, MO 64.150 East Peoria 63.100 Pine Creek, CO 62.550 Ft. Zumwalt East, MO 61.450 Bartlesville, OK 60.950 Marshall County, KY 60.475 Horn Lake, MS 57.150 Washington, MO 56.650 Wentzville Liberty, MO 56.300 Neosho, MO 54.025 Danville 53.700 Parkway Central, MO 45.650 McCluer North, MO AAA: 81.175 Bixby, OK (Music, Visual) 79.550 Lincoln, SD 78.150 Prospect(GE) 76.850 Kickapoo, MO 73.725 DeSoto Central, MS 72.600 Irondale, MN 71.425 Liberty, CO 71.300 Anderson, TX 71.075 Nixa, MO 69.350 Lindbergh, MO 67.650 Francis Howell Central, MO 65.325 David H. Hickman, MO 65.300 Francis Howell, MO 65.125 Ozark, MO 64.575 Normal Community 63.300 Timberland, MO 63.300 Parkway South, MO 62.150 Collinsville 61.750 Wentzville Holt, MO 61.350 Batavia 58.600 Alton 58.300 Park Hill South, MO AAAA: 89.900 Broken Arrow, OK (Music, Visual, GE) 87.600 Blue Springs, MO 86.200 O'Fallon Township 85.475 Westwood, TX 83.775 Owasso, OK 82.575 Jenks, OK 81.625 Bentonville, AR 76.850 Cypress Falls, TX 74.400 Belleville East 74.100 Mustang, OK 72.025 Lake Park 68.100 Naperville North 67.125 Jefferson City, MO 63.500 Plainfield North Finals: 88.800 Broken Arrow, OK (Music, Visual, GE) 87.550 Blue Springs, MO 87.100 O'Fallon Township 85.400 Owasso, OK 83.750 Grain Valley, MO 83.750 Westwood, TX 81.800 Jenks, OK 79.600 Bixby, OK 78.750 Prospect 78.650 Morton 78.450 Bentonville, AR 77.900 Rockwood Summit, MO 76.400 Lincoln, SD 75.750 Camdenton, MO In accordance with the Bands of America adjudication system, tie scores for placements in competition are resolved by awarding the higher placement to the band with the higher score before any penalty was assessed. 2017STLFinalsRecap.pdf 2017STLPrelimsRecap.pdf
  27. Results for October 21st, 2017

    U of I: 4A: 85.050 Normal West (Music, Visual, GE) 76.300 Grayslake North 74.150 Champaign Central 72.500 Triad 69.700 Lakes Community 68.500 Kaneland 63.650 Galesburg 61.100 Champaign Centennial 59.150 Antioch 5A: 85.900 Granite City (Visual, GE) 81.300 Plainfield North(Music) 80.450 Romeoville 74.950 Collinsville 74.800 A.A. Stagg 73.600 Alan B. Shepard 72.900 Wheaton North 72.600 Elk Grove 71.650 Plainfield East 6A: 79.350 Downers Grove South(Visual) 77.400 Waubonsie Valley (GE) 76.150 Minooka Community 75.750 Neuqua Valley (Music) 72.500 Carl Sandburg 65.450 Oak Park/River Forest 55.050 Waukegan IMBC 2017 4A6A Recap.pdf
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