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  2. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    Here are my thoughts!! Its going to be a fun one! FINALS 1. Avon H.S., IN2. Carmel H.S., IN3. Blue Springs H.S., MO4. Homestead H.S., IN5. Castle H.S., IN6. Centerville H.S., OH7. Center Grove H.S., IN8. Lincoln-Way H.S., IL 9. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL10. Fishers H.S., IN11. Marian Catholic H.S., IL12. Lockport Township H.S., IL13. North Hardin H.S., KY14. Prospect H.S., IL
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  4. ISU Results

    This has been done across the country with numerous school districts. Lockport has been a district band prior to Lincoln-Way combining forces. The true reason that L-W combined is that when the one school was closed, the district was shifted and the LWE & LWC bands were split up, thus losing their band family. Combining forces helped the kids stay together and brought the community together as one. It has been a fantastic experience that has been shared by the entire district. Also, as stated previously, two more bands were able to be in finals because of it. FYI L-W is only in their 4th year and placed 4th overall last year at the St. Louis Super Regional. I say that is pretty good since it was only their 3rd year. They have also been the 2019 Tournament of Roses Parade and are marching in the 2020 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
  5. ISU Results

    Actually you'd be wrong on the point that IHSA wouldn't let them compete. I believe back in the day Joliet West and Joliet Central combined and competed in many sports under the Joliet Township banner.
  6. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    This is tough. Before last weekend I had 18 bands for 14 slots. After this past weekend, I have not eliminated any.
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  8. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    It was tough to pick who might be in.
  9. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    I’ll post my predictions later this week. Before this past weekend, I thought four bands from Illinois in Finals was a stretch. After ISU, I now feel it is possible.
  10. ISU Results

    IHSA indeed allows schools to combine in ALL sports. There are currently 48 co-op football teams officially approved by IHSA to compete against other schools. These teams can be comprised of students from other schools inside or outside of the school district of the host school. There is a process to officially be approved by IHSA and there are rules and guidelines set forth by IHSA to be approved. But it happens, and frankly, I would go as far as saying its fairly common in all IHSA sanctioned sports (of which marching band is not one of them). Below is the link to the listing of all co-op teams officially approved by the IHSA: https://www.ihsa.org/Schools/SchoolDirectory/CooperativeTeams.aspx I think this whole "combined marching band" issue, of which Lincoln-Way is not the first IL band to do it (and wont be the last re: Normal and probably more to come) speaks to the larger issue in our state. There is no governing body for marching bands. If you look at the states that have the highest achieving bands and a larger population of bands competing on a national stage (Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida) there is a governing body that runs a state wide circuit, essentially a "state championship". There are rules and guidelines that bands have to follow to be allowed to compete in the circuit, and combined bands would have to follow those guidelines to be able to compete. It would honestly solve this issue. If LW or any other combined band wanted to participate they would have to play by the rules set out by the governing body. Just like the co-op programs in the IHSA do.
  11. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    Here are my picks for INDY (man. this show is STACKED!) . Random order: Panel 1 Avon Carmel Homestead Centerville Lawrence Panel 2 Blue Springs O'fallon Fishers Castle Lincoln-Way Final 4 in: Lockport Center Grove North Hardin Marian Catholic By my count I see at least another 4 or 5 bands going to INDY next weekend that would normally expect to or at the least hope to make finals.
  12. ISU Results

    I think this is a great point. I think having a state system would absolutely go a long way in helping to solve the judging issues in IL. We need a system that clearly articulates the sheets and what exactly a judge should be looking for. Providing training would be a huge step especially in numbers management. We saw this past weekend how hard it is to manage numbers in 5a/6a prelims at ISU and that is from a panel of judges who regularly judges at the BOA level.

    I like Downers Grove South a lot. I think they have a solid chance of taking the governors trophy. I feel like they were a victim of the really bad performance slot and a panel that did not manage numbers very well in prelims this past weekend at ISU.

    Updated schedule. If you find the warm up and performance schedule on the IMBC website it is correct. The other schedule posted on the page is incorrect. Richmond Burton is moved to 3A Pontiac moved to 2A Mater Del moved to 1A

    CLASS 2A COMPETITION Illinois Valley Central Effingham Prarie Central CLASS 3A COMPETITION Mahomet-Seymour Monticello Rochelle Township CLASS 1A COMPETITION Wateska Community Rushville-Industry Sullivan SMALL SCHOOLS CHAMPION: Mahomet-Seymour CLASS 5A COMPETITION Granite City Plainfield North Batavia CLASS 6A COMPETITION Downers Grove South Normal Minooka Community CLASS 4A COMPETITION Galesburg Bloomington Washington Community LARGE SCHOOL CHAMPION: I am conflicted here. For the first time in a long time ALL of these first place bands have a good chance to win grand champion. My gut says Granite City, but then you see Downers Grove South and Galesburg in the other top spots who can certainly upset Granite City. Then you look beyond first place and see Plainfield North who can upset Granite City and win Grand Champion and also Normal and Bloomington in the second spots who could win first and take Grand Champion. If I had to rank them out it would look something like this; Granite City Plainfield North Downers Grove South Galesburg Bloomington Normal These 6 bands will probably (pending nice weather and good performances) dominate the large school championship. ANY of these 6 could win the Governors Trophy in my opinion.
  16. My picks for finals in random order, kind of guessing and kind of not Castle IN Penn IN Blue Springs MO Avon IN Carmel IN O'Fallon IL Homestead IN Marian IL Fishers?? IN Grain Valley MO North Hardin KY Lincoln Way IL Blue Springs South MO 14th spot ?? I think Blue Springs or Avon will win It would be great if Lafayette or Madison Central KY would compete more in BOA events. Lafayette participated in the TN Regional and won Paul Lawrence Dunbar KY is rebuilding, I think there were some changes in their music program
  17. ISU Results

    At this point, most people are using something that at least resembles the BOA system and sheets- which was not true all that long ago. The most common variation is those that only hire one Mus GE judge (perfectly appropriate way to save $$ for hosts of smaller shows IMHO). The big issue I see is that we need more high quality, trained judges in Illinois. There are definitely some excellent judges in the state, but we need more. There are a lot of judges that lack high-level experience in the activity and/or don't understand modern marching band adjudication (i.e. number management). I don't mind not having an official state system most of the time, but having one would help ensure consistent judge training. I
  18. ISU Results

    Agree, at Metamora Newton was at 92,7 then at Effingham it was 80.05. That I thought was a wild swing. I think if we're going to have and want to have bands compete at BOA we need to use their rules and scoring system, Maybe use a some of their adjudicators to instruct others how to score. Then have at maybe a former or current BOA adjudicator be the head judge at each competition.
  19. Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational

    1A: 53.80 Heritage (Music) 52.95 Bement (Aux, GE, Visual) 49.05 Oblong 46.25 Okaw Valley (Perc 2A: 59.65 Sangamon Valley (Aux, GE, Music, Visual) 59.10 Casey-Westfield 54.95 Arcola 54.15 Blue Ridge 53.70 LeRoy (Perc) 3A: 65.50 Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond (GE, Music) 65.40 Watseka (Perc, Visual) 60.00 Maroa-Forsyth (Aux) 55.20 Lawrenceville 4A: 80.05 Newton (Aux, Perc, GE, Music, Visual) 74.10 Robinson 72.90 Salem 67.05 Carterville 64.70 Pinckneyville 5A: 81.30 Lincoln (Aux, GE, Music, Visual) 77.80 Centralia (Perc) 77.30 Waterloo 74.20 Taylorville 72.00 Charleston 6A: 88.60 Washington (Perc, Aux, GE, Music) 84.00 Belleville West (Visual) 81.90 Urbana 79.45 Champaign Centennial 66.85 MacArthur 1A-3A GC - ALAH 4A-6A GC - Washington 2019 Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational Recap.pdf
  20. ISU Results

    Nice show. Just me, the props cause viewers to focus on the props, and not on the band. During Finals, I ignored the props and only watched the band. I believe their overall placement in Finals was correct.
  21. ISU Results

    I think what we need is a central scoring system. In Illinois, every competition scores differently, so I think in order to see how we stack up against each other, we should have a scoring system that would be the same throughout Illinois and maybe even connect the scoring system with other states as well
  22. ISU Results

    Thoughts on Plainfield Norths show?
  23. ISU Results

    Yeah I’m only referring to the adults. I’m totally fine if they want to combine to create bands & ensembles. But competition must be on an even playing field- and as long as there are competitions with multiple performance opportunities on the table for several groups - they should represent their schools in the same way that their basketball and football teams do. Imagine if a district attempted to combine 3 schools into one football team? IHSA would not allow them to compete. Why is band so different? The adults in this matter may face limited choices based on the budget + admin.. but that also needs to be addressed internally and by other BOA-related organizations. LW at a parade? Great. LW as three schools vs one school of any kind? Wrong.
  24. ISU Results

    To be honest though, that’s one of the things out of student control. If they love marching band they won’t quit because of a consolation they didn’t get to make the final decision on. They did great and they deserved the win. And by they I mean the students did great and the students deserved the win.
  25. ISU Results

    That isn’t my problem if they can’t afford it. It isn’t ethical no matter what. That is different than against the rules. More importantly, it’s against the spirit of how most others compete. They don’t combine. And the bands you mentioned who have the ‘resources’.. what planet are you living on? Lake Park is all-volunteer. Marian is well known as not having the same resources but making it work. Not sure about Prospect. LW district mishandled and mismanaged funds — not anyone else’s fault. Combining multiple schools to compete as one band is wrong. It dilutes the achievement in my book. I believe they deserved to win ISU but am generally dismissive of their approach to forming a competing band - not a band in general.
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  27. ISU Results

    Very much so, there was a time when Illinois used to be the premier spot for High School Marching Bands. Then we went through some ups and downs. I think we're on the upswing now. I've always wondered if we need some kind of system like they have in other states that looks something like a playoff system, as in KY, IN & TX and a few others
  28. ISU Results

    Agreed. But on a broader perspective, the overall quality of Illinois Marching Band programs has been improving over the past several years. There was a noticeable overall step improvement this year.
  29. ISU Results

    Every one of these finalist band Fromm Lincoln-Way through IVC represents Illinois Marching Band with the utmost talent and professionalism. All 14 finalist are elite and exception in many of the same but also in different ways. Congratulations to the top three of course but also the bottom three and everyone in between on an excellent performance in Finals!
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