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  3. Battery/Front Ensemble arranger available for Fall 2019 Over 20 years of writing experience (middle school, high school, college, and DCI) References and samples available upon request Very affordable rates to fit your budget Quick turnaround, from start to finish, of customized books that fit your specific music vision Contact Ben at # 815-217-5648 or benmusic@hotmail.com for details
  4. 2019 Marching Season

    What I meant to say is that assuming Normal remains consolidated they will pull a Lincoln-Way situation where they grow to be a very successful and good band.
  5. 2019 Marching Season

    Not sure what you mean by this...
  6. 2019 Marching Season

    I agree with most of what you said, I will add though; I thinking Morton will continue their charge toward prosperity in their program and maybe even start if not overtake that of Marian Catholic. With the I also expect a growth in the program at Galesburg to take the place of Morton right now, both those schools could be fun to watch. Also yeah Lincoln-Way, O'Fallon Township, and Lockport will rule Illinois this coming year. Warren Township also a pretty good program with solid musicians. I expect to see Normal, assuming the stay consolidated, will pull in Lincoln-Way in the next one to two years and we will see them grow as a united program. United Township, Rock Island regions are always good programs as well as Dunlap and East Peoria I expect to see them maintain their musical talent. Then Grayslake North, Lakes Community (Lake County) will also likely thrive as they have consistently made finals or placed at competitions they went to. Washington Community will stay up there but again they faced threats from programs like Galesburg this year and they will again next year. I am excited to see who goes to both ISU and U of I this coming year given they are on different days, maybe we can get Prospect, O'Fallon, Victor J, Lockport, and Lincoln-way back to U of I and also see them again at ISU. Also interested to see the up and coming bands, the "bailouts" per say at top notch competitions like Lake Park, Downers Grove South, ISU, and even BOA. This will be a great season in that schools you'd never expect to see competing with Marian Catholic or O'Fallon Township will be giving them runs for their money all across the board. I think the most successful out of state band is probably Greendale, WI expect to see them back and killing it once again. With less than 5 months until the first programs start pulling finals strings and starting their seasonal training and such the anticipation is growing at an astounding rate. Good luck to all the programs this year for sure!
  7. 2019 Marching Season

    Lincoln-Way to dominate again with O'fallon. Can Marion Catholic make a comeback after a somewhat disappointing season?? For small bands, Newton had a break-out season last year, and Mahomet-Seymour did great as well. Also, Edwardsville, Lockport, and Warren Township look to have even better seasons next year.
  8. Enroll now! The 15th Annual Belleville East Marching Invitational is scheduled for Saturday October 26, 2019. We are returning to a prelims/ finals format this year and we will also be honoring every senior member of each band in a special retreat at the end of prelims! Save your spot now by visiting www.lancerbands.org/onlineregistration. Registration is officially open until the festival fills up! We hope that you will make us part of your season! For questions, please email me at mtessereau@msn.com and I will be happy to talk with you. Sincerely, Mark A. Tessereau Director of Bands, Belleville East High School
  9. The Normal Community and Normal West Bands proudly announce the Normal Marching Band Invitational at Illinois Wesleyan University Saturday, October 12, 2019 Click here to apply online! Competitive classes are determined by band size. The Invitational will be held on the artificial turf at Illinois Wesleyan University's historic Tucci Stadium. We hope to see you on October 12! Lisa Preston, Lance Meadows, and Ryan Budzinski Additional information to be posted at www.normalmb.org when the event approaches, or email budzinsr@unit5.org.
  10. Change in Morton

    This is beyond unfortunate. Unless the teacher's union can step in and moderate the situation, I fear you are correct.
  11. Change in Morton

    I will just post the most current article, but there is likely a director change for Morton.
  12. I have been going through Youtube to find what I can on there since BOA hasn't answered me yet on the bands that were in finals in MBA 75 through 85
  13. 1981 Summer MBA Newton 5th in finals
  14. There were a few years that MBA had a Summer contest and a Fall contest
  15. 79 was Newtons first year at MBA and received 16th place that year with their Crown Imperial show
  16. Monticello class A defending champs.
  17. They received 4th in Open class in 79 at Whitewater MBA Crystal Lake Heraldry Guard
  18. I've written BOA since they are the organization that was formed from Marching Bands of America to find out the finalist and winners from 1975 to the 80's when BOA was organized. Hopefully I'll have it soon as then I can post the Illinois bands from that era
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