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  2. Top Illinois Marching Band Finals Results/Overall Recap

    When is the remainder of the list going to be posted?
  3. ISU

    Was ISU accepting applications April 1st?
  4. ISU

    When does the confirmed ISU participants document usually come out?
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  6. Your Top Illinois Marching Bands for the Year 2019 are; 10. Romeoville High School Marching Band 9. Downers Grove South high School Marching Band 8. Plainfield North High School Marching Band 7. Victor J Andrew High School Marching Band 6. Morton High School Marching Band 5. Prospect High School Marching Band 4. Marian Catholic High School Marching Band And your top 3 Illinois Marching Bands... 3. Lockport Township High School Marching Band 2. O'Fallon Township High School Marching Band 1. Lincoln-Way High School Marching Band I am working on compiling all results and those will be posted soon. But congratulations to all of the voted Best Illinois Marching Bands!
  7. Lincoln-Way is not going to Grand Nationals.
  8. Fundraiser Idea

  9. Top Illinois Marching Band Semi-finals recap/Finalist bands

    Everything from Prelims/semifinals will be posted with finals recap.
  10. Top Illinois Marching Band Semi-finals recap/Finalist bands

    would you be able to post the full results? like the rankings for the bands not in top ten?
  11. The semi-finals round was even more successful than the prelim round with 21 voters. We now move on to our finals round. 10 bands have been voted to move on to the finals round. in a randomly selected order they are; Lockport Township Marching Band Marian Catholic Marching Band Prospect Marching Band Victor J Andrew Marching Band Lincoln Way Marching Band Morton Marching Band O' Fallon Township Marching Band Downers Grove South Marching Band Romeoville Marching Band Plainfield North Marching Band These 10 bands will move on to an 11-day finals voting round. The ballot will be posted here and also on the horn rank site. You will get to rant the bands from 1 being the best to 10 being the least of the group. When these results are released they will be in order of the top voted best marching bands in the state of Illinois. FINALS BALLOT: https://forms.gle/ttN9ZP9GVWJzFXD58
  12. SEMI-FINALS BALLOT; https://forms.gle/WLwfRTMBERZczeNx5 I am ending the prelim ballot a day early since I will be busy tomorrow and results have been stagnate for 3 days. So 20 people voted, and 28 bands will qualify for finals. Some bands have ties for 27th place, those bands will be mentioned below, but only one can go on. So all bands that tie at 27th will be placed into a randomizer for their whether they qualify or not. The 28th band by default will be Belleville East given that I missed them when sorting through preliminary qualifiers. The 28 bands that will qualify for semi-finals in a random order are... Romeville HS Limestone Community HS Rock Island HS Granite City HS Warren Township HS Naperville Central HS Bloomington HS Edwardsville HS Plainfield North HS O' Fallon Township HS Marian Catholic HS John Hersey HS Morton HS Prospect HS Lake Park HS Galesburg HS Minooka Community HS Lincoln-Way HS Victor J Andrew HS Providence Catholic HS Lockport Township HS Downers Grove South HS Normal HS Illinois Valley Central HS Washington Community HS Monticello HS Mahomet-Seymour HS Belleville East HS 10 bands will qualify for the finals ballot which will be released along with the results of semi-finals on March 18, 2020 SEMI-FINALS BALLOT; https://forms.gle/WLwfRTMBERZczeNx5
  13. BOA Indianapolis Super Regional

    Nice to see these eight bands competing. Fourteen Illinois bands participated in the Indianapolis Super Regional last year. Most schools do not have their 2020 schedule posted yet, but I'm sure the final count will be close to the 2019 numbers. Marian Catholic usually attends, and we don't know about O'Fallon or Lincoln-Way attending.
  14. BOA Indianapolis Super Regional

    Here are the Illinois participants, as of today, in the BOA Super Regional Championship in Indy. This is all according tho the Horn Rank sir forum. Galesburg H.S., IL Lake Park H.S., IL Lockport Township H.S., IL Mahomet-Seymour H.S., IL Morton H.S., IL Normal H.S., IL Plainfield North H.S., IL Romeoville H.S., IL It looks like 8 of some of our absolute best are representing us in Indy this fall. I am sure more IL bands will appear in the roles but if we were stuck with just these 8 groups I think all of them would fall I. The top 30 on the day. It just makes me 10 times more excited for this season.
  15. Top Illinois Marching Band Voting

    You’re correct they did. I just noticed. It’s human error and I may include them in semi-finals because I didn’t notice them here.
  16. Top Illinois Marching Band Voting

    I'm kinda surprised that Belleville East isn't on this list since they beat out Granity City and Collinsville at BOA St.Louis in 2019.
  17. Top Illinois Marching Band Voting

    PRELIMINARY BALLOT; https://forms.gle/zB12cVCysVCQSd5r9 First let's talk about the scoring system I will use. In order to be included in this poll, a band must have received a 65.00 or above at ISU, U of I, or BOA Super Regional, or have participated in finals (regardless of finals score) at either ISU or BOA in the year 2019. In Case of U of I a band must have earned a 65+ in Large school and a 70+ in small schools. A band could also qualify if they are in the top 5 in finals at Downers Grove South marching competition or top 5 in finals at the Lake Park Marching Competition. If a band is in the top 5 twice at either of those two competitions the next band in line does not qualify to be included in this poll. Up to 54 bands will be selected for preliminary voting 27 Bands will qualify for semi-final voting and just 10 bands will qualify for finals voting and the placement of those 10 bands in that voting session will be the placement of our voted top 10 bands in Illinois. Bands that Qualify (In no particular order) Illinois Valley Central HS Morton HS Dunlap HS Limestone Community HS Lemont HS Bloomington HS Galesburg HS Marian Catholic HS Alan B. Shepard HS Elk Grove HS Batavia HS Rock Island HS Romeoville HS John Hersey HS H.D. Jacobs HS Plainfield North HS Edwardsville HS Victor J Andrew HS Prospect HS Minooka Community HS Warren Township HS Joliet West HS Normal HS Lake Park HS Downers Grove South HS Lincoln-Way HS Lockport Township HS Champaign Central HS Plainfield East HS A.A Stagg HS DeKalb HS Granite City HS Fremd HS Carl Sandburg HS Neuqua Valley HS Waubonsie Valley HS O'Fallon Township HS Oswego HS Providence Catholic HS Collinsville HS Watseka Community Mater Dei HS Pontiac Township HS Prairie Central HS Effingham HS St. Jospeh-Ogden HS Newton HS Rochelle Township HS East Peoria HS Kaneland HS Mahomet Seymour HS Monticello HS Naperville Central HS Washington Community HS Preliminary Voting will be conducted it two rounds over 22 days and will conclude March 18th Round one (ALL 54 Bands)- 2/25/2020 through 3/7/2020 Semifinals Voting will be conducted in one round over 11 days and will conclude March 29th 3/7/2020 through 3/18/2020 Finals Voting will be conducted in one round over 11 days and will conclude April 9th 3/18/2020 through 3/29/2020 PRELIMINARY BALLOT; https://forms.gle/zB12cVCysVCQSd5r9

    Yes, I admit my picks are biased towards Chicago area bands (I live in the western suburbs). Western Illinois bands rarely compete in Chicago area competitions. The only time I see these bands is at the ISU competition. Even then, I normally do not get to ISU until noon, missing the 1A and 2A bands. I do see Galesburg at ISU, and I think they are a very good band.
  19. I just checked Lincoln-Way band webpage. They have an Informational Meeting on their calendar for March 19th. We may hear something then.
  20. Welcome aboard! I recognize your user name from HornRank.
  21. O'Fallon is going to Grand Nationals in 2020. Is it confirmed whether Lincoln-Way is going or not?

    What do you think about out west? Rock Island, Galesburg, Washington a Community? These bands that seem to be in a transition mode. I’ve spent most of my time watching them (given I live in Western Illinois—Canton to be exact) but what is a Chicago landers opinion on these bands.

    Oh shit, I didn't realize Leander had such a good program. Looks like i'm going to have to see Leander, Vista Ridge, and Round Rock
  24. BOA Grand National Championships — Nov. 12–14, 2020

    I agree. In my opinion I think it would also be pretty nice to see some of the smaller illinois bands attending different BOA shows
  25. BOA Grand National Championships — Nov. 12–14, 2020

    I'm interested as well. Illinois representation in 2019 at BOA Grand nats was very small.
  26. It's time you had an entertaining, successful, educational production designed for you. Contact me today so I can serve you and your program! Currently design for Danville, Effingham, Plainfield East, Mascoutah, Monticello, Morris, Sullivan, and Yorkville. 2019 accomplishments: Belleville West winter guard first place, MCCGA Mascoutah winter guard promoted to higher class, third place Ogden High School, Utah State champs Monte Vista High School, Colorado State Champs http://www.marcprestonmoss.com
  27. Lockport is attending. Lockport already has their 2020 schedule on their marching band website. HornRank has similar thread showing IL bands already committed.
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