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Illinois Marching Online is your premiere online resource for the High School Marching Bands of Illinois. Covering everything from spring/summer rehearsals to the last day of the season, you can be sure to get what you need to know right here. Our site is broken up into several main areas. Our Bands Page lists links to every Illinois Marching Band website we can find. Our Festivals Page gives a complete list of marching band festivals (both competitive and not) in the state, as well as any results for that festival. Our Message Board is our Online community of marching band fans from around the state, discussing what makes band so great. If you are interested in more information about Illinois Marching Online, and what we can do to help your band out, or if you have a great idea of something you'd like to see on the site, send us an e-mail at balash@ilmarching.com or moverholt@ilmarching.com. We're always looking for people to help gather scores, write articles, and all sorts of other various things. Thanks for your support, and keep checking back!

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