New moderators named!
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After receiving 8 amazing applications, we have named 2 new moderators.  This was not an easy decision for us to make.  TechGuy and Altotus stood out from the rest of the pack and have been named our new moderators.  As in the past, we give huge leeway to moderators. If you have a problem with one of them, you may PM or email me, but I am extremely likely to take their side.

We also have a few other staff announcements to make:  Clarinetdude124 has been promoted to a Contributor, and will help us out with the posting of scores and schedules to the site.

Saxyman and kmcgraw have both been promoted to a new group entitled Support Staff.  Both have been (and will be) extremely valuable to the site.  Saxyman has agreed to help with graphic design for our ads and other miscellaneous items.  KMcGraw is the executive producer for Quick Draw Films, and he has helped us get some videos up from various 2008 competitions.  This will continue for the 2009 season as well.  Also, we will be adding some other videos to the site in the future as well.

Thanks to all the people who applied to be a moderator, and congratulations to TechGuy, Altotus, Clarinetdude124, Saxyman, and kmcgraw on your new positions on our site

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