FREE DCI Countdown Tickets-For Directors Only!
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Hello band directors!!

In association with our sister site,, and Drum Corps International, we’re currently able to offer 20 complimentary tickets to every theater location in the state. With over 26 locations showing the DCI Countdown, this means we have over 500 available tickets available to disperse to you starting NOW!

You can use your 2 tickets however you wish:  for you and your spouse, you and your assistant, your drum majors, your leadership, or you can even take someone who has never seen a DCI event! However you decide to use them is completely up to you. We’d also like to encourage everyone to educate their students about the exciting opportunity to see some of the most memorable DCI shows in recent memory all on the big screen.

So, how can you receive your tickets? It’s easy! Simply visit between now and May 5th and sign-up for our Discussion Forums. Yes, that’s it! We’re proud to be launching a new Secure Director’s Area of the forum this season which will allow you to participate in discussions with other directors from around the state, all in a secure environment, and completely private from the general public and our regular forum members.

After you register, here is the information we would need from you so we can send you your tickets:

  • Your full name
  • Your school
  • Your registered ILmarching username
  • The location you would like to see the Countdown at
  • The address at which we can send you your tickets

Please send this information to Yes, that’s it!

After May 5th, I will be sorting through the ticket requests and will begin sending them out. If there’s not much demand at the location you are interested in going to, we will offer additional tickets to you if you wish. Please let us know when you contact us with your information if you are in need of some extras if they become available. We will let you know as soon as we can as to the availability of these additional tickets. On the other hand, some locations are going to go quickly due to demand for the given area.

Again, this is a memorable event that your students and staff are sure to love. This year’s DCI Countdown features 6 amazing drum corps shows decided by the fans earlier this year on Included in the show will be the Santa Clara Vanguard, the Cavaliers, the Bluecoats, the Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, and the most recent DCI World Champion Phantom Regiment, performing their show “Spartacus”, in which they capture their first outright title.  Also included are 3 corps’ previews of the 2009 season, including the Madison Scouts, Phantom Regiment, and DCI World Class’ newest member, Jersey Surf.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll join our site and enjoy the Countdown completely on us!!

Here is a link to where the Countdown is showing:

P.S.:  If you are already a member on our site, please send me an e-mail with your information. We should still have enough tickets left to send a couple your way! I’ll make sure you are also allowed access into the new Secure Director’s area. Also, if you know of any other directors that are not yet members on our forum, feel free to forward this to them. Thank you.

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