Join the ILmarching staff-moderator applications now available
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Now that ilmarching has stepped back from day-to-day operations of this site, the admins (Mark, John and I) need some help catching posts that do not benefit the community, such as slandering a band’s hard work, or things of that nature. Mark and I are both busy college students with outside jobs, and we cannot be on at all times policing the site. If we have a few extra moderators, they can delete the posts, and report what happened to us, and we can go from there.

Are you interested? There’s a few criteria that you must meet prior to consideration of becoming a moderator:

  • Illinois high school graduate, at least 18 years old.  2009 graduates are also accepted.
  • Positive member of Illinois Marching Online that’s active on the forums.
  • Access to an Internet-ready computer, and able to check the site every 1-2 days minimum.

To be considered, fill out the application that’s attached (at the bottom of this post). I will accept applications up until June 30th, with naming of new moderators around the middle of July.

Any questions/want to send me a finished application? Shoot me an email at

Here’s the application link:


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