Interesting tidbits about ISU
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We have some interesting tidbits about the ISU show this year, some the same as always, and a few new ones.  Enjoy!

1. The largest ISU prelim in years: 45 bands in six interesting, competitive classes based on enrollment. Three prelim ceremonies at 10am, 1:30pm, and 6:30pm. Awards for 3rd, 2nd, 1st in class; special awards in class for crowd appeal, music performance, visual performance, and effect.
2. 1A-4A (26 bands) and 5A-6A (19) are separate contests split at 2000 enrollment, with two separate panels, for the 2nd year.

3. Finals begins 7:30; awards are at 11pm. Many potential finalist bands are headed to Normal this year. (There have been 23 different finalist bands in the last 5 years.)

4. Finalist selection [1A-4A (7) + 5A-6A (7)] is based on class winners plus next higher scores.
To compare: (a) Most championships in other states have the number of finalists set as a quota for each class. (b) BOA regionals use an overall “top ten” selection. (c) The old “ISU top 10 overall” was typically 7 bands from 5A-6A and 3 bands from 1A-4A, plus exhibitions by class winners not in the top 10.  In addition, at most state championship finals, bands perform grouped by class. If ISU were to follow that form, all the 1A-2A finalist bands would probably perform first; then the 3A-4A bands; then the 5A-6A bands. There would probably be a 1A-2A champion, a 3A-4A champion, and a 5A-6A champion. (b) Only BOA regionals have a bottom 5 / top 5 performance random draw, and an overall champion.
5. Finals order, first 7 slots: A new slotted draw after 4A determines finalist positions 1,2,4,6 for the lower 1A-4A finalists. This gives the early bands specific times for preparation. The lower 5A-6A finalist bands will have positions 3,5,7 with over an hour of prep time.
6. Finals results for 1A-4A schools: In 2010 the 1A-4A finalist bands ranked 1,5,7,8,9,12,13 out of 14 bands.
7. Judge rotation 2011: 1A-4A judges: 4 of 7 worked 2009 finals. 5A-6A-finals judges: 5 of 7 worked 2010 1A-4A. All 14 are BOA regular / familiar. (The same seven judges that worked 5A-6A-finals in 2010 also worked 1A-6A prelims (42 band) in 2009.
8. Weather: The fifth weekend of October has not always been kind to IL band contests; but the ISU event is due for sunshine after stormy weather in 2010.
Best of luck to all bands this weekend!
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