What’s next?
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Last year in Illinois, we were treated to something special.  We had 2 new bands make Grand National Semifinals for the first time ever, we had new bands making ISU Finals in their first ever appearance, we had bands that made an impression around the state, after never really making any splash at competitions in the past.


So…what will happen this year?

-Will Victor J. Andrew and Lincoln-Way Central rebound and make ISU finals this year?

-What will the Southern Illinois bands attending ISU (2 for the first time, O’Fallon for the first time since 2002) do?  Will they make finals?

-Will Morton finally crack the top 5 at ISU?

-Will there be any upsets in class at ISU or U of I?

-Will Huntley continue their new-found successes this year?

-Does Lincoln-Way West continue their successes over the first 3 years with a new director?


On the National Level:

-Can anyone beat Avon, or will they run away for an unprecedented 4th consecutive National championship?

-Will Lincoln-Way East make Grand National Finals after placing 14th last year?

-Will Morton continue their successes on the national level and place again in Semifinals?

-Can O’Fallon finally make semifinals, after coming close the past couple of years?

-Does Marian Catholic win their 16th National Class Championship?  Can they break through after a decade and win their 8th National Championship?

-How does Plainfield North fare at the Indianapolis regional?


It will be a roller coaster ride of 10 weeks, and I, for one, can’t wait.  We’ll be here providing coverage all season.

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