ILMarching Videos Available!
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Hey everyone. I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. I know I am so far. And since it is the holiday season, we thought we would give everyone a gift :). I just released the ILMarching video section to the main page. You can get to it via the link in the header or in the drop down menu!

The video section is a joint effort between and QuickDrawFilms. The video page on the main site has a few different things on it. First there is the link at top to submit your videos. This will open a pop-up which will allow you to upload your video to the QuickDrawFilms servers. From there QDF will organize the videos and upload them to the correct location. Below that is the listing of video categories. The videos are seperated by the show they were shot at. You could also use the ‘All Videos’ category to view every video from that year. Clicking on any one of these categories will open up the QDF pop-up player and allow you to view the videos from that category. As of right now the only videos available are the Lincoln-Way Invitational and part of ISU Finals show by QDF.

Next year, QDF hopefully will be on hand to shoot more shows, and therefor we will be able to provide more video content to you. You can also help with this by submitting your own videos. We hope everyone will take advantage of this feature so that the videos you shoot can be shared with the entire community.

We hope everyone enjoys the video section, and if there are any problems with it, email either Dan ( or myself ( and we will address the problems.

~ILMarching Staff

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