2008 Bands of the Year
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Every year after the marching season ends (after Grand Nationals), we conduct voting to decide which bands to name “Bands of the Year.” This year’s voting consisted of 11 voters, both Illinois Marching Online staff members as well as State of Illinois band directors – the largest turnout to vote we’ve had to date. All of the bands listed below have achieved high quality compared to their peers, and are worth of special honor.

This year marks the debut of our caption awards. Caption awards were discussed between the members of the Illinois Marching Online staff (band directors had no input). We hope these caption awards recognize special parts of some particular bands that really made this season outstanding.

Without further ado, the 2008 Illinois Marching Online Bands of the Year!

2008 Illinois Marching Online Bands of the Year

Division I
1. Marian Catholic (87 points, 10 first-place)
2. Lincoln-Way East (68 points, 1 first-place)
3. Prospect (60 points)
4. Lake Park (55 points)
5. Victor J. Andrew (28 points)
6. John Hersey (24 points)
7. Lincoln-Way Central (22 points)*
8. Naperville North (22 points)
* Wins Tiebreaker: more ballot mentions

Outstanding Percussion: Victor J. Andrew
Outstanding Auxillary: Marian Catholic
Outstanding Winds: Marian Catholic
Outstanding GE: Lincoln-Way East
Outstanding Drum Major: Prospect

Division II
1. Morton (77 points, 11 first-place)
2. Lincoln-Way North (57 points)
3. Bloomington (35 points)
4. Lemont (32 points)
5. Dunlap (26 points)
6. Geneseo (24 points)
7. Washington (18 points)

Outstanding Percussion: Morton
Outstanding Auxillary: Morton
Outstanding Winds: Morton
Outstanding GE: Lincoln-Way North
Outstanding Drum Major: Galesburg

Division III
1. Eureka (39 points, 9 first-place)
2. Macomb (26 points)
3. Prairie Central (11 points)
4. Normal University (10 points)
IVC (1 first-place)
Richmond-Burton (1 first-place)

Outstanding Percussion: Normal University
Outstanding Auxillary: Eureka
Outstanding Winds: Normal University
Outstanding GE: Eureka
Outstanding Drum Major: Herscher

Division IV
1. Newton (27 points, 6 first-place)
2. Tri-Valley (13 points, 3 first-place)
3. Atwood-Hammond (11 points, 1 first-place)
Watseka (1 first-place)

Outstanding Percussion: Atwood-Hammond
Outstanding Auxillary: Newton
Outstanding Winds: Newton
Outstanding GE: Atwood-Hammond
Outstanding Drum Major: Atwood-Hammond

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