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Hello everyone,

Though the season is coming to a close, we are already planning for the off season and next season. This year we made a few updates to the site and next year we are planning new and exciting things. Throughout the season we have tried to take your requests to heart and try and make this site a great place to congregate and talk about band. Because of that, we have been expanding the topics in the forums. This gives you more categories to choose from to start conversation. I am happy to say that these new areas have been doing well.

One topic that is often brought up is the addition of videos. We were approached by Quick Draw Films a few weeks before the season started about them being our supplier for videos. We have worked out some of the details and we have begun working on the new video section of the site. Here are a few details on what is going to happen with this part of the site. Quick Draw Films will be doing videos at as many competitions that they can. All of the videos that they take will be uploaded, and available on These videos will be categorized by year and show and then by band. Also, users will be able to upload their own videos to the video section. The videos will be uploaded the Quick Draw Films, where they will categorize and host it.

This is where we need your help. The upload part is already done. We need users to upload their videos so that when the actual video section goes live, there will be videos to watch from day 1. You may not upload any BOA videos or any professional videos like Mr. Video. Any other videos are free game.

Use this link to upload your videos Here

To help the Quick Draw Films staff, please follow these guidelines for video naming:

Include YEAR, BAND, and COMPETITION in the title.

Prefered format would be : (Band Name) – (Competition)(year)
Example: Lincoln-Way East – ISU08

We thank you in advance for all your help in making this video section a reality. We all are looking forward to getting it up and running.

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