Predictions for the weekend of October 25th, 2008
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Hey everyone. This week brings us 4 shows, including the UofI Parade and Field show. It should be another great weekend for marching band and we wish all the bands luck at whatever show they are going to.

A.A. Stagg Marching Band Jamboree: Palos Hills, IL
Class 1A: Our Pick: Elk Grove
Class 2A: Our Pick: Reavis
Class 3A: This class only has three bands, but all three are going to shine. Should be a hard fought class, but LWE should take the crown. Our Pick: Lincoln-Way East
Grand Champion: LWE has been doing very well again this year. Our Pick: Lincoln-Way East

Oblong Spooktacular: Oblong, IL
Class 1A: Our Pick: Bement
Class 2A: Our Pick: Urbana
Class 3A: Our Pick: Robinson
Grand Champion: Our Pick: Robinson

Pickneyville Field and Mardi Gras Parade: Pickneyville, IL
Class 1A: Our Pick: Johnston City
Class 2A: Our Pick: Murphysboro
Class 3A: Our Pick: Belleville West
Grand Champion: Our Pick: Belleville West

University of Illinois: Urbana, IL (Field Only)
Class C/D: The three bands in contention here are Atwood-Hammond, ROWVA, and Tri-Valley. Tri-valley has been getting better year after year, and should give first place a run. But we think ROWVA will edge them slightly. Our Pick: ROWVA
Class B: Class B is smaller this year with only 7 bands, down from 13 from last year. Of note, Macomb is missing, who has won this class for the past 5 years. With them out of the mix, any band in B could have a show that could take the top. But going off the fact that most of these bands have all seen each other recently, it makes us lean towards Eureka. Our Pick: Eureka
C/D/B Governors Trophy: With Class B going to be close in terms of score, the parade is even more important this year for the C/D/B Grand Champion. IVC and Monticello seem to have the strongest parades recently, and could take the top parade spots. And since parade is worth 25% of the overall score, that becomes huge. Despite that, we are still going to go with our class B winner. Our Pick: Eureka
Class A: Morton has won this class a couple years running now. And coming off of their awesome BOA St. Louis shows, they should be ready to take another UofI Class A Title. Our Pick: Morton
Class AA: Hersey and Prospect have gone toe to toe the past few years in this class. This year though, Prospect is as strong as ever and should be even cleaner than they were at BOA St. Louis Finals. Our Pick: Prospect
A/AA Governors Trophy: Despite the fact that Hersey is doing parade this year, Prospect has won this trophy for as long as can be remembered. They should get it again. Our Pick: Prospect

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