Vote for Music for All in Chase Community Giving!
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As most of you know, I am a huge advocate for the programs that Music for All provides for middle and high school programs across the country-15 regional/Super Regional marching band championships, the Grand National Championships, Honor Band of America, Honor Orchestra of America (which is all part of the National Concert Band Festival), Summer Symposium, and leadership programs are just a portion of the myriad of programs that MFA/BOA provide year in and year out.

Out of hundreds of thousands of charities, MFA made the top 20 of Round 1 of the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook, thanks to those who voted. Now, the 25 eligible Charities receiving the most votes will be considered the winners of Round 2 and will share in $2,500,000 in donations from Chase.

The Chase Advisory Board will select five charities from the Round 2 Charities to present their Big Ideas to the Board. The Advisory Board will decide which Big Idea is their favorite and Chase will donate $200,000 to that Charity. Chase will also donate an additional $300,000 in grants to be allocated in varying amounts to the Round 2 Charities selected by the Advisory Board.

What’s their Big Idea, you ask?

For 35 years, MFA has provided premier performance and education opportunities for music makers through Music for All, Bands of America and Orchestra America programs. Arts are often the first to be cut from school budgets. Our Big Idea is to inspire and activate the next generation of arts education advocates by hosting a Music Education Summit. Students, teachers and parents representing each of the 50 states will learn how to use public performance and other tools to advocate for music education. Participants will work with master teachers and experts to develop, share and activate advocacy skills. Participants will also create their own individual advocacy plans. MFA will award each team a $1,000 grant to help implement their plan, which will help reach MFA’s larger goal: saving music and arts education through music for all.


How can you help?

It’s easy!

  1. First, you must like the Chase Community Giving page on Facebook.  Everyone gets 5 votes!
  2. Then search for Music for All in Find Charities on the Chase Giving Facebook app, or click here to go directly to Music for All’s Chase profile page, and vote!
  3. Be sure to leave a comment on our profile page about why MFA and music education are important to you!
  4. Make your Facebook status a link to vote for MFA for a day during May 19 to 25, share it on Twitter, or email your friends and family!

Please consider voting for MFA’s partners as well:


Thanks for your consideration!

-Dan Balash

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