Predictions for the weekend of September 20, 2008.
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Well everyone, rain was the story for most shows last week, but despite the rain, 5/6 shows still happened. Only Lake Park got totally cancelled.

As to be expected on week one, our predictions did not do so hot. It is tough on the first week, not knowing what surprises each band has in store for us this year. To recap, we were 11 for 17 in class winner predictions and and only 1 for 5 in grand champion predictions. Hopefully this week, we can do better. However, for some of the scores received this week, we have to realize that some were music only, as rain has plagued much of Illinois. The shows were done indoors, and also bands have not had much time outside to learn/clean their drill. We should be looking at a great week 2, which hopefully will be void of fire alarms.

Pekin Dragon Classic
Class A: Our pick: El Paso-Gridley
Class AA: Our pick: Farmington
Class AAA: Because Morton is traveling to two shows this day, they perform first for this show, even though they are class 3A. Despite that, they should have no problem taking 3A all for themselves. Our pick: Morton
Class AAAA: Galesburg is the only 4A band. Our pick: Galesburg
Grand Champ: Morton won this show last year, and has statistically been better than Galesburg that past few years. After hearing both of their shows at the Morton show, they should take Grand Champion. Our pick: Morton

Tiger Ambush Classic: Edwardsville, IL
Class A: DeSoto had a really good first week out, scoring in the low 60’s. Compared to the other bands they are going up against, they should do fairly well. Our pick: DeSoto
Class AA: Waterloo had a very successful first week out, winning at Murphysboro, and they should do very well here with a class championship. Our pick: Waterloo
Class AAA: This class is very tough to call. It could go one of many ways, however; we’re going to go with a band that has been on the rise the past few years. Our pick: Effingham
Class AAAA: Out of this group, Belleville East had the most successful first weekend. That being said, our pick goes to: Belleville East
Grand Champ: Winning AAAA will also allow Belleville East to win Grand Champion. Our pick: Belleville East

Danville Viking Invitational
Class A: Of all the bands in this class, Georgetown-Ridge Farm has been the strongest year to year. Our pick: Georgetown-Ridge Farm
Class AA: PBL and Watseka have already competed against each other last weekend at Hoopeston and PBL won by 178.5 to154.5. Watseka will have a hard time closing that gap by this weekend. Our pick: Paxton-Buckley-Loda
Grand Champ: If PBL wins class 2A, they will take Grand Champion as well. Our pick: Paxton-Buckley-Loda

Mt. Zion Marching Music Games (Field predictions only.)
Class A: Mattoon won this field class last year, and looks to repeat, with Atwood-Hammond close on their heels. Our pick: Mattoon
Class AA: There are no bands performing field show in Class AA.
Class AAA: Our pick: Champaign Centennial
Grand Champ: Champaign Centennial got beat last week by PBL for Grand Champion at Hoopeston last week. However, they will not be beat this week by winning with a combination of the parade and field scores. Our pick: Champaign Centennial

Phantom Regiment Marching Band Festival
Class II Competitive: Grant Community will win this class. Our pick: Grant Community
Class III Competitive: Rock Island should have a very big advantage over Prairie Ridge in this point in time. Our pick: Rock Island
Class IV Competitive: United Township will win one of two ways. 1.) They come out over Huntley and perform better, or 2.) Huntley does not show up due to the teacher’s strike. Either way, United Township will win this class. Our pick: United Township
Grand Champ: Winning Class IV will allow UT to win the Grand Championship. Our pick: United Township

Wheaton North Falcon Marching Band Festival
Class A: About the same time of the year as this, Sycamore took 3rd in their class, and with both of the previous 1st and 2nd place bands not returning, Our Pick: Sycamore
Class AA: Wheaton Warrenville South’s drumline is almost always clean by this time of year, and will help push them to first in class 2A. Our pick: Wheaton Warrenville South
Class AAA: Naperville North is always a solid band, and with most of their major competition up in Wheeling today, they should have no problem winning their class. Our pick: Naperville North
Grand Champ: WWS won’t have enough to take this from Naperville North. If we were talking football however… But that’s another story… Our pick: Naperville North

Pontiac Indian Showdown
Class A: The two top competitors in this class are Monticello and Eureka. Eureka had a great musical showing last weekend at Morton, winning the 2A class there. Monticello has yet to perform this year, and also based on trends the past 5 years, Eureka should take this class. Our pick: Eureka
Class AA: Class 2A, like 1A, will have 2 bands fighting for the top spot in their class. Those bands are Herscher and University. Last year University was in 1A and Herscher was in 3A. They both have been moved, which will make this an interesting class to watch. Our pick: Herscher
Class AAA: 3A has tons of good bands showing up, all of which could easily have a stellar show and take the class. But based on Normal West’s musical performance at Morton, we give the pick to them. Our pick: Normal West
Grand Champ: For the first time in the history of this competition, someone not named Marian Catholic will win. Most likely, the winner of 3A should win Grand Champion at this show. Our pick: Normal West

Chicagoland Marching Band Festival : Wheeling, IL
Well, at first glance, this is an ISU preview, every bit as much as Lake Park would have been. With a potential of 5 or 6 finalists in Class AAA, and 6 to 7 ISU finalists overall, this is a tough competition to win.
Class A: Glenbard West has a fairly new staff, and all signs point to a new focus on the marching program. We will see how it pans out on the field. Our pick: Glenbard West
Class AA: A pretty easy pick for 2A…Morton should have no trouble winning 2A. Our pick: Morton
Class AAA: This is where things get tough. At this point in the season, it would be easy to pick either Lincoln-Way Central, Victor J. Andrew, Marian Catholic, or Prospect to win, but based on their focus, and having more on the field, Prospect should have the upper hand. Look for Marian to place second. Our pick: Prospect
Grand Champ: The top three from class 3A and Morton should round out the top 4 bands on the day. In what order is hard to say. Even with how strong Morton is, they will be hard pressed to beat Prospect or even an early-season Marian. We believe there might be a surprise this year, such as Morton beating an early season Marian. However, it won’t be nearly as surprising as last year when Morton beat Lincoln-Way Central for the Grand Championship. Our pick: Prospect

Due to not being given a schedule for the Metropolis Super City Sounds, the staff could not do predictions for this show.

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