Predictions for the weekend of September 13, 2008.
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Welcome everyone to For those of you who are frequent visitors, you will know that we try and do predictions for each show throughout the season. For those of you who are new this year, let us explain what it is we do here:

Every since 2004, the ILMarching Staff has compiled a list of festivals, and then made predictions of which bands will win each show. Last year we expanded those predictions to include not only Grand Champion, but each class winner as well. For the first week or two, the predictions are based on how each band has performed in past years, and any parts of shows we have seen over the summer. This weeks especially so, because this is most bands first week of performance. As we get deeper into the season, the predictions will obviously shift toward focusing on the current years show, more so than past performance. Also it should be noted that these predictions are done for fun. They are by no means a way for this website to side with one band or the other. We know we are not perfect, (we even keep a tally of how many we got right and wrong!), so keep that in mind as you read the predictions.

I hope everyone enjoys the 2008 season, and we wish each band the best of luck. With that, lets get on with this weeks predictions.

Hoopeston Cornjerker Invitational: Hoopeston, IL
Class C: Seeing as how there is only one band in Class C, our pick is: Rantoul.
Class B:Watseka and Paxton-Buckley-Loda meet up here. We have to give the early season nod to: Watseka.
Class A:The same situation as Class C. Only one band, so our pick is: Champaign Centennial.
Grand Champion: Winning Class A will enable Champaign Centennial to win Grand Champion. Our pick: Champaign Centennial

Murphysboro Drums at Appletime: Murphysboro, ILWe’re only going to do field predictions, as parades are too hard to judge.
Class A: Johnston City
Class AA: Potosi
Class AAA: Waterloo
Class AAAA: Cape Central
Grand Champion: We would say that Cape Central would be the de facto winner, however, they are not competing in the parade, which is also part of the score. Therefore, our pick is the class AAA champion, for the 2nd year in a row, Waterloo.

Belleville East Marching Invitational-Belleville, IL
Class A: Much of class A this year is the same as last years class A at this festival. The only band missing is 2nd place Helias. With that being said, last years class A champion should be able to take class A this year as well. Our pick: Fort Zumwalt South
Class AA: Last year the top two bands in the class were only separated by .225 points. Collinsville had a very strong year last year. Given their strength hopefully continuing, we will give the nod to them, but Mehlville will be close on their heels. Our pick: Collinsville
Class AAA: Last year, O’Fallon had the largest margin of victory of any class at this show last year. Also O’Fallon has marched in 2 shows already this summer. While they were parade and percussion competition, they still have been out there already. For that reason, Our pick: O’Fallon
Grand Champion: If O’Fallon wins 3A, they should have no problem winning the Grand Champion here. Our pick: O’Fallon

Metro East Marching Classic-O’Fallon, IL
Class A: 4 great bands are making their season debut here. However, last year’s MEMC Class A champion is here, and we look for them to repeat. Look for Newton to be 2nd. Our pick: Mater Dei.
Class AA: Only one band from Illinois is represented in this class. Missouri brings out 4 really good bands here, and one of them will win. Look for St. Charles West from Missouri to win, with Effingham a point or two behind. Our pick: St. Charles West
Class AAA: Missouri bands are looking to win 2 out of the 3 classes here. Jefferson City looks to repeat as champions from last year. However, they will run into Collinsville, who has 2 new directors, but the same spunk from last year, which was really good for them. Collinsville will win this class by less thn a point. Our pick: Collinsville.
Grand Champion:Winning AAA will also make Collinsville the Grand Champion. Our pick: Collinsville

Morton Pumpkin Festival-Morton, IL
1A: 1A at Morton should be really good. 1A is the debut for the new Lincoln-Way North Marching Band. The members of LWN are old members of LWE, last years ISU Winner. With that kind of experience under most of the members belts, they should do really well. Look for Canton and LWN to be top two in this class. Our pick: Lincoln-Way North
2A: Pekin and Olympia move up into 2A from their 1A spots from last year. Also with Geneseo and Dunlap moving up to 3A, this completely rearranges things from last year. Based on last years scores at Morton, Pekin edged Eureka by 2.1 points from a lower class. Look for Pekin and Eureka to give a very close fight for first place in 2A. Our pick: Pekin
3A: Last years Grand Champion is in 3A, Downers Grove South. Last year they outperformed all of the bands in this class by 8 points or more (except for Limestone which did not perform at Morton last year). DGS should have no trouble taking 3A all for them selves. Our pick: Downers Grove South
4A: United Township is traditionally a very strong band, and had the best field score at last years Pumpkin Festival. The should take first place, but watch out for Bloomington, a program which has gotten exponentially better with each passing year. Our pick: United Township
Grand Champion: Last year DGS won Grand Champ at this show because of their parade score. This year the parade is not judged and does not factor into the Grand Champion score. Also with DGS being a class back, United Township should take GC. Our pick: United Township

Lake Park Lancer Joust-Roselle, IL
A:Class A has only one band signed up. Our pick goes to: Hobart (Indiana).
AA:This class is a tossup between three really great bands: Wheaton Warrenville South, Wheeling, and Lockport. We give the early season advantage to: Wheeling.
AAA:Class AAA, as always here, is a tossup, with many great bands. Prospect, Lemont, Victor J. Andrew, Lincoln-Way East and Central are all in this class. However, this class will come down to 2 big names: Prospect, and Lincoln-Way East. Prospect is the odds-on favorite to win, and we think they will rather easily. Our pick: Prospect

Finalists(in random order):
Lincoln-Way East
Victor J. Andrew
Lincoln-Way Central
Warren Township
Waukesha North (WI)
John Hersey
Naperville Central

Grand Champion: Last year, Prospect and Lincoln-Way East tied for the grand championship. However, we think Lincoln-Way East will be hurt by the school splitting into Lincoln-Way North. Prospect should enjoy a solid performance, and a well-deserved win. Our pick: Prospect

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