U of I Predictions for 10/21
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In past seasons, we have made predictions for each and every contest in Illinois, based on a band’s success in past and current seasons. While we haven’t done that so far this year, we’re reviving the tradition for this year’s two largest contests, held at Illinois State University and the University of Illinois. Myself and the Contributors all collaborated on these predictions, and there were some pretty close calls to be made in several classes. So, without further ado, here are the predictions for this Saturday’s contests at the University of Illinois:

Class C/D Parade: While there’s not much parade competition history for this year for this class, it’s hard to argue with the past parade history of Atwood-Hammond both here and around the state. But look for Watseka to sneek up in the rankings. Our Pick: Atwood-Hammond

Class B Parade: With a few big parade names not competing in this class, Dunlap moved to A, IVC is attending ISU, and Eureka is attending ISU during parade, Macomb looks set to take the B Parade again, but watch out for Prarie Central who had a good parade showing at Metamora or Newton.Our Pick – Macomb

Class A Parade: Washington beat out half of Class A in parade last week so they look like a good selection for this one. Galesburg and Dunlap will also be top competitors. Our Pick – Washington

Class AA Parade: Prospect’s reign of AA still holds true for this year as well. They have scored well all year and look set to take another AA Parade trophy home especially since many AA bands are not participating in parade, only field. Our Pick – Prospect

Class C/D Field: Class C/D is a relatively small class in comparison to B, A, and AA, but it should offer some good shows and good competition. Atwood-Hammond won this competition last year and looks good again this year, but Watseka also looks good. This one will be close. Note – This was the closest vote made by the ILMarching Staff with a score of 3-2. Our Pick – Atwood-Hammond

Class B Field: This class looks very similiar to last year’s B class, minus the performance of Dunlap. The 4 bands that will vie for top 4 slots are Macomb, Newton, Mater Dei, and Eureka. Macomb, Newton, and Mater Dei perform in the last three slots of the class, while Eureka performs a few places earlier. It will be rough for Eureka with them making the trip to Memorial Stadium after a 7:42am ISU perfmormance. With all bands doing well this season, it will be hard to call, but Macomb is no stranger to winning this class and should do so again this year. Our Pick – Macomb

Class A Field: With more bands than you can shake your fist at, 18 to be exact, Class A will not only be the longest, but the most exciting class to watch this year at U of I. Big bands such as last years Class A winner, Morton, and surprise winners at Washington and WIU, Pontiac, and Washington Community, this looks to be a hard class. With 7 of the 18 bands winning at least one Grand Champion title already this year (Morton and Pontiac both have 2), this is going to be a battle not soon forgotten. But with Morton being so strong, and performing last in the class, it seems likely they will make a repeat win here in class A. Our Pick – Morton

Class AA Field: It’s hard to argue with consistancy, and that is exactly what Prospect is, consistant. They have won this class for many years, and they look as if they will continue again this year. Our Pick – Prospect

Best Luck to all bands on Saturday!!!

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