ISU Predictions for 10/21
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In past seasons, we have made predictions for each and every contest in Illinois, based on a band’s success in past and current seasons. While we haven’t done that so far this year, we’re reviving the tradition for this year’s two largest contests, held at Illinois State University and the University of Illinois. Myself and the Contributors all collaborated on these predictions, and there were some pretty close calls to be made in several classes. So, without further ado, here are the predictions for this Saturday’s contests at Illinois State University:

Class 1A: Eureka always works well up to this compeition and shows that by having won this class 6 years running. With wins over Olympia and Monticello at Washington and Danville respectively, they look set to take 1A for the 7th time. Our Pick – Eureka

Class 2A: This class, like last year, will be exciting. Weird things happened last year with IVC taking 4th, behind Herscher, Murphysboro, and the surprise Morton. With IVC gunning hard to regain their glory, and Morton and Murphysboro still going strong, this one will be decided on a few points, but it seems from looking at results from Metamora last week, that Morton still has the edge on this class. Our Pick – Morton

Class 3A: Lemont is once again strong, but we fear they’re not strong enough to upset the former 4A juggernaut that is Marian Catholic. But even with 1st place wrapped up, it is still possible Lemont could get a top 10 score like they did last year, so let’s not count them out of finals quite yet. Our Pick – Marian Catholic

Class 4A: It has been some time since a band other than Marian Catholic has won 4A, but this year is the year to do it. Being last years 5A winner and being strong this year again, we think United Township is ready to capture that 4A trophy. Our Pick – United Township

Class 5A: With 3rd place over all at the Lake Park Lancer Joust and 2nd place at the Prospect show, they look set to take 5A. There are less bands than normal and VJA has only lost to Marian Catholic, Prospect, and Lincoln-Way East this year. Look for Wheaton Warrenville South and Joliet West to battle for 2nd and 3rd. Our Pick – Victor J. Andrew

Class 6A: The top two competitors in this class are Lincoln-Way East and Lake Park. It will most likely be these two that fill out first and second, but as anything can happen, look for others like Naperville North and Lincoln-Way Central to poke through. Our Pick – Lincoln-Way East

Grand Champion: All bands in Finals will be tough, but no one really has worked up to the caliber of Marian Catholic. Marian looks ready to take a third ISU championship in a row. Our Pick – Marian Catholic

Best Luck to all bands on Saturday!!!

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