Website Updates
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Without your help, this website could not be kept up to date.

Basically every band on this website (with the exception of a few) needs a major update to their pages. Whether it is shows, awards, pictures, directors, website, notes about each band, or what have you, it is difficult for the contributors to find all of the updates themselves. That’s where you, the Communtiy comes in. If you are a student, an alumnus, a fan, a band parent, or a director, you can help us update this site!! To get information in from the 2006 season or prior, you can email me at, or preferably, PM me at dbalash, or leave a message on the message board.

Also, if you don’t see your band on here at all, you can still contact us and we will get it on here.

It is my goal to have this website completely and entirely updated by the New Year. Ambitious, I know.

I believe it can be done with the hard work of the contributors and the ongoing supoort of you, our readers.


Dan Balash
Contributor, Illinois Marching Online

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