Meet up with the ILMarching staff
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Hey marching fan!

A a few of the staff members of ILMarching will be at ISU all day on Saturday.  We will be arriving around 6:45am and hopefully nabbing the 50 yard line, at the very top (like we did last year!) So if you would like to join us, shoot either Dan or I an email ( -or- and we will let you know how to get in contact with us on Saturday. We will also post on twitter where we are sitting, so if you happen to see that, and then come to ISU later…you should definitely come say hi.

Speaking of twitter…we will be doing that from ISU as well. So if you can’t make a particular award ceremony, we will post placements via twitter throughout the day. So follow @ilmarching to keep track of all the happenings at ISU as they happen!!

Good luck to all the bands this weekend, and we hope to see a lot of you at ISU!

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