2006 Website Updates!
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Dear Directors, Parents, Bandos, and Friends,

As you probably know, the 2006 band season is coming fast, and many bands have already started summer rehearsals. This means it’s time to update the website for 2006!

Please check http://www.ilmarching.com/bands_check.php to see if your bands’ repertoire has been submitted. If not, post in this thread, or e-mail ilmarhing@ilmarching.cjb.net

As in years past, please don’t release the names/concepts of shows until you think it’s ok with your directors. Directors, we will wait until June 15 to release any information we’re given if we know you don’t want it released yet, but we suspect that almost every band has already publicly announced their show concept.

– The ilmarching.com staff

(This image from Pekin HS, originally found here.)

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