We need your help!
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Statistics thus far:

We have 54 shows in, out of 94, which is 57%.


Get your shows in!!  Red=bad.

Also, bands that aren’t listed:  Are you competing in Illinois this year?  We want EVERY band that competes this year to be in the database, so they’re eligible for Bands of the Year.

Here’s what we need:

  • School name
  • Directors
  • School Colors
  • Picture
  • Website
  • 2009 show
  • 2000-2008 shows and awards
  • Other interesting notes
  • IMO division (see note)

Here’s how the divisions work:
Division I (1601+ All 2008 Grand National Semifinalists)
Division II (901-1600)
Division III (531-900)
Division IV (1-530)

Students/directors/fans, check your band’s information to make sure it’s correct.  (http://www.ilmarching.com/bands.php)

If you have a band update or need to send in a new band, email me at balash@ilmarching.com or Andrew at abeckwith@ilmarching.com.

The ILmarching staff

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