Illinois Marching Online Field Show Competition
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Hey everyone,

So as you all know, we have been making a lot of changes and additions to Illinois Marching Online over the past year. One addition that we want to try is our own little competition. As most of you might know, there is a website called Micro Marching League. We thought it would be fun to use this program to have a competition between the members of IMO.

So here is the plan. Go to Micro Marching League and create a free account (or log into an existing account you already own). Come up with a show design and put it into Micro Marching…it’s that simple. When you are finished, just email your account name and show title to either Dan or I. Below are the rules and tips for the competition.

1. You must use the Full Corps for your show. That way you can include both a drum line and an auxiliary section.

2. Your show needs to have between 45-60 sets. Micro Marching only allows you to have 30 sets per “show”. You can think of the “shows” as movements. You can make either 2 movements, of 30 sets each…or you could make 4 movements of 15…or some combination there of. Do whatever fits the theme of your show.

3. You may only submit 1 show for judging.

4. Shows will be judged by a 5 judge panel picked by the IMO staff. Each judge will award 20 points for a total of 100 points.

5. Shows are due between now and Monday, October 26th, 2009. We will announce the winners roughly a week later.

6. There will be a prize for the top show.

7. Name your movements “Show Title – part #” where Show Title is your title and # is the part number.

8. You can not copy drill from an existing High School or DCI show.


1. Make a show or two to practice (if you haven’t already)…and get them judged by MML.

2. The best shows will be based off of a theme or actual pieces of music. Be sure to describe the theme or tell us the music that your show is based on.

3. Try to avoid moves that would be impossible in real life. For example: it is possible with MML to put all the marchers onto a single point.

4. Have fun!

Submit Entries to -OR- Include Account name and show title.

Entries are due by October 26th, 2009

~The ILMarching Staff

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