October 1 Contest Predictions
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Last week we went 3-2, bringing us to a season total of 5 correct calls, 3 incorrect calls, and 1 contest without enough information. Morton has earned the honor of being this year’s Eureka (at least, so far), winning two Grand Champion trophies that were predicted to go to other schools.

As for this week, it’s a big one, as is every week in October. We know of 8 contests in the great state of Illinois this Saturday, which will be very fun to watch. So, let’s get started on this week’s shows:

  • Downers Grove South Marching Mustang Music Bowl (Schedule/Discussion)
    This contest could be a very interesting battle. Marian Catholic is known for having their show done quite late in the year, and they may not have enough done for the judges to get a good read. If so, look for Lincoln-Way East or V.J. Andrew to bring home a trophy. However, we suspect that Marian will be ready enough to get the nod. Our pick – Marian Catholic
  • EIU Panther Marching Band Festival
    (More information needed) Our pick –
  • Mt. Zion Marching Festival
    (More information needed) Our pick –
  • Phantom Regiment Marching Festival presented by King (Schedule/Discussion Board, Phantom Regiment)
    The largest class will be where this one is fought out. Last year, both Warren and UT made ISU finals, but UT has traditionally placed higher, and was only narrowly edged at Pekin two weeks ago. Look for UT to be even stronger this time around with their “Rhapsody in Blue” show, the same as Regiment’s this last season. Our pick – United Township
  • Robinson Parade and Field
    (More info coming soon) Our pick –
  • Sparta Parade and Field(Schedule/Discussion Board)
    Edwardsville has had a good year so far, with a first place finish (over all classes) in two of their three field shows, and including a Grand Championship last week. The parade portion of this contest could throw in an interesting twist. If Edwardsville isn’t as ready as we suspect they are, look for Murphysboro to come from Class A. Our pick – Edwardsville
  • Washington Panther Parade and Field (Schedule/Discussion Board)
    The Grand Champion at this contest is decided by the total Parade and Field competition score. This has to help the traditionally parade-strong Galesburg, who also competes last in the field. Don’t be surprised, though, if Normal Community wins 4A field, or even Grand Champion. 3A will be interesting to watch, with Eureka taking on Geneseo, and suburban band Romeoville. Our pick – Galesburg
  • Wheaton North Marching Band Festival (Website)
    Many of the same bands will be attending this contest and Downer’s Grove, including our predicted champion, Marian Catholic. Interestingly, Marian, Wheaton-Warrenville South, and Waubonsie Valley will all be early in the day, possibly giving some bands like Naperville North a chance to shine later in the contest. Our pick – Marian Catholic
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