ISU to be webcasted!
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We are pleased to announce that once again, the Illinois State University Invitational Marching Championships as well as the Illinois Marching Band Championships will be webcasted!

BOX5 Media, in partnership with Illinois State University, will be presenting this.

The cost for the webcast this year is $29.00, and that covers you for prelims as well as finals.  Continuing this year is the season pass, which will allow you to watch marching band competitions from across the country (see list below).

To order the webcast, simply visit

The list of competitions being covered by the season pass is as follows:

  • October 19th: Illinois State University, Western Carolina Tournament of Champions, Northern Arizona Band Day
  • October 26th: Kentucky State Championships
  • October 27th: New York State Championships
  • November 2nd: MTSU Contest of Champions
  • November 16th: Arizona State Championships
  • November 23rd: SCSBOA (California) Championships 6A Finals


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