Voters Needed for 2014 Bands of the Year
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After another great year, it is that time of the year again-time to start voting for the 2014 Bands of the Year.

Every band that has competed this season in Illinois is eligible for consideration. Results from across the state are to be taken into consideration, as well as results from Bands of America Regionals and Grand Nationals may be taken into consideration.

Also, if some members of your staff would like to vote, that is fine as well.

We’re hoping to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-25 voters-both ILmarching staff and directors alike. Your votes are completely anonymous, and will only be seen by Mark and I.

If you (or one of your staff members) would like to be included in the voting, email me at so I will be able to send you a link to the ballot when it goes live.

All voters fall into the following categories:

  • Illinois Marching Online Staff
  • Current Illinois Band Directors/Staff (HS or College)
  • Retired Illinois Band Directors (HS or College, still residing in Illinois)
  • Other highly qualified individuals (judges and the like)
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