New Website Officially Launched!
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Illinois Marching Online has today announced their move to a new web server, and will have a new website address to go along with it. Rather than the old subdomains the site used to be located at, you can now find Illinois Marching Online at:

Funding for the move to the new website was provided by our sponsors and partners, the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, found at

New features on the site include:

– A database (soon to be searchable) of as many IL bands as we can get: find out about every band in the state, their history, directors, school mascot, and more! We already have around 80 bands in the database, with more to be added soon.

– With the new bands database comes a new info page for every band in the state!

– A database (also soon to be searchable) of contest scores. This will interface with our bands database, letting users look up, for example, the scores that a given band has gotten at every contest in the 2003, 2004, and soon, 2005 marching seasons.

– A more “blog-like” front page, powered by WordPress, that allows for faster updating of news.

– More hosting space: we may use this in the future for hosting images or video of bands.

– No pop-up ads! All ads on the page are directly going to help Illinois Marching Online stay online. Pop-ups and viruses are gone from the new site.

More features will be announced at a later date, but will now be much more accessable due to the power and flexability of our new webhost.

The address and location of the forums will not change. This is to keep users from having to re-register, and losing old posts.


What we need from you, our users:

You can probably see that your band’s page is pretty barren. The only one that is pretty close to done is Eureka’s. But we want every band’s page to be that complete. So, if you have more info on your band than what is on the site, e-mail us at (that e-mail will be updated soon, too) and give us info to put up.


– The IL Marching Online Staff

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