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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, my name is David A. Parsons, and I am a Drill Designer and Marching Instructor. I am currently looking for clients for the 2017 marching season. Being a musician first, my designs are always representative of the music. While designing, I pay great attention to the musical structure. Phrasing, flow, original intent, personal interpretation, what the music makes you feel; are things that should be the foundation of any show design. This is where my musical background and experience plays a large role. My instructional skills are sound yet flexible. Here is where adjusting and adapting matters the most. When working with an ensemble, I not only consider myself as an instructor, I consider myself a troubleshooter. Continually analyzing the ensemble; seeing it’s strengths and deficiencies then making adjustments and developing teaching techniques to make the best come out. Any good instructor should always do this, though still have the knowledge to implement traditional teaching styles. If you're looking for a fresh approach to drill design and a cohesive approach between all sub-captions in your ensemble, please consider me for a position on your staff. By browsing through this website you'll see I have many years of experience that can be an asset to most any marching ensemble. Experience that spans over 20 years and encompasses a wide variety of ensembles from indoor drum line to winter guard to the combined Fall competitive marching ensembles. Have instructed for bands of less than 20 members up to bands over 150. I also treat every ensemble I worked with as a learning experience. I’m continually growing as an instructor and designer, adjusting my writing to best fit the ensembles for which I work. I am very committed when it comes to music and marching activities. It’s also important to know that my philosophies on marching band aren’t necessarily set in stone. I believe I have a good concept of the activity and I’m continually growing with it. So, my ideas and concepts concerning marching band may change but my solid foundations and beliefs won’t. If interested, please visit my website at http://www.D3VisualDesigns.com. My goal there is to give you the opportunity to see what I have to offer your ensemble. I’m offering my services to you in Drill Design and/or as a Marching / Visual Caption Head but in a deeper sense I’m offering a renewable commitment to you and your marching ensemble. Thank you for any consideration. Sincerely, David A. Parsons Marching Arts Visual Design and Instruction http://www.D3VisualDesigns.com http://www.youtube.com/DrillDesigns https://www.facebook.com/showdesignsbydavid
  2. Hello there... My name is David A. Parsons and I'm a Visual Designer and Caption Head. I'm currently available to teach and design for your program in the Illinois, Indiana and Ohio region. My current location is in Danville, IL but can and have traveled from East Central Illinois, through Central Indiana to Western Ohio as well as down to Southern Indiana. I would even be willing to temporarily relocate for a season, if needed. Most recent design accolades include consistent Ohio State Marching Band Finalists with Div I ratings in the Visual Caption, numerous MSBA finalists in A and AA. WGI Scholastic A Regional finalists,WGI World Championships Scholastic A Semi Finalist and several SCBDA State Championship awards, including several SA 1st place scores in the Ensemble Caption. WGI Regional PSA 5th place Visual Caption as well as several SCBDA State Championship awards for Percussion including other circuit 1st place Visual Caption placements. I am a versatile instructor/designer who has experience in Show Conceptualization for Marching Band, Winter Percussion and Winter Guard ensembles. I design and teach not only the staging or drill for all marching activities, I also teach movement basics and design/teach any movement skills used by the instrumental ensembles. This is what I have done successfully for over 29 years. I have a website for more information... It is located at http://www.showdesignsbydavid.com, There you will find links to my Resume as well as other information about what I have to offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. You can contact me through the information provided in the website which is listed above, or by Email at david@showdesignsbydavid.com Thanks for your time. Sincerely, David A. Parsons Marching Arts Visual Design and Instruction https://www.facebook.com/showdesignsbydavid http://www.showdesignsbydavid.com http://www.youtube.com/DrillDesigns