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  1. Scores for the weekend of October 1, 2016

    Link for EIU results, no scores. http://www.eiu.edu/~marching_band/Festival%20Results%202016.pdf
  2. Shows for the weekend of October 3, 2015

    Spotty results from EIU based on my memory so I apologize for missed caption awards or inaccurate class placements Class 1A 1. Arcola (Music) 2. Sullivan 3. St. Joseph Ogden 2A-Mt. Carmel 3A. 1. Newton (all captions) 2. Richland County 3. Tolono-Unity Small School GC: Newton 4A. 1. Effingham (Percussion, DM, Music, Visual, GE) 2. Centralia (Auxiliary) 3. Charleston 5A. 1. Granite City (Music (Tie), Visual, GE) 2. Mahomet (Percussion, Music (Tie)) 3. Normal Community Large School GC: Granite City
  3. Shows for the weekend of October 4, 2014

    Here are some spotty EIU results because I wasn't able to write them down. Arcola won Class 1A, Mater Dei, 2A 3A: 1) Monticello (Music), Newton (Visual, Percussion, Auxiliary, DM), PBL Small Division GC: Monticello Triad won Class 4A and Mahomet won 5A, with Mahomet taking the Large Division GC.
  4. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

    Can someone explain how Newton was parade grand champion considering the scores above? Mod edit: Fixed broken quote.
  5. ISU vs. U of I: Which is Our True State Championship

    Apparently the idea will be voted on by the schools next month-10% is required to move it on to a committee of competing band directors (so, roughly, 80 schools in IL need to approve the idea.) If it is fully approved, don't expect to see implementation until 2014, 2015 at the earliest. I've been thinking about how to run an IHSA championship, so I registered to post my idea. "State" Class championships are hosted by U of I AND ISU. Schools are broken into 6 classes. The first year 1A/3A/5A at ISU, 2A/4A/6A at U of I. The second year, 1A/3A/5A at U of I, and 2A/4A/6A at ISU. Just keep flipping back and forth. If you take 12 bands per class, this lets 72 bands make "state", and gives each university the opportunity to recruit 72 bands worth of students every 2 years (now, I bet it is around 50 bands every 2 years since there are so many repeats). For fun, you could have an ISU-style finals at either U of I or ISU (whichever was scheduled later in the year, or pick one if they're on the same day like next year). If I were running it, I'd invite: 1. The 6 class champions. 2. The next highest scoring in 1A or 3A 3. The next highest scoring in 2A or 4A 4. The second place band in 5A 5. The second place band in 6A 6. The next highest scoring band in 1A/3A/5A regardless of class 7. The next highest scoring band in 2A/4A/6A regardless of class The 6 bands whose class championships were at the other site would travel only for the nighttime finals. The other 6 would already be on site for finals. In order to qualify for the "State" class championships, you could have "Sectionals" (in the IHSA terminology). I'd have four sectionals for 1A/2A/3A/4A, and four sectionals for 5A/6A. The 1A-4A sectionals could, for example, be at NIU, WIU, EIU, and SIU-C, which gives pretty good coverage of the state. The 5A/6A sectionals are a little trickier, but I'd probably have 3 in the Greater Chicagoland area (probably at high schools), and one in Central Illinois for bands like O'Fallon and Pekin. Three bands in each class from each sectional move on to the "State" class championships at either ISU or U of I (depending on the year). The sectionals would be mostly geographic, though I'd allow a panel of directors and/or judges to make small alterations in order to try to balance the sectionals. The sectionals could take something like 8 bands per class in 1A-4A, and 12 bands per class in 5A/6A. Statewide, that would be 128 bands in 1A-4A, and 96 bands in 5A-6A. I think that would be sufficient to cover everybody that wants to participate. If not, you could always move to having 6 sectionals per class instead of 4. What I'm curious about is what when would these championships be held and how would this affect the other competitions that are held annually around the state.
  6. ISU vs. U of I: Which is Our True State Championship

    Possibly 3 performances in one day? I considered two performances a day to be somewhat of a chore, but then again my band wasn't quite as hardcore as the BOA ones.
  7. Shows for the weekend of October 27, 2012

    I wish more people would realize this. I'm afraid that doesn't across to enough people that Dan and the rest of the staff will stop with the predictions all together, which I and several other people enjoy reading. So please, support your local bands to do their best and support this amazing site. Mod edit: Fixed broken quote link.
  8. Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 20, 2012

    Effingham results, no scores. Class A 1. Sangamon Valley (1st Music, Percussion, 2nd DM, Aux) 2. Atwood-Hammond (1st DM, 2nd Perc, Music, 3rd Aux) 3. Bement (1st Aux, 3rd Perc, Music) 4. Heritage-Third DM Class 2A 1. Sullivan (1st Aux, 2nd Music, 3rd DM (tie)) 2. Casey-Westfield (1st DM, Perc, Music) 3. Georgetown-Ridge Farm (2nd Aux, Perc, 3rd DM (tie)) 4. Carlyle (2nd DM, 3rd Aux, Perc, Music) Class 3A 1. Newton (1st Music, Perc, Aux, 3rd DM) 2. Mater Dei (2nd DM, Aux, Music, 3rd Perc) 3. Carterville (1st DM, 2nd Perc, 3rd Aux, Music) Class 4A 1. Murphysboro (1st Music, Perc) 2. Salem (1st Aux, 2nd Perc) 3. Paris (1st DM, 3rd Aux, Perc, Music) Mt. Carmel (2nd DM, 2nd Aux) Mt. Zion (3rd DM) Class 5A 1. Washington (1st Perc, Music, 2nd Aux, 3rd DM) 2. Highland (1st Aux, 2nd DM, Perc, Music) 3. Mattoon (1st DM, 3rd Aux, Perc, Music) Class 6A 1. Edwardsville (1st Aux, Perc, Music, 2nd DM) 2. Danville (1st DM, 2nd Aux, 3rd Perc, Music) 3. Belleville West (2nd Perc, Music, 3rd DM, Aux) Grand Champion: Edwardsville
  9. Scores for October 13, 2012

  10. Shows for the weekend of October 6, 2012

    I shall be a band guide and then Judge's assistant in the press box Saturday at Eastern. Looking forward to a great day of marching band!
  11. Scores for September 29/30, 2012

    Mr. P's Palace! :'( We can't go one season without mention of that... colorful... place, can we? Haha I guess not, but on a more serious note, I have to agree with DrillWriter. This is such a well-run site, and I have to give props to Dan and rest of the staff for keeping this site to the highest standards.
  12. Scores for September 29/30, 2012

    Mr. P's Palace! :'(
  13. Scores for September 29/30, 2012

    Robinson Grand Champion: Newton
  14. Scores for September 15/16, 2012

    Was not expecting Lindbergh to be Grand Champion Of course, considering they never go to O'Fallon, I'm guessing hardly anybody from Illinois was expecting it. Umm look at every BOA St. Louis Super Regional... I predicted either oakvile or lindbergh Guess that's what I get for not following BOA that closely.
  15. Scores for September 15/16, 2012

    Was not expecting Lindbergh to be Grand Champion Of course, considering they never go to O'Fallon, I'm guessing hardly anybody from Illinois was expecting it.
  16. Shows for the weekend of September 15, 2012

    I'm hoping to make it O'Fallon this weekend. Depends on how much needs to be done around the house. I'm interested in seeing how Newton (who I will be seeing the night before at their football game) and Effingham compare to St. Charles West considering West is usually in 2A. Otherwise, I think Rockwood-Summit will handily win 2A, Granite City will edge out Francis Howell North for 3A, and Edwardsville and Belleville-East will duke it out for 4A with the winner being Grand Champion. Edit: Saw Newton tonight perform. It wasn't perfect by any means, but they sounded great and I'm excited for great evening of band competition tomorrow evening.
  17. What is your band playing for concert season?

    So far, we're working on two pieces by Frank Ticheli--Vesuvius and Amazing Grace. The former is much more difficult than the latter but both are going to sound amazing once we get them down.
  18. Scores for October 22, 2011

    Whoa! Was not expecting this from Paris. I have not been able to see their show this year but I'm happy to see that from the looks of it their director has turned that program around.
  19. Scores for October 22, 2011

    These seem like extremely high scores. I wasn't there, but the majority of the bands in the 80s? Wow. Perhaps it's due to the awesomeness of Illinois bands.
  20. Scores for October 22, 2011

    I assume it is because of the fact that the awards were split, resulting in less attendance by the end of the day than previous years.
  21. Scores for October 8, 2011

    Robinson results Class A 1. South Knox (all) 2. Lawrencville 3. Oblong Class 2A (Caption awards might not be entirely accurate since I don't exactly remember) 1. Mount Carmel (Visual, Auxiliary, Drum Major) 2. Rich Central (Percussion, Music) 3. East Richland Class 3A 1. Vincennes-Lincoln (Visual, Auxiliary, Drum Major, Music) 2. Newton (Percussion) 3. Effingham Crowd Appeal- Southfield, Michigan Grand Champion-Vincennes Lincoln
  22. 2011 Contest Dates

    Why such a late date?
  23. 2010 Public BotY Vote

    Okay found it thanks.
  24. 2010 Public BotY Vote

    For some reason I did not receive an e-mail when I submitted my address.
  25. Scores for 10/30

    spookresults2010.pdf In case anyone was interested in the Oblong parade results, here they are.