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  1. Week 8 Predictions/Scores

    The only competition this week in Illinois is the Greater St. Louis Marching Band Festival in Belleville, IL Schedule: 1A 1:00 MacArthur 1:15 Coal City 1:30 Rockford 1:45 Lafayette County, MO 2:00 Effingham 2A 2:30 Mascoutah 2:45 Washington, MO 3:00 Urbana 3:35 Waterloo 3:30 Republic, MO 1A-2A Awards 4:00 3A 5:30 Collinsville 5:45 Alton 6:00 Northwest, MO 6:15 Lafayette, MO 6:30 Parkway South, MO 4A 7:00 Normal 7:15 Morton 7:30 O'fallon Township 3A-4A Awards 8:00
  2. 9/25 scores, predictions, and results

    I’m very curious about that Mt. Zion prediction but after all it’s just a prediction!
  3. COVID 19

    Yeah my band is planning on doing concert band outside to substitute marching band. They do sell covers for each instrument to reduce the chance of covid passing through the air which is what our band is planning on making.
  4. COVID 19

    It would be pretty hard to run a marching band during the spring because of WGI and other activities that the students within the marching band may have during the spring time.
  5. COVID 19

    It's sadly looking like the end of competitive marching band for this year. At least in Illinois.
  6. Updating Band Pages on the Website

    It's all good!
  7. Updating Band Pages on the Website

    Hi, I uploaded multiple pictures and a video for my bands page to be updated. It has been almost a week and the bands page hasn't been updated yet. Is there anyone that is currently working on the site that can help?
  8. COVID 19

    Is there any statement saying this or is it just rumored?
  9. Don't know if you'll see this but I just wanted to add that this aged well.
  10. Top Illinois Marching Band Voting

    I'm kinda surprised that Belleville East isn't on this list since they beat out Granity City and Collinsville at BOA St.Louis in 2019.