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  1. COVID 19

    ISU has now followed suit and officially cancelled. bummer.
  2. How Marching Band is Judged

    Dude. Go back to the 1980’s. You’ll be much happier with the marching band product. I think I disagree with almost every single thing you just said and I wouldn’t even know where to begin. So it’s not really worth arguing about.
  3. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    What an awesome weekend of marching band in Indianapolis. I was able to catch all of finals on Flo Marching as well as most IL bands in prelims. I was sad to see Marian and Prospect miss out on finals. I hope Marian can clean and refine to be able to push for a spot in GN finals, however, it's looking pretty bleak right now. Having said that, three cheers to Lockport, O'fallon and Lincoln-Way. All three represented our state in finals with outstanding shows. Congrats to Lockport for their first ever Indy Super Regional Finals appearance. They have gotten soooo good over the past few years. Also, congrats to LW. It's no small feat to finish in front of a band the caliber of Homestead, and they did it twice (prelims and finals). It is going to be a real treat to see the continued development of Lockport and LW over the next few years. I think they both could have a Grand National Finals appearance in their future. Congrats to all of the bands who just finished their season, what a banner year for IL marching band. Good luck to all the bands continuing on to the coming weeks!
  4. U of I Results

    I have been really impressed with the development of the U of I show over the past 5 years or so. The venue in Champaign is the best in the state. With the bad weather this year they were able to do a full field show competition on their indoor turf, instead of a standstill. Which is a HUGE plus. However, I don't really think there is a comparison between the two shows when it comes to level of competition. ISU seems to attract most of the bands that are achieving at the highest levels of BOA, U of I has not been able to consistently attract those types of bands to their show. Time will tell if that trend continues, but despite whether you agree with how a specific judging panel calls a show, theres no doubt ISU is the show that reigns supreme right now.
  5. How Marching Band is Judged

    The reality is that the "arms race" has been going on since the mid to late 90's. If you look at the highest achieving BOA bands, they are spending a stupid amount of money to compete. I have no issue with it, if you as a school have the money and want to spend it on your marching production, go right ahead. But it does price out "the little guy" when it comes to competitive success on the biggest stage. Thats not to say that those bands spending big money cant play and march. What kids are doing these days in high school marching band is just amazing.
  6. ISU Results

    I think you are exactly right. I in no way want to take away from the achievements of any of the bands who performed on Saturday. DGS is a very good band and unfortunately got a bad draw. You'd hope that judges can have the ability to manage numbers, especially at a state level contest. DGS competed against Jacobs twice earlier this season, beating them by almost 10 points and 20 points each time out. Now, one could argue DGS going on in the largest class at those shows and Jacobs going on in the smallest class helped DGS in those results. I would agree with that. Either way, to have only 2 6A bands represented in finals while all 5 5A bands advanced, in the first year that the performance order was flipped, is very curious.
  7. ISU Results

    How is that any more of a problem then a band from a school of almost 4,000 kids with 2 different campuses competing against a band from a school of 600 kids? That happened this weekend in finals and no one seemed to care. Oh, and the amount of money spent by the band from the school of 4,000 is most likely at least 5 times if not 10 times more than the band from the school of 600 (I am totally speculating, but would guess its close). If you want to say that combining is the issue, I would argue with you on that point (of which I am doing). The combined band is more a symptom of the much larger problem of inequality throughout the activity.
  8. ISU Results

    I feel like I have responded in detail to your point (that I have put in bold above). And you have chosen not to respond, and instead engage with the obviously biased LW supporters (I can still hear those damn cow bells ringing in my ears from Saturday : ) I very clearly listed in my previous post a plethora of examples of ways there are uneven playing fields in the arena of competitive marching band. But for some reason, the only one we seem to want to talk about is the combined band. Marching Band as an activity is inherently uneven. In my opinion, its not "ethical" to talk about one "inequality" without recognizing ALL of the "inequalities" that exist in the activity.
  9. ISU Results

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and I genuinely respect yours. Hell, I might even agree with you to an extent. However, the activity of marching band is riddled with "inequality". If you want to say a band being combined constitutes inequality, I can understand where you are coming from. But lets talk about the bands who are completely extra-curricular vs bands who get to rehearse everyday in class as a curricular ensemble, as well as after school. Inequality? I'd say so. Lets talk about bands who clearly are lucky enough to have the financial support of the community, school district or their own parents pocket books in a way that other bands couldn't dream of having. More money means more/better instruction, bigger more flashy props, nicer equipment etc...Inequality? Yep. Lets talk about bands of 50 or 60 kids being adjudicated against bands of 200+ just because their school is a certain size (every school has different requirements of being in marching band which could affect their size), inequality? Seems like it. Honestly, I could continue, but I think I have made my point. Marching band has inherent facets that are not equal. No matter what we do or say, I don't think there is a way to take "inequality" out of the activity. So instead of zeroing in on a particular issue (combined bands) and specifically zeroing in on a certain band (Lincoln-Way), why cant we recognize the inherent inequalities to the activity and accept them for what they are. Instead of complaining about something or someone we don't like, why not remember what this activity does for the young people of our state, and support ALL of them. Because at the end of the day, they all are 14-18 year old kids dedicating a boat load of their time and energy into something for the greater good. Personally, I have MASSIVE amounts of respect and admiration for every kid who chooses to do this with their fall, regardless of what program they are in.
  10. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    I agree. Based on their performance this past weekend, I would be very surprised if Lockport was not in finals this weekend.
  11. ISU Results

    I wouldn't let a few anonymous naysayers get you down. Lincoln-Way has a uniquely special show this year. I will be actively rooting for them, and every other Illinois band competing in Indianapolis this weekend. Hoping Illinois can get 4, maybe even 5!!! bands into finals.
  12. Traditional Uniforms VS Costumes

    For me it completely depends on the show and the band. If the costume makes sense and is not overdone, I think it’s awesome. When I say overdone I am thinking Blue Stars in DCI. Almost kitschy. I am also a huge fan of the traditional uniform. I really think bands like Lockport and Prospect have classy uniforms and enjoy their visual product.
  13. ISU Results

    This conversation is getting old, and frankly starting to sound more like sour grapes and less like a general concern for the overall health and quality of the activity. As it currently stands, there are no rules or guidelines preventing any school/district from combining. BOA clearly allows it and has for many years (well before LW or Normal combined). And there is no governing body in Illinois to prevent it. We can talk until we’re blue in the face about the “equity” or “fairness” of it. I personally don’t care one way or the other. Maybe I would feel differently if I were associated with one of the bands whose placements are potentially being negatively affected by a combined band. However, I am definitely not going to diminish the achievements of students who are a part of any band. They all work hard and deserve to be recognized just as much as any other group regardless of the structure of their band.
  14. ISU Results

    I agree 100% they did a great job competing. They deserved the top spot in 6A in prelims no doubt. They should be proud of the product they have created. It’s truly among the best of the best. Frankly, all 40+ bands who performed on Saturday should be proud. The work ethic required to be a part of a competitive marching band is second to none. Regardless of where you place. That’s the awesome part about this activity. Bravo to ALL of the students who performed on Saturday.
  15. ISU Results

    I would hardly consider Lockport a “dark horse”. Lockport is an outstanding band, they play and march so well. I love their show this year. Lockport placed 21st in Semi’s at grand nationals last year. That’s not a dark horse. I would consider Jacobs being in finals a dark horse. Speaking as someone who has no allegiance to any band, I appreciate the quality of Illinois marching band right now. I feel the depth of quality shows and bands is getting larger and I can’t wait to see where the future takes all of these great bands and students.