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  1. ISU Results

    Agreed. Lockport Township has a very well executed show this year. I definitely think they were robbed of the top spot at ISU.
  2. ISU Results

    Where was the growth, dear panel, to justify a 10 point jump in 1 week?

    I have to say that I am shocked with regards to the scoring for the top 2 placements in general. Considering last weekend's results, I just don't see growth that justifies a 10 point jump. I am, however, super impressed with the changes and cleaning that we have seen with Marian's show in just 1 week. Looking forward to seeing what they bring next week.

    Again, I say to keep in mind that Marian has performed their show devoid of a closer. They were missing one entire movement at Lincolnway completely. I cannot wait to see what they have been able to add in just one week. Good luck to all bands this Saturday! Should be a really fun competition to watch!

    Unfortunately, I missed Providence at Lincolnway. I was really looking forward to seeing their show. I hope to see them make finals at ISU. I wonder if they have a shot at the title against Morton...
  6. Lincoln way invitational results

    Well, history means something and it means nothing all at the same time. I think we can all concur that last year was anything but typical for Marian. They are attempting a monster of a show this year which was barely halfway finished at the Iowa regional. Considering they had a full point on both LW and Lockport, add a closer and a week of cleaning to what they had at Lincolnway and I think it will make them hard to beat at ISU. Looking forward to what Saturday has in store.
  7. Lincoln way invitational results

    What exactly does that mean, by default?