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  1. COVID 19

    It will be interesting to see, in Feb. 30s would be warm and there's a possibility of snow. Spring time in this area could be hit or miss. Plus, it's a little more difficult than just gutting it out for one night. You also need time to practice and prepare something even if it is a very simple show. I suppose they could just stand around an play some pep tunes. I heard some bands (especially those in some rural areas) were still working on some kind of show and looking at doing some kind of virtual competitions. Anyone else hear this and if so how would this even work? EDIT: I was searching around a little bit and I found this offering from USBands. It seems like a pretty decent alternative for groups that are still trying to put a show on the field. https://yea.org/news/new-virtual-performance-option-announced
  2. COVID 19

    IHSA officially moves Football and other high risk fall sports from Feb - May. and spring sports are moved from May - Jun. Lol no way are bands are getting out there to play at football games in Feb.
  3. COVID 19

    True, but I doubt there is going to even be WGI this year. Concert band may even be gone too because once you get kids playing instruments inside that is a whole new ballgame. There is a study going on right now on musical instruments and the initial findings don't spell good news for band kids https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/it-safe-strike-band-time-coronavirus
  4. COVID 19

    I read today that IHSA has a proposal to move the fall sports to spring of 2021. I'm not a director so I don't know how feasible that would be to move some kind of abbreviated marching season to then too but maybe it's worth at least having a conversation about it.
  5. COVID 19

    I wonder what the reaction is going to be should football go on as usual. I don't see how that is any safer than having a smaller competition where you space out the bands so only a couple are on campus at the same time and spaced out.
  6. COVID 19

    That's disappointing for the kids especially the seniors. This is not a surprise though but I was kind of hoping they would at least be able to pull off some kind of virtual competitions where you record your show and send it in to be judged if that is even possible at all.
  7. COVID 19

    This is going to be interesting. If they are able to have a marching season are they going to be allowed to have fans in the seats? If there are no fans I doubt a lot of schools that host these competitions will still have them because the fans and concessions are where they make their money. Let's hope for the best and that things are allowed to continue especially for the upcoming Seniors and what would be their last marching season.
  8. what schools surprised you the most

    Agree with Romeoville, Providence and Andrew. Also HD Jacobs who came on strong at the end making finals.
  9. How Marching Band is Judged

    I agree, park and blow is hot topic but it wins with the judges in both marching band and DCI. These show designers are masters of when to have the players march and stand still and their staging is outstanding. I don't like it either but there is still a lot of good skilled performance that goes on. The visual body and dance requirements put on the players these days are very challenging. The bands or corps that are marching while playing difficult passages have more trouble cleaning those parts of the show and thus don't score as well.
  10. ISU Results

    Agreed, there are inequalities everywhere no matter what the level. Even LW is at a disadvantage compared to some of these powerhouses in BOA. Look at the budgets of some of these top schools on BOA. Some of them are in the hundreds of thousands and they bring in the best experts from around the country. That makes LW the little guy! I'm rooting for any of our IL schools in BOA against some of these giants. I felt bad for those DGS kids not making finals but they got to celebrate this weekend at UofI and a lot of other schools got to see success at some of the local competitions. Let's celebrate this activity, it gives everyone from the small schools to the large ones a chance to compete and have success. Unlike sports, every kid gets to participate and be apart of something special. In the end, the memories you have as an adult about High School marching band are not where you placed at these competitions but feelings you had walking off the field with your friends.
  11. ISU Results

    Wow so only 2 6A bands are in and all 5 5A bands made finals. Crazy

    I doubt they will beat Morton but it would be nice if they made it. I always thought the way the classes are split for the bands for state (i.e school size instead of band size) was not really fair. Having a 40 piece band go against a 140 piece band is really lopsided. We always had knew going into the state that there was 0% chance of making finals no matter how well we performed our show so for someone like Providence to sneak into finals would be like Hoosiers (my favorite sports movie by the way).

    I agree with Notinband. I have no affiliation with Providence either but I did see them a few times. They only have like 40 or so members in their band but they are killing it for that small of a size. I come from a small school too so I am rooting for them to represent us smaller bands.
  14. Lincoln way invitational results

    I was there for the whole thing and yes the temperature and wind played a huge factor. That field was surrounded by corn fields so the wind was hollowing through there. I have seen these bands at other competitions and they sounded a lot better.
  15. LincolnWay invitational Predictions

    1A/2A results 1A 1. Providence Catholic (Music, Visual, GE) 2. WWS (Perc, Aux) 3. Glenbrook North 2A 1. Lemont (Visual, GE) 2. Batavia (Music, Perc, Aux) 3. Lasalle Peru