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  1. COVID 19

    I think its going to be very interesting with Bands possible starting camp later in the season then normal. more time to work on music but less time to clean drill.
  2. COVID 19

    Hello, Hope everyone is staying safe!! I wanted to see if anyone thinks that COVID 19 will effect this marching season?
  3. BOA Grand National Championships — Nov. 12–14, 2020

    I don't know if Lincoln way will go. I know in the past the school Dist is really hard on them for taking the Kids out of class, Also they will be doing Macy's. I do expect to see Marian and Lockport maybe even Morton ?
  4. Grand National Championships — Nov. 12–14, 2020 Thought this would be a fun topic/ tracker to see who is going and who is Rumored to go ??

    Hey Hey! Here is my take of the Top 10! TOP 5 1) Lincoln-Way 2) O'Fallon Township 3) Lockport Township 4) Marian Catholic 5) Prospect Next 5 6) Downers Grove South 7) John Hersey 8) Victor J. Andrew 9) Morton 10) Illinois Valley Central Would love to see some ILL Bands attend Grand Nationals this year! I know there are some fun rumors out there and BOA Indy is going to be EPIC this year will the possible Line up!. Exciting stuff to some next season.

    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing! I think Indy will help a lot of the top bands next year for recruitment! LW and Lockport really need to keep there numbers up if they want to keep competing at higher level. Also I know there are some rumors about lots of ILL bands going to Grand nationals next year..

    I wanted to have some off season fun! We all know Hornranks top 32. I wanted to see what everyone's top 10 bands in the state.. We could also use this as prediction for next season. This is Hornranks end of year ranking. ( Pulled only IL bands) 18.Lincoln-Way H.S., IL (18)26. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL (24)Next 10, Lockport Township (IL), Marian Catholic (IL), What are your top 10 Illinois bands.??
  8. Indy Super Regional Predictions

    Here are my thoughts!! Its going to be a fun one! FINALS 1. Avon H.S., IN2. Carmel H.S., IN3. Blue Springs H.S., MO4. Homestead H.S., IN5. Castle H.S., IN6. Centerville H.S., OH7. Center Grove H.S., IN8. Lincoln-Way H.S., IL 9. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL10. Fishers H.S., IN11. Marian Catholic H.S., IL12. Lockport Township H.S., IL13. North Hardin H.S., KY14. Prospect H.S., IL
  9. Lincoln way invitational results

    I could not agree more! Its great to see all this fun discussion. When it comes to Props... On the other side LW did not put there Props up during the show...I would say because of wind. I will have to say aftering seeing there show the week before at BOA and this weekend its a much different show when the props are up and moving with people on it and such. For Marian, I am sure they have much more to build on to that show and its one beast of a show! Exciting to see them get there groove back after last season. Its going to my close like in '07 maybe by 0.8 My picks for ISU: 1. Lincoln-Way 2. Marian Catholic 3. Lockport Township
  10. Lincoln way invitational results

    I could not agree with you more! listening to the videos online...I was like ya this does not sound like the bands and how they have been playing. I think the wind played a big role in music and sure it sounded way different in person.

    First! Best of luck to all of the bands this weekend!! Its going to be prefect weather and great showcase!! Here are my predictions. 2A: Morton 1A: IVC 4A: Romeoville 3A: Marian Catholic 6A: Lincoln-Way 5A: Prospect Finals: 1. Lincoln-Way 2. Marian Catholic 3. Lockport Township I think top 3 are going to be a close one!!! But LW with so much GE in the show and cleaning up the music they will pull it out for a Back to Back Win 4. Warren Township 5. Prospect 6. John Hersey 7. Morton 8. Downers Grove South 9. Romeoville 10. Plainfield North 11. Galesburg 12. Joliet West 13. Batavia 14. IVC
  12. Lincoln way invitational results

    Wait they put out the score Lincoln-way got....Interesting...
  13. BOA St. Louis

    Here is what I am thinking for Finals 1. Broken Arrow, OK2. Blue Springs, MO 3. LD Bell, TX 4. Jenks, OK 5. Coppel, TX6. Franklin, TN 7. O'Fallon Township, IL8. Haltom, TX9. Bixby, OK10. Union, OK 11. Rosemount, MN12. Bentonville, AR13. Lincoln, SD14. Air Academy, CO
  14. LincolnWay invitational Predictions

    Hello everyone! Here are my Thoughts!! 1A: Herscher 2A: Batavia 3A: Lockport Grand Champion: Lockport 1A is going to be close between Herscher and Providence but I really do feel that Herscher is going to pull this one out. 3A is going to be such a fun one to watch!! Nothing like watching two amazing bands fight for the top spot . Marian with such a great history but coming off a so so season and looking to make some moves this year. Lockport is an up and coming band over the last couple of years making there mark. I feel that Lockport has what is takes to pull head of Marian right before ISU. Good luck to all of the bands this weekend!!
  15. BOA Muncie Indiana

    Just putting this out there! Horn rank has put there thoughts out there. thought it would be fun to show what people are thinking outside of the state. Medalist Predictions 1. Lincoln-Way H.S., IL2. Fishers H.S., IN3. Centerville H.S., OH Adjudication Panel Music: Chris Ferrell, Mike Howard, Michael Leitzke, Monte Mast, .Visual: Robert Elliott, Kyle Miller, and Bob Thomas.Chief: Dean Westman. www.hornrank.com