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  1. Bands to watch in 2019

    My analysis of the top nine bands from ISU last year. I do not know a lot about the remaining bands. Lincoln Way – The band to beat, and probably will remain so. They have the largest band and the largest pool of students from their schools. O’Fallon Township – Very nice show the past couple of years, but the question is whether they can repeat. It will be interesting to see what their show will be this year. While not at ISU in 2019, they are going to several BOA competitions where other Illinois bands are performing. Marian Catholic – Best band musically. Always has great shows, but the show theme last year was not as powerful as past shows. I expect better this year. Lockport Township – Excellent visual performances. Excellent soloist performances. Watching their YouTube video of their 2018 Grand Nationals performance provides an overall perspective you do not see at local competitions. Lockport has always placed a very close second to Lincoln Way in the ISU 6A field, so this a band to watch in the future. Prospect – Their show is always well executed. One of the bands you don't want to miss performing. Always a very good band and will remain within the top five. Lake Park – Very nice show and well executed. I believe band size has limited them the recent past. Morton – Excellent all-around band. Finished 29th at 2018 Grand Nationals. They do not have the appearance of a small school band, and appear to be a very dedicated group. I expect Morton to remain the top 2A band for several years. Downers Grove South – An excellent show in 2018. I expect they will build from this show in 2019. Another band you want to watch. Bloomington – A band with very good potential. My belief is their show needs to be more artistic.
  2. Bands to watch in 2019

    I don't think there will be much difference from the past couple of years. O'Fallon not being at ISU will affect boasting rights in the state, but O'Fallon will be at BOA competitions with other Illinois bands.
  3. Another VERY VERY early prediction (ISU)

    This may not be quite right (but I'm not certain). The band who wins first place in each class automatically qualifies finals. But then it gets a little complicated. For Class 1A to 4A, the next three highest scores qualifies for finals, so a total of seven from 1A to 4A. For Class 5A and 6A, the next five highest scores (after the two first place bands) for those two classes qualifies for finals, so a total of 14.