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  1. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    I was told by a friend up in Galesburg that their show is... ” “Along Came A Spider” Selections: Bruckners Symphony 8 “finale” Aha! Imogen Heap Bodecia by Enya Firebird Suite Finale”
  2. Another VERY VERY early prediction (ISU)

    The next highest scores in any given class, so the next highest scores in ALL preliminary performances is how I understand it to be. I may be wrong but I believe that’s how it goes.
  3. I wanted to insert my opinion on the other Illinois "State" competition, which is at Illinois State University. Again I will emphasize, as I did in my U of I prediction these are early and will change as the season evolves. I will predict the places in performance order, remember those who win first place in EACH class will automatically win a finals spot and then the next 8 with the highest scores in any given class will qualify for finals. I will not predict scores rather predict what bands have the strength (judged by past history) to qualify for finals and in what order they will finish. CONFIRMED ISU BAND LIST: https://finearts.illinoisstate.edu/band-day/ISMBC 2019 Participating Bands.pdf Preliminary Competition Class 2A Morton Limestone Community Metamora Class 1A Illinois Valley Central University Eureka Class 4A John Hersey Batavia Rock Island Class 3A Marian Catholic Galesburg Bloomington Class 6A Lincoln-Way Lockport Township Warren Township Class 5A Prospect Victor J Andrew HD Jacobs Finals Competition Lincoln-Way HS Marian Catholic HS Lockport Township HS Warren Township HS Lake Park HS Prospect HS John Hersey HS Downers Grove South HS Victor J Andrew HS Morton HS Galesburg HS Batavia HS Plainfield North HS Illinois Valley Central HS GRAND CHAMPION LINCOLN-WAY HS Disclaimer; I will update this again about 2-3 weeks into marching season and then again a week out from the invitational itself.
  4. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    You also put Bloomington in third in 3A and Galesburg in 2nd then put Bloomington in finals over Galesburg.
  5. Extremely early U of I predictions

    I think any one of the first place has the sheer “power” to win grand champion. But I’d say 5a maybe 4a (but the depends on the weather)
  6. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    Risky to put Paris and even Limestone in finals over Rock Island or Romeoville, or even Galesburg. Rock Island is decent, Romeoville is big and typically doesn’t do too bad, and Galesburg is enjoy success in their entire music program with Andy Empey.
  7. Extremely early U of I predictions

    Take this all with a grain of salt, I’ll update it once the season is underway. Here’s the confirmed participants; https://www.bands.illinois.edu/imbc-confirmed-participants Class 1A 1st: Wateska 2nd: Rushville-Industry 3rd: Sullivan Class 2A 1st: IVC 2nd: Effingham 3rd: Sherrard Class 3A 1st: Mahomet-Seymour 2nd: East Peoria 3rd: Streator Class 4A 1st: Galesburg 2nd: Bloomington 3rd: Washington Class 5A 1st: Plainfield North 2nd: Elk Grove 3rd: AA Stagg Class 6A 1st: Downers Grove South 2nd: Minooka 3rd: Normal
  8. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    So who is in finals by your prediction?
  9. 2019 Marching Season

    What I meant to say is that assuming Normal remains consolidated they will pull a Lincoln-Way situation where they grow to be a very successful and good band.
  10. 2019 Marching Season

    I agree with most of what you said, I will add though; I thinking Morton will continue their charge toward prosperity in their program and maybe even start if not overtake that of Marian Catholic. With the I also expect a growth in the program at Galesburg to take the place of Morton right now, both those schools could be fun to watch. Also yeah Lincoln-Way, O'Fallon Township, and Lockport will rule Illinois this coming year. Warren Township also a pretty good program with solid musicians. I expect to see Normal, assuming the stay consolidated, will pull in Lincoln-Way in the next one to two years and we will see them grow as a united program. United Township, Rock Island regions are always good programs as well as Dunlap and East Peoria I expect to see them maintain their musical talent. Then Grayslake North, Lakes Community (Lake County) will also likely thrive as they have consistently made finals or placed at competitions they went to. Washington Community will stay up there but again they faced threats from programs like Galesburg this year and they will again next year. I am excited to see who goes to both ISU and U of I this coming year given they are on different days, maybe we can get Prospect, O'Fallon, Victor J, Lockport, and Lincoln-way back to U of I and also see them again at ISU. Also interested to see the up and coming bands, the "bailouts" per say at top notch competitions like Lake Park, Downers Grove South, ISU, and even BOA. This will be a great season in that schools you'd never expect to see competing with Marian Catholic or O'Fallon Township will be giving them runs for their money all across the board. I think the most successful out of state band is probably Greendale, WI expect to see them back and killing it once again. With less than 5 months until the first programs start pulling finals strings and starting their seasonal training and such the anticipation is growing at an astounding rate. Good luck to all the programs this year for sure!
  11. 2019 Marching Season

    Just a general discussion question... What IL bands are going to be in the spotlight next year? Who is rising up? Who will be the bands to watch next year? Who are the top three threats in 2019?
  12. Prediction for University of Illinois Marching Band Championships

    I say galesburg is above Grayslake North maybe Lakes Community.
  13. Prediction for University of Illinois Marching Band Championships

    Interested in you reasoning for each large school.
  14. Power rankings are going to be my new thing because I beleive it is not really effective to simply make a prediction without backing them up with a seasonal power ranking. Each School has their big advantages and their big weaknesses. It is important to remember that NO band is ‘better’ than another and each and every program and individual always has personal strengths they express and weaknesses they can improve on. Lets start with Class 4A; This Band is filled with solid programs, excellence, and potential. This will be fun to watch, each band will express talent many bands wouldn’t be able to, so regaurdless of power ranking remember this class is a talented one. first on my power rank is Galesburg, Galesburg went 10 years with a drought and a program that was really developing per say. Now Galesburg has recently gotten a new director in Andy Empey and the program has skyrocketed to levels I’ve never seen them at. 5th at Morton defeating Eureka which is a solid program and coming within points of defeating Minooka which is also very solid. At Dunlap, the band came 1-2 points from defeating Limestone Community which is in fact one of the most talented programs in the state, and came second overall. Most importantly, the Grand Champion the band pulled off at Metamora, no school marched but this broke standards for this band and they have a lot to take pride in following this victory. I expect them to battle hard for a 2nd place spot and would rule them out of 1st at U of I and I think their minimum is 4th. Lakes Community, this band of about 65-70 defeated probably 200 strong Washington in Finals at Downers Grove. I expected a lot from them, but I expect even more. The big ‘threats’ in this class being Washington, Grayslake North, and Galesburg will also have to worry about these guys because they are going to be clean cut, calm, cool, collected program at the Championships. Washington and Grayslake North I expect to be solid. With the top 4 again being Washington, Grayslake North, Galesburg, and Lakes Community, they should place no less than 4th in this class. Next is 5a This is where the money is for most predictions. First in my list is Belleville East, these guys give me chills down my spine, I’m sure some of you can relate. I cannot wait to see these guys because they will be fantastic. They I beleive will win the grand champion award and take 1st in their class. As far as I know they have no real changes in the program except for the show of course. Also they didn’t attend U of I last year. Second is your reigning champion, Granite City. They always put on quite the crowd please and quite the judge pleaser. Excited to see these guys climb back on their bikes and express their musical talent. I don’t know if they will top the top here but they certainly have the chance and they will be good again. Collinsville is last here, they’ll be talented I don’t see them roping first but I do see them in the top 3, certainly placing in their class, maybe top 5 on the day. Now for 6a surprisingly, I don’t expect all too much here. Nice full sounds but not to the extent of 4a and 5a. Minooka, I expect to take top spot here, probably being the most bold program here, and successful this season alone. They are good, but again 4a Galesburg got close at Morton and they won’t play on the day, but Minooka will be talented and you won’t regret watching. I am just going to comment on the rest of the schools for second. ALL schools 4-6a will be good, and hopefully you get the chance to watch because they all have put together programs and exciting shows. this end the power rankings. Comment your opinions as well.
  15. Some of these might be quite controversial choices, as well as I did this on a whim and only watched parts of video. Small School Competition (1a-3a); CLASS 1A 1st Place; Tri-Valley (3rd in Competition) 2nd Place; Watseka Community (6th in Competition) 3rd Place; ROWVA (8th in Competition) CLASS 2A 1st Place; Monticello (GRAND CHAMPIONS) 2nd Place; Effingham (5th in Competition) 3rd Place; St. Joseph-Ogden (7th in Competition) CLASS 3A 1st Place; East Peoria (2nd in Competition) 2nd Place; Mahomet-Seymour (4th in Competition) 3rd Place; University (9th in Competition) Large School Competition (4a-6a) CLASS 4a 1st Place; Lakes Community (2nd in Competition) 2nd Place; Washington (6th in Competition) 3rd Place; Galesburg (7th in Competition) CLASS 5a 1st Place; Belleville East (GRAND CHAMPION) 2nd Place; Granite City (4th in Competition) 3rd Place; Collinsville (5th in Competition CLASS 6a 1st Place; Minooka Community (3rd in Competition) 2nd Place; Carl Sandburg (8th in Competition) 3rd Place; Waubonsie Valley (9th in Competition)