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  1. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    Warren Township- "Winter is Coming" (not Game of Thrones) Mvt 1: Hazy Days of Winter Mvt 2: Black Clouds Mvt 3: Moonlight Sonata
  2. Flip Folders

    You can use rubber bands to wrap around the folder and keep it from flapping
  3. High Schools are starting to go on summer break, so that means most bands will be learning what their show is soon, or have already. Please post your show (or one you know of) below.
  4. Congrats Evanston High School for winning 4A honor band at SuperState 2019!
  5. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    Another bit of info regarding Warren, they're making some major changes to their program this year by extending the amount of rehearsal time they have per week. They also have a non-competitive marching band that will now perform at some football games alone as they train more rigorously for the competitive band. The head BD is retiring in the next few years, so they are preparing for the long haul.
  6. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    Nice, I was on the fence about Rock Island, as their shows are pretty elaborate. I didn't know much about Romeoville though, took a chance with Paris. This all changes when the season starts (I can't wait!)
  7. Extremely early U of I predictions

    I'd put Batavia in at 3rd for 5A, but who do you think takes grand champ/ gets the highest score.
  8. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    I would think finals would finish in this order: Lincoln-Way Marian Catholic Warren Township Prospect Lockport John Hersey Lake Park Morton HD Jacobs Eureka Galesburg Normal Plainfield North Paris Limestone
  9. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    My predictions (1st, 2nd, 3rd in order for each class). 1A: Eureka , Paris, University 2A: Morton, Limestone, Morris 3A: Marian Catholic, Galesburg, Bloomington 4A: John Hersey, Romeoville, Rock Island 5A: Prospect, HD Jacobs, Plainfield North 6A: Lincoln-Way, Warren Township, Lockport
  10. The schedule for Illinois State's marching competition was just released the other day!! Even though most bands probably don't even have their shows yet, what are your early predictions for one of the biggest and most competitive event of the season? 2019 ISU Schedule: D3oVQDSXoAAfUBo.jpg_large
  11. 2019 Marching Season

    Lincoln-Way to dominate again with O'fallon. Can Marion Catholic make a comeback after a somewhat disappointing season?? For small bands, Newton had a break-out season last year, and Mahomet-Seymour did great as well. Also, Edwardsville, Lockport, and Warren Township look to have even better seasons next year.
  12. BOA 2018-19

    I heard O'fallon looked VERY strong.
  13. Time for a change

    Right?!?! There should be at least a field show video thread because I don't think there's many on the site for this year yet.
  14. IHSA Football playoffs

    What bands play at their high school's playoff games? and, if so, just home games as the pep band or do you guys travel with the team (also can apply to the regular season). We play at all our home games and perform our show for halftime (but not in the playoffs). Sometimes the away team's drum line might show up to a game, which seems like a lot of fun except for the cold Illinois weather.