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  1. 2019 Marching Season

    Lincoln-Way to dominate again with O'fallon. Can Marion Catholic make a comeback after a somewhat disappointing season?? For small bands, Newton had a break-out season last year, and Mahomet-Seymour did great as well. Also, Edwardsville, Lockport, and Warren Township look to have even better seasons next year.
  2. BOA 2018-19

    I heard O'fallon looked VERY strong.
  3. Time for a change

    Right?!?! There should be at least a field show video thread because I don't think there's many on the site for this year yet.
  4. IHSA Football playoffs

    What bands play at their high school's playoff games? and, if so, just home games as the pep band or do you guys travel with the team (also can apply to the regular season). We play at all our home games and perform our show for halftime (but not in the playoffs). Sometimes the away team's drum line might show up to a game, which seems like a lot of fun except for the cold Illinois weather.
  5. Thanks, I'll be picking: 1A Eureka for the win, but Macomb will be close behind. This will overall be a close division, but I like Eureka this year. 2A Morton again, followed by Lincoln Community (I don't know many of the bands well in this division) 3A Marian Catholic is the favorite, but expect Dunlap and Bloomington (really showed up at DGS) to fight it out for 2nd. 4A Elk Grove has done a great job this year, and expect them and John Hershey to go at it for 1st. Batavia will follow in 3rd I presume. I didn't really like Rock Island's show this year. 5A O'fallon will dominate this division. I like Plainfield North's show this year (those lights are dope), but I think it will be close for 2nd with Victor J, while Prospect isn't as good this year (lost to Lockport and Licoln-Way while narrowly defeating Warren Township) 6A Lincoln-Way will take it with a repeat of last year followed by Lockport and Lake Park (who would have scored better in Prelims at DGS had they not had issues with their sound system). Again, this is going to be an awesome competition! (expect Lincoln-Way to upset with Grand Champ though).
  6. What Musical is your school doing?

    Warren Township will be doing School of Rock this Spring.
  7. Wish we were going this year
  8. Hoooo boy, it's getting exciting now! One week left until state comp(s). Getting ready for DGS. I didn't know SIU had a competition even though they moved it a week earlier this year.
  9. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    From Greendale, Wisconsin: In class AAAA/AAA, Prospect was awarded auxillary, musical presentation, and visual presentation caption awards, along with 1st place. Warren Township beat them out in the percussion caption award and got 2nd place in that division. (3rd place went to Oak Creek from WI)
  10. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    Now that is a BIG trophy!!
  11. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    I know for certain Prospect, Warren Township, and I think one more smaller band I forgot the name of (at Greendale).
  12. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    I know there is a number of northern Illinois bands that will be at Wisconsin competitions too this weekend so if they aren't at NIU, they either have a by-weekend or they're in Wisconsin.
  13. Since I'm not competing this weekend, I'm excited to see how other bands do. I think Naperville Central 3A looks super exciting as Prospect, Lincoln-Way, Lockport, and Marian Catholic are all usually Grand Champs at smaller competitions. 3A is my class so that's why I'm mostly interested in it.
  14. 2018 Metro East Marching Classic

    I think O'fallon will win.