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    Top 5: The Usual suspects- Lincoln-Way, O'Fallon, Marian Catholic, Lockport Township, Prospect Next 5: Downer's Grove South, John Hersey, Morton, Warren Township, (Tie) Plainfield North and Viccy J
  2. IHSA Football playoffs

    1. Happy Thanksgiving all!! 2. Saturday is the IHSA football finals, so have fun and good luck to Lincoln Way (East) and Warren Township in 8A. Also good luck Mt. Carmel, Nazareth Academy, Prarie Ridge, East St. Louis, St.Rita, Rochester, Richmond-Burton, Murphysboro, Byron, Williamsville, Newman Central, Nashville, Lena-Winslow, and Central A & M.
  3. Indiana State Marching Band Championships

    Any Illinois bands?
  4. U of I Results

    See, at least these judges get things right every year. I'd go as far to say this competition is superior to ISU
  5. ISU Results

    Yes! Pretty much all of 5A went out and killed it, 6A was strong yet dissapointing. 3A and 4A were more competitive than usual I think. 1A and 2A also had some good stuff going on.
  6. ISU Results

    They also should group bands by their actual size and not school size. Like Romeoville should be in like 5A or 6A, while Warren should be in 4A. Idk, I think bands would have different success if they were organized a bit differently and performance times were different.
  7. ISU Results

    To be honest, there were a lot of surprises in prelims. Like Downers Grove south got 15th out of 5A/6A in music individual, and what was Huntley's penalty? I don't agree with Plainfield North's visual scores. And how in the hell did Warren come up 7th? I know they've beaten some of those bands like Lake Park and Downers Grove South in the past.


    ^^I agree Marian Catholic has a legitimate chance of winning it all this year, but I just don't see how Warren isn't even the top 5.

    Another bit of commentary is that I'm surprised and proud to think about how much growth has gone on these last few years that groups like Downers Grove South have gotten so much better and with Lincoln-way joining forces. And then you think of the fact that last time Warren went to ISU they got dead last in their division, and now some are predicting they get 3rd or 4th overall. I love how this show gets more and more competitive every year, and that's without O'fallon

    ^The only group that could upset Lincoln-Way is Marian Catholic. Maybe Lockport, they've adjustments to make. Warren doesn't rehearse enough. Prospect's show is clean, but not as interesting/difficult

    Weather is looking really nice for Saturday!

    I'm going with my gut on this one. (makes finals) 2A: (Morton), Providence Valley, Lasalle-Peru 1A: (IVC), University, Eureka 4A: (Romeoville), (John Hersey), (Batavia) 3A: (Marian Catholic), (Galesburg), Limestone 6A: (Lincoln-Way), (Lockport), (Warren), (Downers Grove South), (Joliet West) 5A: (Prospect), (Plainfield North), Viccy J Finals: 1. Lincoln-Way 2. Marian Catholic 3. Warren Township 4. Lockport Township 5. Prospect 6. John Hersey 7. Romeoville 8. Morton 9. Downers Grove South 10. Plainfield North 11. Galesburg 12. Joliet West 13. Batavia 14. IVC
  14. The recap was removed Edit: a new (corrected) one is up.
  15. I can not find a score recap, or the scores in general, but I do know the results for 3A/4A went: 3A 7. Glenbrook South 6. Kaneland 5. Lemont 4. Dekalb 3. Waubonsie Valley (by a 4 point margin) 2. Warren Township (by a .5 point margin) 1. Pike (score was like a 75 from what I remember) 4A 5. Neuqua Valley (their score was below Warren and Pike) 4. Oak Creek (had a higher score than Pike, but that's comparing classes without a finals) 3. Joliet West (over Oak Creek by .05) 2. John Hersey (a couple points between them and Joliet) 1. Prospect (I believe they broke 78) Again, this is just from my memory of last night, I apologize if there are errors, didn't really want to post this yet, but no one's posted the actual scores.