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  1. Can't wait for Wisc-Eau Claire, I know a couple guys who march with 'em
  2. As week 2 wraps up, here's an early look at the schedule for Wheeling Predictions are welcome, though the competition is smaller than last year for some reason.
  3. Beautiful write up, and I agree with these picks on a whole
  4. Providence Catholic Marching Invitational Schedule

    Peeps were doubting Romeoville.
  5. Here's the schedule for another big northern/central illinois competition, with a very nice lineup this year, scores will be interesting. Screenshot (2)_edited.webp
  6. 1st place results: A: Dwight D Eisenhower AA: Lakes AAA: Warren The rest of the results and the recap are now posted on the festival page on this site.
  7. Traditional Uniforms VS Costumes

    I hate it when groups change costume like 3 times during the show, it's becoming real cliche, makes the show messy imo
  8. IL Marching Website

    Half of the mods are still around, they might not have as many resources as the old ones though
  9. IL Marching Website

    I don't know who handles submitted information and media and how they handle it, but I've heard from several people who have contributed haven't seen their stuff actually posted on the site. I just think the structure of the site needs to be a lot more organized to what is relevant since there are so many bands and so many competitions.
  10. Even though it is not on the webpage, the schedule for this smaller Sunday competition (on the 8th) is out: 12:55 pm- National Anthem Class A 1:00- Marengo 1:12- S. Milwaukee 1:24- Grant 1:36- Dwight D. Eisenhower Class AA 1:48- Lakes 2:00- Round Lake 2:12- Antioch Judges Break Class AAA 2:54- Grayslake Central 3:06- Rolling Meadows 3:18- WarrenTownship 3:30- Prairie Ridge 3:42- (Exhibition) Grayslake North 4:00ish- Awards Awards are by class (class is determined by band's size). This is an earlier competition too(no night show).
  11. New Directors and Staffing Moves for 19-20

    This will be Chris Jenkins' (the head BD) last season at Warren Township I believe. I don't thing anything has changed at Grayslake Central or North.
  12. Bands to watch in 2019

    Morton and Washington both will do well again, Limestone kids are awesome, I didn't like Rock Island's show last year but maybe they are still a great band, and Granite City (unless you consider that southern illinois) does a great job picking a show and they'll do great again. I don't know much else about central bands
  13. Bands to watch in 2019

    Can't really make any good predictions until first week or so of the season. The Lancer Joust is a good prediction of the season for Northern bands, Washington's competition for Central and Southern bands.Watch for Downers Grove South, Warren Township, Plainfield North, and Lockport (I have a good feeling about them this year).
  14. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    Warren Township- "Winter is Coming" (not Game of Thrones) Mvt 1: Hazy Days of Winter Mvt 2: Black Clouds Mvt 3: Moonlight Sonata
  15. Flip Folders

    You can use rubber bands to wrap around the folder and keep it from flapping