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  1. BOA Grand Nats

    Semi Results 12th - Roundrock - 89.8 13th - Homestead - 89.5 14th - O'Fallon - 89.05 15th - Owasso - 88.05
  2. BOA Grand Nats

    Congrats to Marian Catholic on another wonderful year.
  3. BOA Grand Nats

    1. 97.500 Carmel H.S., IN2. 96.925 Broken Arrow H.S., OK3. 96.475 Avon H.S., IN4. 95.700 Marcus H.S., TX5. 95.625 Flower Mound H.S., TX6. 92.725 Dobyns Bennett H.S., TN7. 91.825 The Woodlands H.S., TX8. 91.200 Castle H.S., IN9. 91.175 Blue Springs H.S., MO10. 91.025 Union H.S., OK11. 89.800 Marian Catholic H.S., IL12. 89.625 Round Rock H.S., TXMusic: Broken Arrow H.S., OK and Carmel H.S., IN (tie)Visual: Carmel H.S., INGeneral Effect: Carmel H.S., INEspirit de Corps: Miliani H.S., HITournament of Roses Invitation: Flower Mound H.S., TX
  4. BOA Grand Nats

    Good luck to Marian and congrats to O'Fallon on a great year.
  5. BOA Grand Nats

    Marian Catholic plays at 10:15 tomorrow. O'Fallon Township plays at 12:00. Good luck to both bands. Hopefully both can make it to finals.
  6. BOA Grand Nats

    4 Illinois bands will make the trip to Indy this year: O'Fallon will play at 5:15pm on Thursday. On Friday Lake Part will play at 12:30 pm, Marian Catholic at 2:45pm, and Metamora Township at 7:00pm. O'Fallon and Marian Catholic should easily make Semifinals. O'Fallon plays during a very strong Thursday group which includes Broken Arrow, Carmel, Avon, Castle, Marcus Texas and others. Just making the top 11 that day will be a feat. I think O'Fallon pulls it off and finishes 7th on Thursday. Friday is an easier day and Marian Catholic should have no problems and finish in the top 4. I will give you my 4,5,6 (4 fighting for eagle, 5 easily in finals and 6 fighting for last 3 spots.) 4 - Carmel, Avon, Broken Arrow and Flower Mound. 5 - Marian Catholic, Blue Springs, The Woodlands, Castle, Marcus. 6 - O'Fallon, Union, Homestead, William Mason, Round Rock H.S., TX and Dobyns-Bennett H.S.
  7. BOA Super Regionals (St Louis/Indy)

    I do. My paper said Marian my fingers typed Marion. Sorry
  8. 27 Illinois Bands will be participating in BOA Super Regionals this weekend including 12 of the 14 finalists from ISU. 11 Bands will be in Indy including ISU finalists Marian Catholic Lincoln Way Community Lockport Township Limestone Community Victor J Andrew Normal West Other bands in Indy include: Tri-Valley Naperville Central Mahomet-Seymour Rock Island Huntley 16 Bands will be in St Louis including ISU finalists O'Fallon Morton Bloomington Prospect Plainfield North Lake Park Other bands in St Louis include: Alton Batavia Monticello Collinsville Belleville East Normal Community Danville Herscher East Peoria Community Naperville North
  9. ISU

    http://ilmarching.com/?p=1404 Yes it will
  10. DM as soloist?

    If you are talking Band Of America then