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  1. Time for a change

    Really disappointing, and downright rude at this point. I’m talking about the moderator, obviously.
  2. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    Pike is from Indianapolis. They came up last year and beat Waubonsie Valley by 11 points and scored an 82. Like most Indiana bands, they’re really good. They actually hired a new design team at the start of 2016. New color guard director, wind arranger, drill designer, visual choreographer and a much larger band. They have upped their game each year since the start of 2016. They have had back to back top 5 finishes in their class at finals. I honestly expect them to run away with the class tomorrow night.
  3. Results 9/30

    How was the NIU show? I wanted to get out and see the groups but had to work. Who stood out?