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  1. Class 1A: Wheaton North Mt. Zion Lincoln-Way West Grant Community Providence Catholic Wahtseka Community Class 2A: United Township Rochelle Township Antioch Lincoln-Way Central William Howard Taft Alan B. Shepard A.A. Stagg Class 3A: Glenbrook South Dekalb Plainfield East Lake Park Oswego Batavia Waukesha North, WI Your top 10 Finalists?
  2. Scores for the weekend of October 17, 2015

    Can't wait! So many great bands! I'm going to sleep now
  3. Who will win 4A at ISU?

  4. 2015 Show Titles

    I can't wait to see Olympia's show. Heard it's West Side Story! Wanna see what kind of twist they put on it. Very creative, credit to the instructors.
  5. Who are your Finalist Bands from 1A-4A?

    No lol I graduated from a school in Minnesota I'm a follower of Normal West. My close friends daughter goes there. I saw them at the Normal West invitational and they surprised me..
  6. Scores for the weekend of October 10, 2015

    Wheeling really showing up lately.
  7. Who are your Finalist Bands from 1A-4A?

    Just saying, United Township has surprised everyone winning 1st place in everything plus a grand championship so far. They are considered the best underdog, even though I haven't seen them, I truly believe.