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  1. ISU Results

    At this point, most people are using something that at least resembles the BOA system and sheets- which was not true all that long ago. The most common variation is those that only hire one Mus GE judge (perfectly appropriate way to save $$ for hosts of smaller shows IMHO). The big issue I see is that we need more high quality, trained judges in Illinois. There are definitely some excellent judges in the state, but we need more. There are a lot of judges that lack high-level experience in the activity and/or don't understand modern marching band adjudication (i.e. number management). I don't mind not having an official state system most of the time, but having one would help ensure consistent judge training. I
  2. Normal Marching Invitational results

    10.12.19 Normal TABS FINAL ALL.pdf

    7 Finalists from 1-4A (Class champions + the next 3 highest scores regardless of class) 7 Finalists from 5A-6A (Class champions + next 5 highest scores regardless of class) At least this is how it's been done in recent history.
  4. BOA St. Louis

    First BOA show for a couple of these schools, yeah? (or at least first in a while)
  5. Tabulation was done by a third party company and the judging panel was in place before the new director was hired. David Boggs ran a great show at McKendree (with smooth logistics and strong judging panels). I fully expect the show to run smoother, have better number management, and no tabulation errors in the future.
  6. Very interested to see a full recap of the whole day. I believe tabulation was outsourced to the same third party who manages the judges recordings.
  7. Hmmm interesting... Thanks for sharing!
  8. I figured it was some combination of both, but knowing some of the schools and their band sizes I can't see where the divisions are, especially if 1a and 1b are separate classes.
  9. Does anyone know how these classes were broken down?
  10. Here’s the recap that was posted:
  11. BOA Muncie Indiana

    There are a lot of bands that I'm not super familiar with here. Lincoln-Way should make finals and do pretty well at that. I'm a little surprised we're not seeing some of the bigger name Indiana schools here, but there are 7 other shows going on in Indiana this weekend. Also with the Indy Super Regional and Grand Nats, I'm not sure how appealing doing another BOA show is for some of them. The next couple weekends are ISSMA shows, so perhaps the thought is to take an off weekend now while they have a chance.
  12. Finals Results: 1) Blue Springs 82.85 (Visual, GE-Tie) 2) Rosemont 82.60 (Music- Tie, GE- Tie) 3) Camdenton 80.65 4) O'Fallon Township 79.75 (Music-Tie) 5) Marian Catholic 76.85 6) Lockport Township 76.30 7) Lincoln 73.05 8) Independence 72.95 9) Nixa 72.95 10) Blue Springs South 71.50
  13. Congratulations to all four Illinois bands on placing in their classes at the Iowa regional! O'Fallon, Lockport, and Marian Catholic perform in finals tonight.
  14. Danville Viking Invitational

    Some nice small bands are here. Should be a good show, assuming the rain holds off! Champaign Central is the larges program here by far and will more than likely be GC by quite a margin.
  15. I'll refrain from predictions until after we see results form this weekend. I'll just say this is a really exciting line up of groups. EIU has new marching band director this year, for anyone who was curious/didn't know.