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  1. 2016 Sullivan Marching Band Competition

    I have updated our band website and registration page, as some people were encountering an issue with the page loading. If you did register successfully, I still have your registration! Here is a new link to register that will work better. It has been updated in the original post as well. Hope to see you in Sullivan on September 10th! http://sullivanband.weebly.com/2016-marching-festival.html Brock Feece feeceb@sullivan.k12.il.us
  2. Dear Colleagues, We would like to invite you to the 3rd Annual Sullivan Marching Band Competition! September 10th, 2016 We hope you are able to join us for an exciting day of marching band in Sullivan, IL. Our facilities and format make this a great place to start your competitive season and take your show "on the road" for the first time! We promise to provide a quality judging panel and festival atmosphere that will guarantee a great experience for you and your students. Competitive classes will be based on band size, and placement trophies as well as caption awards will be given in each class. Returning this year is the clinic portion of our competition, where your band will get to work with an experienced marching adjudicator that will provide you and your students with valuable feedback as you approach the rest of the season. Please fill out the online registration at http://sullivanband.weebly.com/2016-marching-festival.html and mail payment of $125 to: Sullivan High School c/o Brock Feece 725 N. Main Street Sullivan, IL 61951 Feel free to contact me with any questions about our event, and we look forward to seeing you on September 10th! Brock Feece feeceb@sullivan.k12.il.us 217-728-8311 x231
  3. Dear Colleagues, I want to invite you and your band to join us in Sullivan, IL on Saturday, September 12th for the 2nd Annual Sullivan Marching Band Competition! Lots of preparation is taking place to provide what is sure to be a great experience for your students, staff, and fans. Not only will it be an early opportunity to perform your show “on the road", but the format of our festival will provide a great educational opportunity for your students. You will get the chance to perform in a great facility and be evaluated by a quality panel of judges who are all experienced educators and leaders in the marching arts. After your group performs, they will receive a clinic with a marching band clinician who observed your performance. This clinic, as well as the judge's comments, will provide constructive feedback as you move onto the rest of the season. Competitive classes will be based on band size, and the competition will begin in the afternoon to avoid sports conflicts. Please follow the link below to register for this year’s festival, and we hope to see you in Sullivan on September 12th! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. http://goo.gl/forms/Yg5zaCo8jo Brock Feece Director of Bands Sullivan Schools feeceb@sullivan.k12.il.us