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  1. Shows for the weekend of October 4, 2014

    More from EIU....well... 1A from there 1A DM- Johnston City Aux- Johnston City Perc- Arcola G.E.- Arcola Visual- Carterville Music- Carterville 3. Johnston City 2. Carterville 1. Arcola
  2. Scores for September 13, 2014

    Carterville also won the Tony Stevens best soloist award. (The mellophone soloist was the winner.)
  3. Yeah. We really like him. BIG change from before and there has been an adjustment period for the kids but now that we are winning some they are seeing that all the hard work was worth it. We just need to get our color guard up to snuff. We have 4 great girls this year but not a whole lot of time working together with an instructor. Unfortunately our school has like 20 cheerleaders and 20 poms so that takes a lot from the available girls who would do something like that and with being a small school ....well you know. I know of several kids who dropped out of band that are wishing they hadn't. I think they are kicking themselves for not realizing what an opportunity it was to be under his direction, even if for only a year. But for the 12 seniors who stuck it out, good things are happening.
  4. Yes, this should be a good rivalry. Especially now that C'ville has a new (dedicated) band director. It's amazing what Mr Williams has done for the musicianship of these kids in just the short time he has been here. Feel sorry for the seniors who only get to experience this sense of dedication for one year.