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  1. ISU Results

    Spoken like someone who was very far from the actual situation in that district. Lots of old men yelling at clouds in this thread. Go take it up with PCEP.
  2. ISU Results

    So you would rather their be 2-3 LW bands finishing in the top ten every year. And honestly, the ROI from a competitive standpoint is minimal. Lincoln-Way East has spent its entirely history near the top of ISU. So unless you're from Marian Catholic, Lake Park, or Prospect, who really have all the resources to compete with LW anyway, there's really no room to complain. Two or three finalist bands wouldn't have been in if LW were 3 or 4 bands. The fact is, it's financially irresponsible for a district to field 3-4 marching bands if they can't afford it.
  3. ilmarching.com Board Rules

    Hey guys, This is in another section, but if you're wondering why the admins or mods delete your comments (heck, one of mine got whacked the other day), these are the guidelines we use, so before you ask a mod question, make sure you check here. http://s8.zetaboards.com/ilmarching/boardrules/ NICE! mods
  4. BOA Grand National Predictions

    Pretty awesome stuff. 5 and 6 are neighboring towns in Texas. Between them and nearby Round Rock high school, the north suburbs of Austin are quite a treat during band season.
  5. Developing: Lincoln-Way North to Close

    Don't post here much, but it's worth mentioning LW BOE has voted to close Lincoln-Way North. I feel for the families of the students and staff of that fine school.
  6. Developing: Lincoln-Way North to Close

    Just for bookkeeping purposes, it's worth noting the only two schools that were seriously considered for closing were Lincoln-Way North and Lincoln-Way Central.
  7. Shows for the weekend of September 21, 2013

    How are these classes determined? It's strange to see LWC and LWE in lower classes than Marian.
  8. New Uniforms

    Not sure how I feel about these. They have been doing this type of thing forever. I don't know if they ever plan to completely replace their actual uniform or not.
  9. 2013 Director Changes

  10. Lincoln-Way West

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mud974cTeeQ These guys look great and have a bright future! Great job by all four Lincoln-Ways!
  11. Scores for the weekend of October 27, 2012

    More disappointment from Lincoln-Way Central
  12. Shows for the weekend of September 15, 2012

    Peter Griffin (Elmhurst College, formerly of U of I), Dr. Stephen Steele (ISU), Dave Morrison (retired, Prospect), Richard Watkins (retired, Mahomet-Seymour), George York (retired, Normal Unit 5 Schools), Dan Swallow (Guard), Genaro Cantu (Percussion). I like that panel a lot.
  13. LWE Director Out

    I can't say I know a lot about this subject, but I thought any LWE alums here should know. LWE Music Department Chair T. Clifton Smith is no longer working at the High School. That is all I know. Smith took the program over in 2003 and has since built a successful music program at the school. The circumstances of this information are unknown.
  14. 2012 Contest Dates

    Good! Even better, they save $500 in registration fees. (I still can't believe GSL is $1,000...) Random question: What's the cheapest show in Illinois to participate in? There's a show in South Carolina that charges bands a ridiculously small $50-and they have a top of the line panel too. $1000?!
  15. LWE Director Out

    But will the tarps and props come with him? You better believe it
  16. 2012 Marching Shows

    That music was written for a lights show that was meant to be a one year thing. Now it's been on for almost 13 years. Disney had originally meant for that to written by Hans Zimmer. Thank God they didn't, I love this music.
  17. LWE Director Out

    Jesus. Right a song about your daughter and bail. He must have been really upset about something.
  18. LWE Director Out

    Sources say North director Bert Johnson is returning to East
  19. 2011 ISU Schedule

    holy cow! The Alfred Watkins!
  20. Scores for September 17, 2011

    Sounds like Bloomington got the two that matter. Trophies are nothing but pieces of metal and wood/plastic. If the materialistic things are what you're about... then you really don't have the true spirit for marching band. \ I once asked my director what happens to a lot of the trophies. Turns out they mostly just get donated.
  21. BOA Grand National Championship Thoughts

    a poster on forums@boa has LWE in, too.
  22. 2010 BOA Grand Nationals Predictions

    Give me Avon to win it all. I can't wait to see it this weekend. I haven't been to a GN finals performance since back when LWE went to nationals in 2002 (The techno bumblebees year).
  23. ISU reviews

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but aren't you taking the "not my kid" attitude on this. The new guard mom, said she heard what she heard, why would she alter it and while explaining the philosophy of the band is amirable, taking a naive view that no one would say that in our band is a little arrogant isn't it? Sitting around LWE parents during many competitions, I have always had pleasant experiences with all of them except, funny this year. We were sitting behind a gentleman, and I use that term loosely, that was the most miserable person I have ever seen. He did applaud for any other band and even sneered at other parents who cheered for their bands. It is obviously an exception to LWE parent's attitudes, however proof that you can have a bad apple in the bunch. No, I don't believe I'm taking the "not my kid" attitude. As I said, I would never tell her that she didn't hear what she believes she heard. However, I do believe what my son told me of the meetings they had that day. I cannot comment specifically to whatever guard mom was offended by because she has yet to give details but my guess is that she misinterpreted whatever it was. Just a guess, though. No arrogance here, just an admiration for our program. I can honestly say as a former student that the LWE staff spends a great deal of time teaching the students the level of class necessary to gain proper respect. However, I can understand what other members of this board are writing because I spent a lot of time watching the band over the summer and this fall, and there are definitely some parents who expect their children to win with the band. I can't tell you if it relates to their recent success or if it is just really competitive parents who just don't understand all that comes with being a respected program.
  24. Scores for 10/23

    I think it would be in humanities interest if you never posted again. Are you serious? This comment is a little out of line and a personal attack. Please play nice, guys.