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  1. Scores for 10/24

  2. Scores for 10/24

    1. Marian Catholic 2. Lake Park 3. Prospect 4. NN 5. LWN 6. LWE 7: VJA 8: Morton 9 LWC 10: Lockport 11: Bloomington 12: Eureka
  3. Scores for 10/24

    Perf order: Eureka Morton Vja Lwe Lockport Bloomington LWC LWN Prospect Marian NN LP
  4. Scores for 10/24

    Finalists: Eureka Morton Marian LWN Prospect Lake Park VJA LWC NN LWE Lockport Bloomington
  5. Scores for 10/24

    6A awards: 1. Lake Park (music, visual, tie GE) 2. Naperville N (tie GE) 3. VJA
  6. Scores for 10/24

    Class 5a: 1. Prospect (Visual, GE) 2. LWE (crowd) 3. Normal West (music)
  7. Scores for 10/24

    Class 3A: 1. Marian (music, crowd, visual, ge) 2. Limestone 3. Lemont Class 4a: 1. LWN (music, visual, ge) 2. Bloomington (crowd) 3. United Township
  8. Scores for 10/24

    Any word on ISU 3A 4A???
  9. ISU 2009

    Very well said trumpetking5! Have a good time at ISU...GOOD LUCK TO ALL BANDS THIS WEEKEND.
  10. Scores for 10/17

    Ok Thank Guys..
  11. Scores for 10/17

    Any scores for Naperville Central Marching Classic yet?
  12. Fantasy Basketball?

    MY First Game Tonight.... This should be Good...
  13. Fantasy Basketball?

    So what happens now with no draft?
  14. Fantasy Basketball?

    Iam good for Sunday
  15. Fantasy Basketball?

    Yep I did that when I sign up.. I hope you guys don't think i'm a senior.. Iam a senior but not in High School...LOL...
  16. Fantasy Basketball?

    I'm going to miss the first Draft due to senior night at out football game..But i will be back.. I'm registered as SIR DUKE RIM SHAKERS....
  17. Fantasy Basketball?

    Thanks NNHSax.....
  18. Fantasy Basketball?

    I need the ID# also..
  19. Patchman

    Has anybody seen the man they call Patchman that use to go to all the Big time band contest. I have not seen him in about two years. The last time I seen him was at Lincoln Way.... I thought he would have been at ISU.
  20. Patchman

    zenphil thanks for the info. I just was wondering where he has been because being a pit dad I don't get up in the stands a lot. As long as he is in good health that's all that matters. My wife ask about him just before went down to ISU this pass week. She just wanted to know if he was going to be there.. Thanks for the feedback..
  21. Fantasy Basketball?

    Let me know when it starts....I'm In..
  22. Patchman

    Thanks Dan..
  23. ISU Results/Scores

    Dan I bet 4A was a real tight race. I can't wait too see the scores. Congrats to Bloomington and Normal West....
  24. Official 2008 ISU Thread

    Just want to say: Good Luck to ALL Bands going to ISU. Hope you have a safe trip and a Great Show...
  25. My Review of Part of Prospect

    Yes clarinetdude124 we did get new uniforms.. And the two trombone players are fine.( Thanks for asking).